Saturday, February 5, 2011

Battles and Abandonment

So, I was reading Les Miserables last night [insert a sighhh as readers prepare to hear about this once again.  don't worry!  I'm not obsessed with Les Mis yet!'s getting close though.  :)].  This post is not going to be all about Les Mis, I promise.  It just started with that, okay?

I was reading this rather slow part in the novel telling about the battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon and his army were defeated by the English.  There's a pretty good-sized section of the book just telling about this battle (and no, I have not yet figured out what it has to do with the story...I think Hugo just likes getting sidetracked).  I wasn't really into it until last night, when it got to the intense turning-point of the battle.  The leading British officers were Wellington and Blücher, and of course Napoleon led the French.  The book says this:

"Was it possible that Napoleon should win this battle?  We answer no.  Why?  Because of Wellington? Because of Blücher?  No.  Because of God."

Hugo talks of God has having the decisive power over the entire situation.  He talks about fate, destiny, providence.  He means God.  God's perfect designed plan was at work that day on the battlefield.  And it was so cool to see that the author acknowledged God's hand in it all.

I suddenly felt this urge to pick up my Bible and read, so I did.  I opened to where my bookmark was placed at Psalm 3:

LORD, how many are my foes!
   How many rise up against me!
Many are saying of me,
   “God will not deliver him.”

But you, LORD, are a shield around me,
   my glory, the One who lifts my head high.

I call out to the LORD,
   and he answers me from his holy mountain.

I lie down and sleep;
   I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. 

I will not fear though tens of thousands
   assail me on every side.

Arise, LORD!
   Deliver me, my God!
Strike all my enemies on the jaw;
   break the teeth of the wicked.

From the LORD comes deliverance.
   May your blessing be on your people.

Whoa, talk about a battle theme going on here.  How awesome was that...that it totally corresponded to what I had just been reading?  God is a shield around me.  He is my protection and peace.  Even if I'm attacked from every side, God is there to deliver me and set me free.

Then, I was flipping through Les Mis and looked at the table of contents.  There's a section that I read awhile ago entitled, "To Entrust is Sometimes to Abandon."  Isn't that so true for all of us?  Entrusting things to God, putting them in His hands, and having faith that He works all things for the good of those who love Him...that means abandoning.  Abandoning our own ambitions, our pride, our disbelief.  Abandoning those very things that we are turning over to God because we know He can deal with them so much better than we can.  Because He is the only one who can save us.  Because He is the one that sets us free.  To let Him really work in us and in our lives, we must abandon ourselves.

I want to abandon it all.  I want to let God take over.  I want to become a little girl again, looking up to my Daddy, taking His hand, and saying, "I'm giving it up.  I trust you."

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  1. Wow, that's amazing.

    And this is extremely well-written.

    And Les Miserables sounds like a book I need to finish SOON.

    And the Bible is something I still need to read today.

    And you're right, with the Exile 587 series we've been reading at church, I've really realized how much I rely on myself instead of God, and how these good things become idols of my heart because I leave God out of the picture.

    Good message. Good thoughts. Good to hear, but so hard to practice.

    Love you!


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