Sunday, February 6, 2011

wunderbar weekend and SHS

I have had so many blog posts over the weekend that I'm quite shocked at myself!  I've just been full of inspiration, I guess.  ;)  This weekend has been marvelous.  For no particular reason at all.  It's just been a really good weekend, probably the best I've had it awhile.  Here is what it consisted of, starting with Friday until the present:

getting up at a decent time :: doing French homework :: helping my sister create her blog and designing it for her :: eating chocolate muffins :: listening to Les Mis while doing Algebra [which made doing the Algebra infinitely better] :: watching a Fred Astaire movie :: blogging :: drinking lots of raspberry tea :: reading Les Mis :: sleeping in :: reading my Bible :: making dinner :: taking pictures :: leading worship for the kids at my church :: watching my little sister get baptized :: working on the dance we're choreographing with my wonderful friend :: and of course laughing, talking, and being really weird with her ["It's a most unfortunate affair, will probably be much talked of." haha!] :: editing photos :: having a random/tiredyethyper midnight conversation with Kermit :: more listening to Les Mis...and singing it too :: eating pancakes :: writing a speech brother =P :: staying in my pjs for most of the day :: being "interviewed" by one of my friends :: listening to my family watch Alice in Wonderland [have you ever noticed how interesting it is to just listen to a movie you've already seen?] :: writing more in the short story I'm working on :: doodling :: mooooooore Les Mis [okay!  I admit!  I'm obsessed with this music/story!]

On a different note, this is my first week ever participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  There were 5 prompts, and then I went out and took photos inspired by them.  It was good for me, I think.  ;)  So here are my interpretations.

1. Water
This was taken lying flat on my stomach on my driveway.  We got an ice storm this past week, and the driveway was a skating rink.  It's frozen water, but water nonetheless.  And it reminds me of a pond.

2. Quote
I have an awesome corkboard in my room full of quotes, pictures, and other random objects.  Here's one of the quotes I wrote out and stuck there.

3. Window
I was at a total loss for what to do with this one.  I mean...I don't just go searching for cool windows.  But then, I realized I had one right in my house at my disposal.
4. Activity
Throwing snow.  :)  This was probably the hardest for me, and the only one that I didn't actually take this week.  The subject is my lovely sister and it was taken during our photo shoot a few weeks ago.
5. Page 25 of a magazine
I flipped open the only magazine I ever look at (World) right when I read this topic, and was SO excited to see that it was a movie review on Masterpiece's Downton Abbey, which I had just recently been watching.  Unfortunately, I couldn't think of what on earth to photograph having to do with that, except for this.  Hey, you watch movies with your eyes, right?  Once again, Cassie modeled for me.

Great weekend?  Favorite photo?  Do tell!


  1. Oh, I'm so happy to hear that you're obsessed with Les Mis! My choir is singing a medley of seven songs from the musical, and I'm rather obsessed. I'm also plowing my way through the unabridged book, and wow is it good! Keep on posting about Les Mis- it makes my day!

    In Christ,

  2. These are really great and I'm so glad you're linking up. It also looks like you've had a great, productive and inspirational weekend. I really love your quote shot! So true.

  3. I love your water shot! And your snow shot! Oh they are all wonderful. you are a wonderful photographer.

  4. I love your window shot. I'm jealous you have such a cool one in your house.

  5. Especially love the snow and quote shots! Nice job... :)

  6. LOVE that quote! I've never heard it before......very cool!

  7. Activity and mag shot both turned out great :)

  8. oooh, pretty eyes. Wonder whose those are? =] hehe! Great pictures. Glad you have such a wonderful model too. :)

  9. Cassie's eyes are very strange...creepy...haunting :P

  10. I enjoyed viewing your interpretations!

  11. Wow, the pictures are really nice! I like the first one and the last one the best. :)

  12. I love love your water shot. Great perspective

  13. Thanks for visiting - I love the action shot - looks like so muh fun (I say that sitting here in a strappy dress and it is HOT! - thanks fr allowing me to cool down through your shots)


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