Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Dreamed a Dream

The other night--Wednesday to be exact--I had the strangest dream.  It was so detailed too.  And sometimes, when I have dreams that are this long and detailed, they're a bunch of random circumstances all thrown together in my brain.  But this time, even though the environment changed around me, the purpose of my dream from start to finish stayed the same.  Last year, for all of 2010, I recorded every single dream I remembered having.  And that came to a grand total of...too many to count.  :P  I'm not doing that this year, but I kinda liked this dream and want to remember it, so I thought I'd write it down and share.


I was driving down the highway with my family in the car, going to visit my uncle.  There were one of those exit ramps where you barely have time to change lanes before you get off, and there were two cars in that lane, so I didn't make it.  I tried to ask my mom where I should go after that, but our car was really big and she couldn't hear me.  When I finally got her attention, she didn't answer me because she was on the phone.  So I ended up driving on this dirt road.

Switch from there to inside one of those tunnel slides, except not all of it was a slide.  Some of it was just...a passageway.  A tunnel.  :]  Anyway, I had to go down the slide and find my uncle's house, and my mom was giving me directions.  I am extremely directionally challenged and that characteristic remained in my dream, so I wasn't really sure what my mom was saying.  She offered to go for me, but I was determined, so off I went down the slide.

The end of the slide came out in this huge warehouse-like kitchen where everything was sparkling clean and silvery.  Also, when I arrived at the slide's opening, I landed in a bunch of cloth napkins.  Apparently I shrunk so that the only part of me left was my head, though I remember using my hands to hold the napkins.  =/  Anyway, the people working in the kitchen were trying to figure out what the thing under the napkins was, and they finally decided it was a bunch of old onion rings.  Thus, they picked me (or my head rather) up and threw me in the trash.  Thankfully, my whole body came back after that.

I crawled out of the trash can and tried to nonchalantly walk out as if I had just been delivering something.  And I walked right into the storage room.  Oops.  I turned around and this time followed one of the cooks around a corner out of the kitchen and up three flights of those same blue-silvery stairs.  On the very top step sat the supervisor dude, a mean guy who instead of going down to the kitchen, made the workers climb three flights of stairs to get to him to make sure their food was okay.

Now, apparently the boss of all these people (different guy from the supervisor though) had had a fiancée/girlfriend (not sure which, but I think it was his fiancée) who looked a lot like me.  She had died, but when I showed up, everyone thought I was her.  So I played along just so I could get out of there safely (still determined to find that street name my mom had given me!).  The boss was this old fat guy.  Anyway, this whole place--the kitchen and stairs and everything--were underground.  We went to this group of seven colorful elevators and decided to go up in the one that had a picture of a red-headed girl on it.  (I convinced my "fiancé" to go in that one because my mom had said something about being in that line of direction and it was the closest elevator to the middle while still being on the right...if that made any sense at all.)

Well, me and the old guy ended up in different elevators apparently, and mine got to the top first.  I was on a sidewalk (everything was still a silvery-gray), and I tried to sneek around to the road to get away.  But on these stairs I met someone whom I needed to get away from.  It was like I was trying to get away from my old guy "fiancé" but it wasn't him was this girl with blonde curly hair, and she was everywhere.  I kept walking and kept running into her, and yet everyone thought I was her.  (My only theory is that it was the old dude's real girlfriend haha).  And all I wanted to do was get away, because I was right at the road that my mom had told me to find!

But that's not how dreams work, is it?  I ended up back by the elevators with the old guy, and I had to tell him that no, I wasn't really his fiancée, and that I was leaving.  He was sitting all lonesome-like in a chair as I walked away to escape by way of elevator (again), but as I went down in the elevator, he got really mad.  I went back up and ended coming to the sidewalk again in an elevator behind him, and tried to sneak around.  But then he was still following me...only he didn't look like the old fat man anymore.  He was Zac Efron!  Yeah, so this time I was literally running through the streets and sidwalk around that intersection because he was chasing me.  Finally he caught up with me, but he was rather hot after that, and he was wearing three shirts, so he decided to take the time to peel one layer off (and now he was wearing a blue shirt...yeah, random dream-servation).

While Zac Efron was busy with that, I slipped into little cafe/restaurant, with him soon following.  I quickly told the super nice guy that owned the restaurant the situation and that this guy just would not leave me alone.  He told me that they'd take care of it, and let me come behind the counter with another waitress.  I offered to help with any work, but he insisted that I was okay.  Meanwhile, Zac came in and sat down, threatening everyone while the nice restauarant guy and another man tried to calm him down.  (Oh, and at this point, Zac Efron kept switching between looking like...well, Zac Efron...and the old guy again.  Because they were really both the same person.)  Zac/old guy dared someone to punch him, so I reached across the table to gladly comply.  Unfortunately, it was a pretty lame punch-in-the-face because I was off-balance across the table or something.  But I did get him with my ring.  :P

After that, Zac got mad and started shouting and struggling while super nice restaurant guy and his friend tried to hold him down.  Meanwhile, I made my escape and slipped out of the restaurant to finally find my uncle's house.  Though quite frankly, I'm not sure if I ever did, because that was the end of the dream.


Pretty crazy, right?  I congratulate you if you got through all that.  I didn't make any of that up; it was all there in the dream.

So, for a second part of this post also having to do with the title...I've been listening to some of the music from Les Mis and I'm IN LOVE with it.  I've barely listened to any of it because I refuse to listen past the point I'm at in the novel (only like a fifth into it) in case I ruin the story.  But even that first part of the musical is ah-MAZ-ing and I am so very excited to be seeing it in a little less than a month.

And speaking of which, that means I don't have much time to actually finish reading the book before seeing the musical.  So, I'm off to go read.  Ciao for now.


  1. WOW! I love dreams like that! I also love how you can be one place in a dream but also be in another. Like I can be running through my house and then end up in the ocean :D

  2. I'm pretending that the reason you chose that elevator with the red-head picture is solely because I'm in your life.

    Yes....that is what I've decided. -nods-


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