Wednesday, July 30, 2014

does not equal

being witt≠ being mean.
being outgoing ≠ being overbearing.
being nice ≠ being flirty.
being honest ≠ being insensitive.
being tired ≠ being rude.
being friendly ≠ being aggressive.
being real ≠ being weak.
being initiating ≠ being pushy.
being confident ≠ being proud.
being vulnerable ≠ being needy.
being quiet ≠ being unfriendly.
being secure ≠ being cocky.
being smart ≠ being boring.
being funny ≠ being sarcastic.
being flexible ≠ being undependable.
being extroverted ≠ being loud.
being introverted ≠ being shy.
being broken ≠ being unwhole.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Let me tell you some great things.

It's great that you can hear someone playing worship music in a square in San Diego on a Saturday, ask him where he goes to church, and visit that church on Sunday.  And with nothing in common but Jesus, have a great conversation, swap instagram follows, and be prayed over by someone who was a complete stranger the day before.

It's great that you can sit in a Seattle coffeeshop that you didn't even plan on going into, eating waffles and coconut milk mint chocolate chip ice cream, offer some ice cream to the group beside you, and meet several people from a church small group.  And with nothing in common but Jesus, talk about church and the importance of community and fellowship, eat ice cream, and gather in a circle to pray for the church.

It's great that you can meet someone and find yourself a mere twenty-four hours later laying on her floor in the dark with only the sheen of some purple lights around the bed.  And with nothing in common but Jesus, discuss the power of prayer, hold hands, and talk about your favorite movies and greatest strengths.

It's great that you can lose things like a memory card or a phone charger or a favorite cardigan or that lucky penny or maybe your temper, and somehow God sees into the little things and restores it, sometimes before you even think to ask.

It's amazing that you can go on a trip for over a month on the other side of the country and only stay in a hostel in one place because of the hospitality of people you barely know, and somehow God always provides.

It's incredible that you can find yourself on the other side of a month long trip that you've been planning for months before, and look back and see through the ups and downs how God was present and active and nothing could have happened apart from him.  And it's comforting to know, in coming back home, that there's a purpose here too, in the regular schedule as well as the new and adventurous.

You know those outrageously big, slightly goofy, ridiculously happy smiles that you couldn't suppress if you tried?  Does Jesus make you smile like that?