Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I stink at titles

Well, it's true, so I might as well be out with it.  =]

I felt rather crabby tonight.  Just, fed up with people.  My play rehearsal had been cancelled, and I didn't get much done around here.  So, what did I do?  Ate some jellybeans and wrote a blog post about all I have to be happy about, that's what.  [and saying that seriously made me feel like Rachel Lynde]

My sister and I bought tickets to… *cue dramatic music* …Les Miserables!!  It’s coming to town in the spring, and we’ve been planning to go with a couple friends ever since seeing Wicked with them last summer.  I’m so so SO excited.  I’m reading the book right now and…heh, alright, I confess.  I’ve been reading the book very inconsistently for months, so I’m trying to be more consistent with it so I finish before going to see the Broadway musical.  It’s super long, but really good.  I’m enjoying it and getting into it.  Oh my, I cannot wait!  There are very few things I’d rather do than go to a play—a musical especially.  In fact, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do if given the choice.  I LOVE Broadways, and our theatre is seriously one of my favorite places in the world; it’s gorgeous.

I spent Saturday night at a friend’s house and went to church with them the next morning.  I know practically everyone at their church…a lot of them are my really good friends and recently I’ve been able to hang out in that group of people more.  So it was a lot of fun to visit their church and see everyone.  Such a great group of people…God has given me amazing friends.

BBC Masterpiece has been showing the movie Downton Abbey every Sunday night, and there's only one episode left!  My mom, Cassie, and I have been watching them together.  Why do I have to wait till then?

Guess who is in my philosophy class?  You never will so I’ll tell you.  =]  James McAvoy in disguise.  I’m convinced.  Ever since the first class I knew he looked like someone, but it wasn’t until last week that it suddenly struck me.  And it’s so true…he seriously looks like him.  That combined with the fact that my professor is entertaining, engaging, and pretty much awesome has made the otherwise nonsensical jargon of philosophy somewhat bearable.

Even though it was extreeeemely cold out this past weekend, that didn’t stop me from having a photo shoot in the snow.  Armed with a camera, gloves, and plenty of scarves, my sister and I marched outside to snap some shots.  We had to keep rushing inside to warm our hands before rushing outside again—the temperature felt like the single digits and my nose was red by the end of it.  But it was a blast, and we got some good pictures.  Photo credits of my pictures to Cassie, and I've included a few of Cassie that I took.  Aaand I did the editing.  (:

 I felt so European in my hat and scarf

 me being me (:

I have such a pretty sister


  1. Ooh, my mom wants to go see Le Mis too.

  2. Les Mis! Lucky. :) I love the photos--you're both beautiful and I am totally in love with your hat.


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