Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yes, I realize that I just posted this photo, but I am doing it again because I am now entering in a photo challenge--my very first.  ;)  The theme is "simplicity" and if this photo doesn't say exactly that, I don't know what does.  A single snowflake...so simple but so beautiful.  I had to take this at a really awkward angle since it was on my coat sleeve, but I was very pleased that the focus turned out right.  ;)

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**EDIT 6/1/2011**

Mhmm, a super long time later, but when I saw Kate's photo challenge prompt, I knew that this was the perfect photo.  And since I already had it posted, why not?  The theme is simple.  And so is this shot.  :)


  1. This picture is amazing! -Danielle

  2. I think this is just lovely, the textures and contrasts make it a great composition!

  3. I absolutely LOVE it...you should be SO happy with this!!! :)

  4. Wow your shot is perfect!
    Great job.
    P.S. I am honored to be the first photo challenge you entered (:

  5. Hey, I just wanted to say that I really like your blog and am now following it. And LOVELY picture! Although I don't know much about photography I'd definitely say that you have a chance! It's creative and just plain beautiful :)


  6. Wow! I thought that you just had a regular digital camera. Even with a good zoom and a good shot it would still be hard to get such detail! Or is it an SLR shot! Well, anyway a very lovely shot :)

    See ya,


  7. Oh- that's gorgeous! The snowflake is so crisp and clear, yet you still captured the tiny-ness of it. Beautiful!

    In Christ,

  8. Um, wow! How did you capture that - super wow!

    Tamar - also linking up with Kate this week.


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