Friday, April 22, 2011

The Insane and the Unknown

I have a lot to say and little time to say it.  This week has been a big, long, exhausting, great week for me...a lot has happened and most of it has been really good.  Where to begin?

If you've never heard of it, it's a program that has classes in government and leadership for young people in various states over the course of a week.  That was this week for me.  It was long and tiring, full of wearing skirts and heels down by the state capitol each day, and I'm so happy to be able to say that I slept in this morning and am currently wearing a t-shirt and sweats.  But besides that, it was fantastic.  I loved it.  This is is my second year taking the TeenPact state classes, and I loved doing the alumni track this year, which studied different leaders and people's definitions of effective leadership.  It was really cool and informative.

Also, since this is a study of the way our government works, we had what is known as TeenPact Legislature, in which students write, present, debate, and vote on bills.  So much fun.  Last year, I was super quiet during TPLeg, but this year I was able to go up and defend both of the bills I had written (yeah, standing up in front of everyone and having them drill you with questions :P).  Even though both my bills failed in the vote, I still felt really good about how speaking on them went.  Plus, the staffers saved my funny, unserious bill (selling poor people into slavery to eliminate poverty and the governmental debt haha) for graduation...meaning I had to go up and defend it at our graduation ceremony in front of all the parents, the actual Capitol Building in the House chamber where the Representatives of my state actually meet.  :)  It was really cool, and talking about my funny bill was tons of fun.

Then there are TeenPact Elections.  The state classes hold mock elections to learn about the whole process, and students can run for Governor or Senator.  I was nominated for Senator, made it out of my party's primaries (oh yeah Communist Party!), and then had to participate in what is known as Open Forum, where all the candiates are put on the spot answering questions so people can decide who to vote for.  Out of nine people running for Senator, I was one of the three that actually got elected!  :)))  It made me extremely happy, despite the fact that I had to give a three-minute speech at graduation...yup, in the capitol.

Besides the fact that it was a great learning experience, TeenPact people are just plain awesome.  I knew most of the people that staffed the class beforehand (staffers are usually from 16-20 years old), and that made it really cool for me.  I really, really would love to staff next year, especially since I know I won't be taking the class again.  It would be such an amazing opportunity, and I also feel like the interns at my state class (who would have to write me a referal letter if I apply) know who I am since I really participated this year.  Plus, one of the staffers told me as I left that I did really well and encouraged me to apply to staff.  Made my day.  ;)

So, that's been most of my week.  Crazy, long, and awesome.  I think and hope and pray God has some cool plans in store for me.

I was unable to go to the TeenPact camp (where people can hang out casually after the class) because I had something going on all four of the evenings (I was barely home more than an hour each day, coming home from TP and heading straight for somewhere else).  The first night was dance.  Dance recital is in only a month now, so we're working to finish up our dances and put everything together.  Monday was especially wonderful too because Jessica showed up.  Jessica was our dance teacher's helper for years...she was always at class, and she's beautiful, a beautiful dancer, and has a beautiful personality.  This year was the first year in awhile she hadn't helped out in dance classes, and we've all missed her a lot.  So she came and danced with us a bit on Monday, which was a special treat.

Tuesday and Thursday night were the first two dress rehearsals for our play.  It's almost over; that's just insane.  It's falling together...there are lots of little things we're still working on, but I'm excited.  We have six performances, the first of which is in one week, next Friday.  Woooww.  We have just two more dress rehearsals next week, and then the big night.  It should be fun...hopefully...if not too nerve-racking.  :P

The Mysterious Unknown.
I've hinted that I did something Wednesday night, but I haven't told you what it is.  Well guess what?  You still don't get to know...though rest assured, you will soon.  :)))  I just like keeping secrets is all, and telling you all about it would take much too long at the present moment.

Feel free to guess what the mysterious unknown was though.  Think: "two great tastes that taste great together."  What was great about your week?


  1. wow, you've been busy, jenn! don't forget to stop and take a breather, girl.

    -anna :)

  2. hehe i KNOW what you did Wednesday night. :P

  3. sounds fun. Isaac and I might attend next year since we're taking American gov. :)


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