Monday, January 3, 2011

So many things to be grateful for

2010 had its ups and downs, but seriously, a lot of amazing things happened during the past year.  Here are just a few of them that I’m so grateful for.

New Year’s Day with the fantabulous fivesome

winter boots and scarves


the first flowers of spring

movies with my classmates

National Convention—just about the best week of my life

making new friends and reconnecting with old ones

my piano (broken key and all)

late nights alone jumping on the trampoline and singing “How He Loves” at the top of my lungs


little sisters growing up

weddings (I love weddings…drinks all around!)

experimenting with photoshop


fun midnight conversations with my brother

photo shoots with amazing friends

watching as me and my friends grow up into a different stage of life

random accents and foreign languages

dancing in the rain

watching Phantom of the Opera for the first time and getting addicted to the music

trapshoot friends

seeing Wicked on Broadway!

visiting my grandma in Colorado for two weeks


laughter over nothing in particular

starting a college class after being accepted to the PSEO program (ugh)

Labor Day Camp—the best weekend of my life

auditioning for Little Women and getting a role

researching Narnia

a “surprise” 16th birthday party

getting my lovely aquamarine purity ring

going to the theatre

swing dancing


beautiful fall days with my big sis

dances, balls, and fancy dresses

a white Christmas
playing poker with my uncle

my mom feeling well enough to be goofy again

Tenth Avenue North’s “Hold My Heart” which has seen me cry through many hard days

getting my ears pierced


God’s everlasting saving grace


  1. Quite a few things :D Midnight conversations with Grant! Scary! I've had a couple of those :~)

  2. Bokeh has been my new favorite things for a while now. I LOVE them SO, SO much. Like, ridiculously so. I'm addicted.

    I've started doing shaped bokeh too.....AMAZING!!!

  3. *have been.

    sorry, just had to correct myself. ;)


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