Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Don't Want to be Original

Ahh, a fresh piece of paper.  Or computer screen, whatever.  Still, so many possibilities.  Have you ever noticed that the hardest part of doing anything—writing included—is starting?
Well, I shall begin by saying that I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for such a long time it’s pathetic.  I’ve had several people encourage me to do so, but I never really knew what to write about.  So guess what?  This blog is going to be about . . . nothing!  Hahaa, more like, nothing in particular.  This promises to be a rather random collection of my thoughts and experiences.
I would like to explain the title for my blog: Unoriginal Originality.  Well, first the original part—God has definitely blessed each one of us with unique gifts, and I want to the best of my ability to use those to glorify him who gives me breath each day.  In my alternate reality, I am an excellent writer (trust me . . . in my alternate reality I’m good at *lots* of things), but here I shall try my best to make this not too dull or whatever else could possibly be wrong with it.
Now we shall tackle the unoriginal part.  I don’t want to be original.  Shocking, eh?  I read a blog post once by Mike Donehey, the leader of one of my favorite bands, Tenth Avenue North.  Funny thing is, I’ve read many of Mike’s posts, but this one particularly struck me and I’ve never forgotten it.  The band had just released their first album, and Mike had been busy reading reviews of their work.  And what was his conclusion?  He didn’t want to be original.  He had a revelation: nothing is new under the sun.
Think about it.  All things originated in God, and nothing is new apart from him.  God makes us new (ooh!  we’re being recycled!).  Jesus is the truth, not the newest, “most relevant” thing the world has to offer.  I don’t want to go after the “new best thing.”  I want to seek after the One who made it all.  And here’s the thing: the gospel of the loving grace of my Savior sure isn’t new.  So if I’m saying anything that is new, I’m not speaking that truth because it’s been existent since the before the beginning of time.
Oh, I feel like I’m not making sense at all.
But I hope you have some idea now as to how and why the blog got its name.  And here’s the link to Mike’s journal . . . I’d encourage you to read it: http://tenthavenuenorth.com/journal/entry/i-don-t-want-to-be-original.
I’d like to conclude by saying that I’m quite proud of myself for getting through this entire post without using one smiley face.


  1. FIRST COMMENT!! :) :) EVER. =] =]

    In my alternate reality I'm god at lots of things too. ;)
    Like, ice skating. But, reality sank in last week when I went skating, and couldn't do a triple lutz. Or....even skate backwards. :(

    I LOVE your blog name and the story behind it. =]
    I'm so excited you have a blog! We can be "blog buddies"...and post spectacular unoriginal things together. ;)

  2. Nice! I LOVE blogging! It's better than facebook in my opinion! I love working with words in beautiful ways!
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  3. First blog post. You're the coolest.

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