Friday, February 18, 2011

Today is the Day

Today is a sing at the top of your lungs kind of day.

Today is a feel the wind blow through your hair day.

Today is a teasing sort of day--spring was peeking around the corner and sticking out its tongue.

Today is a day to catch up on practicing French.

Today is a read Les Mis in the sun day.

Today is a day of fresh beginnings no matter the past.

Today is a bright, vibrant, alive day.

Today is a "why the heck did I forget to bring my camera along with me?" day.

Today is a yummy food day.

Today is a day to feel powerful, stylish, and free.

Today is a laughing and crying day.

Today is a day to ride the scooter around the driveway with little siblings.

Today is this kind of day (sent to me by my bestie...listening to it all is well worth it):

Today is an easy, breezy day.

Today is a day full of dancing--dancing trees, dancing wind, dancing me.  :]

Today is a hakuna matata day.

Today is a whimsical, dreaming type of day.

Today is a day to say "thank you Jesus, for the gift of life."


  1. This is a beautiful post, and I agree entirely. =D

    Love in Christ,

    p.s. your blog design is simply stunning!

  2. you're very good with words, Jenn!
    I see that all the people that we know follow your blog and all the people we don't follow mine :D! I'm surprised you have this many followers already! After a couple of years blogger might even make you a blog of note :D

  3. Love the pictures! Such a neat post! :)


  4. Wait a minute! Your bottom two pictures look like they're completely copied off of a Brandon Heath video... just saying! See you later!

  5. This post was so lovely. I totally know that feeling - love this kind of day;-)


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