Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Test of Character

Wednesdays often turn out to be a test of my character.  I leave around 12:30ish and don't get home until about 8.  And even though 12:30 may make it seem as if I'd have a good chunk of time to get things done in the morning, for some reason that never happens.  Whenever I know I'm going someplace, I end up dawdling the time away until I leave.  It's awful, really.  So after getting very little done in the morning besides eating [and I can't tell you how often I even forget to eat breakfast!], I leave for classes.

I have a British Literature class that starts at 1, and I actually don't mind it.  It's pretty laid back, and it's just reading and writing, my fortes.  (:  For the next hour I have speech class.  Grrrr.  I gave my first speech today (it's just a one-semester course, thank goodness), and while it isn't so bad and I do know all the people there, still.  I'm not afraid of giving speeches, but I don't enjoy it, and I get nervous and uncomfortable just like anyone else.  The thing I'm dreading the most though is writing the speeches.  I mean, I have an online course, a college course, all my classes at home, band, literature, and then I'm going to have to prepare speeches each week?  Gahh.

Anyway, after classes, I head back to my bestie's house to eat dinner, and then we go to band.  I'd say band is the biggest test of my character.  Probably the only reason I'm even in band and don't come home crying [har har--sorry, inside joke with...myself.  =S] and mad at the world each Wednesday night is because of my band instructor, Sean.  He's awesome.  He also drives me and my brother home each week after band since he lives nearby, so I get to talk to him a bunch.  I seriously think I wouldn't survive band if it weren't for him.  He makes me laugh.  And other people there can be....trying [11 years old and up...guys that just make a lot of noise...and people who have given all us poor homeschoolers the awkward and obnoxious stereotype because they actually are]. Just sayin'.  This week, Sean and I sang Les Mis together on the way home.  Now you understand why I like him so much?  ;)

*EDIT--this paragraph*
I decided to make this post a little more substantial.  I'm a people person.  I like people.  Though you may think, "Uhhmmm...why, do you think some people hate everyone?" that's not what I'm talking about.  I have friends that just...don't like people.  I've had people who I've just met say, "So, do you like people?  Because I don't."  It sounds awful to someone like me, but it's not like they don't have friends or anything.  They just don't exert themselves to care about or enjoy every single person they're around.  Some people could care less.  Generally, I like people, and I have to come to dislike them if that ever be the case.  But others are just indifferent at first until they come to like you.  And I'm not saying either one is better than the other.  It's just funny for me.  Another aspect of that is that, even though I like people normally, I can get really bugged by people at times.  People who are not the same as me, who are annoying, who are know-it-alls or show-offs, etc.  People at band.  :/  And then, I tend to get very condescending as if I'm better or above those people.  I've begun to realize that I do this a lot, and I'm not proud of it.  I should be loving those people.  And that's hard for me.  All I can say is--how do people without Jesus get through life?

Twas a good way to end the day though with a chat with my dear friend Rachel who four years ago decided to up and leave me to move to Arizona.  :P  And I haven't seen her since, very sadly.  But we've kept in contact, albeit inconsistently, and I love to talk to her.

Philosophy awaits my attention.  Life awaits my attention.  Nachos are yummy.

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  1. I love your random quote at the bottom of the page :D very funny


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