Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Only I

Only I bring in my Phantom of the Opera music book into my room to sing while studying and then end up singing Veggie Tales.

Only I make random videos with my sister and the webcam because philosophy has fried my brain.

Only I go outside in the freeeezing cold iceyness of my driveway (which is more like a skating rink at this point), lay flat on my stomach, and take pictures.  (and I'll post some photos of that adventure soon!)

Only I have midnight conversations with my sister [who is at the same time trying to get on the internet while the power is out] about watches.

Only I promise myself not to get on facebook today because I have a midterm exam tomorrow to study for, and then end up writing a blog post instead.


Oh my.  This week is midterms week for my philosophy class, and that means loads of studying, which is what I've been doing all day (for the most part...besides the random videos and stealing away to take pictures and all that).  =p

So, I have a couple announcements:

[1]  Life has been partially cancelled for the present because of the ice storm that hit us Monday night.  Unfortunately, despite the fact that my play rehearsal and other classes were cancelled, philosophy was not.
[2]   I have 25 followers.  Wow.
[3]  The other day, I started writing a short story.  It's based on an idea that has been swimming around in my head for quite some time now, but I couldn't decide whether to make it a poem (which I normally would do) or a short story.  I finally decided to make it a story with some of my poetic stuff in it (we'll call it a stoem, eh?) in, not really explaining what's going on.  I would give you a summary of it, but I don't really know where I'm going with it yet, and once I do get some more done, I'm thinking about posting it here, perhaps in segments.
[4]  I love tea.  And for some reason, whenever I have tea, I go for the raspberry flavor.  Mmhhhmmm...perfect for a cold day.
[5]  I really really really want to go see The King's Speech.  I've heard it's such a good movie, and I think that just maybe, my dad will take me sometime.  It's hard to tell, but I may have him convinced.  ;)  Side note:  I think the last time my dad took me to a movie (I usually go with my mom and Cassie or friends) was for that Nancy Drew movie.  Like...3 or 4 years ago?  Yeah.


Only I come up with the above rambling conglomeration of stuff from that strange, mysterious, and wonderful place known as my brain.


  1. Hmm, you aren't as original as you think. ;)
    Your 3 and 5 "Only I" sentences apply to me too. =P

    And I entirely agree with announcements 4 and 5. :) :)

  2. I love your first "Only I" XD I was singing Veggie Tales songs last night, even though it has been *at least* three years since I've seen any of their movies. weird.

    Today I think I decided that I like tea. But that could be simply because I was drinking it while reading The Lord of the Rings, which put it in context ;) hehe

    And I like your blog layout. It looks professional:)

  3. Oh Ruthie, must you burst my bubble like that? hehe, I actually thought about you when writing the third "only I" cuz we've talked about you crawling around your yard before. But I wanted to say it, k? ;)

    Caitlin...ohh yes. Anything in the context of LotR would make it awesome. haha :)

  4. I looove your blog. :) It's so cute! You're a great writer.

    I think I wanna do an "only i" post.
    Giving you credit of course. ;)

    Oh and I just wanted to say that you can do the challenge next month if you like. But you're not THAT late and I can only promote you if you do it this month. ;) Being that february is the only month with this amount of days it's special. :D



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