Thursday, December 2, 2010

Picture Perfect

The finals date for my college class has officially been switched four times.  FOUR TIMES.  I’m rather frustrated.  The first time the date was set was in the syllabus at the beginning of the quarter.  Then it was changed, without our really knowing it.  But that was okay, because it was still much earlier in the quarter.  Then, on Tuesday, my professor told us that our finals were to be two days earlier than we had been planning on.  That was a surprise.  And finally (I hope), the professor made an announcement online saying that she had been mistaken last time and our finals were really two days later.  Ugh.
Alright, I’m done venting now.  Other than that, my life has been pretty good. =]  Yesterday, I was getting so hyped up over a bunch of little things that jumbled together and made me happy inside.  First of all, it was the first snow of the season, and it was so puurrrdy!  And on December 1st, no less.  Perfect timing.  And then, I was excited that I had finally created my blog.  And I got to see my friends at class.  And the Celtic Ball is this weekend (eeep!).
So yes, I was having one of those all-too-rare happy days.  So from there, it unfortunately could only go downhill . . . and it did.  Sometimes a lousy ending to a good day is worse than a lousy ending to a lousy day.  But it ended up getting a bit better, because my band instructor is awesome.

Today, I was having an average day, and then it took a plunge that resulted with me in tears in the living room talking with my sister and mom.  Well, we needed something to cheer us up after that, and that something showed up in the form of old pictures, from six, seven, eight years ago.  It was during the time when the two little girls were still small and so adorably funny.  We laughed so hard over those photos—Brooke was such a cute pudgy toddler, Tess was tiny and had many hilarious and precious faces, and Grant was still dressing up in gowns with us girls.  =]
one of those hilarous pics of the little girls that made me crack up

dressing up with my cousin, Cassie, Brooke, and . . . Grant!

Needless to say, after that, the day got better.  Sometimes a good ending to a lousy day is even better that a good ending to a good day, you know?


  1. Awwwww, why was it lousy? Actually, never mind. What made the first day so good(until the end)?

  2. Yaaayy, you checked out my blog, Philip! Our deal is complete. ;) Well, like I said (this post was awhile ago now, but...), I was just super excited about several things, like the first snow, and my blog, and seeing my friends, and the Celtic Ball, and...yeah. =]


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