Saturday, March 26, 2011

[six] Memories and [seven] Necessities

-6: a moment you wish you could relive-

Hmmm...this is a tough one.  There are plenty of exciting times I'd like to go back to, such as the wonderful minute I found out I'd made a part in the play I'd auditioned for.  But as I thought about it, there came to mind a memory of a moment with my sister Cassie that was nothing big or loud.  It was just sweet.

Two years ago my whole family had been vacationing at the Outer Banks, North Carolina, literally a five minutes' walk from the beach.  I love the beach--not just for the sake of it being the stereotypical beach--but I just love water and the sound and smell of it.  Even though it rained practically the whole trip, it was still awesome.  Anyway, Cassie had left something out on the beach while we were hanging out there earlier in the day, and we had to go retrieve it.  It was dark and clear, and since we were just a couple minutes away, Cassie and I decided to walk down there ourselves.

It was a gorgeous night.  Just to stand there in the darkness with the sand under my feet and to hear the waves crashing up on the beach was beautiful.  And besides that, I'm pretty sure there wasn't a cloud in sight (remarkable for the amount of rain we got during the trip) and the stars were glorious.  We were away from the lights, and it was just us, the stars, and the ocean.  Cass and I only stayed out there for a couple minutes because my parents wanted us back.  We were looking for a few constellations (and I was failing--nearsighted as I am and without my glasses) and we spotted three or so shooting stars.  It was just a lovely evening and a lovely few minutes spent with my lovely sister whom I love so very much.

-7: five things you couldn't possibly live without-

one: laughter
with my friends and family

Rather crummy picture of me, but I love it all the same :)

two: paper
notebooks, stationery, doodling paper, etc...

three: books and music
two-in-one because lots of people would say this, but it's utterly true for me

four: the ability to capture beauty
in words or with my camera--the ability to express

This next one I'm entering in Project 64's prompt for scarlet:

Cassie says I must credit her shoes :)

five: my Jesus
yeah <3


  1. The angle of the carnations in the vase shot is wonderfully interesting. Cassie's shoes are definitely worthy of a mention too. :-) And Romans 8:38 is one of my favorite passages as well.

  2. Oh I love the shoe shot with the scarlet carnations. Lovely.
    Love the Bible verse too.

  3. Thanks sis. I love you. <3
    And I love my shoes. :)

  4. beautiful post, jennoelle :) i most certainly couldn't live without those things.

  5. Great pictures the shoe shot is gorgeous! (:
    Oh, and I'm hosting a photo challenge I'd love it if you considered entering! (:


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