Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Narnia insanity!

   So, probably not everyone cares to read my version of a movie review.  But, seeing as this is my blog, after all, that is what you’re going to get.  Or at least, a mix between that and a rampage of thoughts.  Here goes.
   I went to see the new Narnia movie a couple days ago.  Brace yourselves, comrades.  I have very strong opinions about all things Narnia                               pretend this is a picture of me with a big volume of Narnia (:
because I absolutely love
C.S. Lewis and so anyone messing with his stuff makes me upset.  I never really cared for the book Voyage of the Dawn Treader when I first read it many years ago.  But I re-read it during the week prior to seeing the movie to refresh myself.  Also, I’m in the process of writing a research paper having to do with the biblical allegories in Narnia.  So I’ve grown very endeared to the series.
   First of all, it was a super cool movie.  There was awesome…stuff.  =P  No, but really, despite all you’ll hear me complain about, I really did like it.  For one thing, the book has no plot.  It’s just a story of exploration with background moral struggles.  But the movie brought some of those moral character struggles to the foreground, and I thought they really did a good job of it.  Take Lucy—in the book she has that wee little part where she struggles with wanting to be as beautiful as Susan (heh, I think she’s waaay cuter than Susan, buuut….).  The movie expanded that in a way that developed Lucy as a character better I think.  And even though they brought Aslan into that in a different way, I still think it was good.  Another good thing: Caspian was awesome!  =]  I didn’t really care for him in the Prince Caspian movie, but he improved SO much and really became his kingly self.  And he had cool hair.  K, I’m done.
   Now for the other side of this battle *cough*—heh heh, I mean, friendly discussion.  Let me start with—what the heck?!  Creepy green mist that is going to destroy the world?  For serious?  I understand the need to add a plotline, but wow.  That just struck me as SO DUMB.  Heh.  Then there was the fact that they totally dwelt on small areas of the book, and pushed aside more important things (book-wise).  In the book, the Sea Serpent battle was a pathetic little thing that was hardly enough to get you frightened before it was over.  In the movie, it was the climax and it became this “conquer the monster to conquer the green mist to conquer evil” sort of thing.  Gaahhh.  And though the battle was cool and I really don’t blame them for making it bigger, it took away from the specialness of what really happened on Dark Island.  Lucy calls for Aslan’s help, and an albatross appears and begins to sing in Aslan’s voice.  No one could make out the words that he said except for Lucy, who heard as he circled around her, “Courage, dear heart.”  One of the bestest lines for some people (like my friend sitting next to me gasping, “Oh my goodness, they left out my favorite line!!”)
   And then (here I must put on a tragic face that shows my great dissatisfaction, for this was the most disappointing thing of all to me), there was Eustace and the whole dragon thing.  He was a dragon for half the film.  Whoa peeps, c’mon.  That’s not right.  That’s not even near right.  Dragon Eustace is supposed to be depressed and horrified, not “Dang, I’m a dragon.  I can breathe fire and fly and all that jazz.  But hey, being a boy might be nice too, whenever.”  The undragoning of Eustace was—oh.  Ohhhh.  So pitiful.  It’s supposed to be one of the most powerful, beautiful parts of the book if not the series—the conversion story.  He is supposed to be desperate, admit he can’t do it himself, realizes he needs Aslan.  Instead, (no desperateness, just like—oh this was his reward for fighting so valiantly against the Sea Serpent) we get a little of Aslan pawing in the sand, and then a glowy, floaty dragon who ends up more like the beast in Beauty and the Beast when he turns back into a normal human.  Whyyy??
   Anyway, there were parts like that which greatly disappointed my extreme Narnia series fandom.  Now I am going to sandwich my complaints with more things that I liked.  Reepicheep was great.  It was strange at first to hear him with a different voice, but they did a really good job of portraying his and Eustace’s animosity but eventual friendship.  Eustace himself was wonderful for his part.  When I first saw that Will Poulter had been cast, I wasn’t too impressed, but he did a really good job.  Also, the Silver Sea (the place leading up to Aslan’s Country with all the lilies) was beautiful—I always loved to picture that from the book.  The ship itself was also pretty sweet.  And so was Edmund.  And, one super exciting thing!!  That line where Aslan says, “This is the very reason you came into Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there,” is one of the best and most meaningful in the book, and as the movie closed, I was afraid they would omit it.  I was so happy and impressed that they left that in.
   Thus, I have very mixed feelings about this movie.  It was awesome and disappointing all at the same time.  It drives me insane and yet I really liked it.  Was it worth paying to go see in theatres?  Hmmm, yes.  We’re talkin’ Narnia here, so yes, of course.  Would it be even better if C.S. Lewis himself were directing the movie?  Uh, YEAH.  Definitely and without a doubt.  But even though I was upset by the fact that Lewis’ Narnia was not portrayed correctly at times, all the same, I have to come back to the fact that it’s Narnia after all, and I love that.


  1. A very good review! I read every word of it! I haven't gone to see the movie yet, but hope to in the next 2 weeks. I must say even though I didn't right a review on the last two movies in comparison to the book that I tore them apart also. I can practically recite the whole series from memory (not), but I have read all of the books and listened to them on CD at least 15 or more times. Dawn Treader DID NOT have a plot and was most certainly the most pathetic book in the series, though I didn't like Silver Chair either.

  2. Cool! That was a little....contradictory but I get your point. And yes, I read the whole thing.

  3. I actually dislike both Lucy and Susan.


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