Monday, April 4, 2011

miscellaneous photographs and philosophies

My daddy got these for my mommy. :)  Flowers make me so happy, but sadly, the weather decided to have a heartbreaking fall of snow during the middle of last week, and it's been rather nasty out ever since.  So what to do but look at sunny, flowery pictures?

i heart faces.
Remember that photo I posted yesterday?  Well, I entered it in the I Heart Faces People's Choice challenge--meaning everyone gets to vote on their favorite.  I would honestly love you forever if you headed over here quickly to give my photo a vote.  I'm number 136 (though it's been jumping around a bit so if that's not it, just look for the name "Jennoelle @ UO").  Thank you, thank you!

Yes, we're getting rain right now.  Better rain than snow, I say.  April showers bring May flowers.  I adore thunderstorms though.  There's something mysterious and romantic about them.

photo challenge.
Someone I love: my sis Tess.  Something I love: the first flowers of spring.

Mikayla: my life in words

I know a lot of people are scared of clowns, but they never really bothered me.  I didn't love them, but I didn't hate them either.  Well.  That all changed after a night of scary story-telling this weekend...with most of the stories centering around clowns.  I am officially creeped out by them.  Also, it was ironically freaky that the stories of clowns showing up while people were babysitting should haunt me as I babysat that same day.  ::shudders::

alternate reality.
I know I have occasionally made references to my alternate reality.  'Tis a wonderful place.  Most things and people from this world make their way somehow into the wonderfulness of that one, but it all must go through the wonderfulness filter, you see.  Because nothing un-wonderful can enter my alternate reality.  Indeed, that is where I go to get away from un-wonderful things.

There are several ways to get there.  One of the easiest is to pick up a book.  I am then immediately transported to this other world, part of which is formed by the creator of that book, and part of which is created by my imagination.  I can also dream.  And oh-oh-oh, I wish you could see the wonderful place I go when I daydream.  It is a bright, blank, clean, crisp, white, plain room with an infinite amount of walls, an infinite amount of curtained doorways on the infinite amount of walls, and one huge window encircling the top of the walls, allowing light to stream in any time of the day.  And then, I paint it with my imagination.  There are plenty more ways to enter my alternate reality--writing, thinking, talking, etc.

If I can't or don't quite want to go up the large staircase that leads into my alternate reality, I stay underneath the stairs, in a kind of in-between place, between this "real" world and mine.  There is a book, and a chair, and a lamp.  There is a narrow tunnel because small, dark places are good places to think.  There is a field that fades into a forest.  But perhaps most importantly, there is Florence.  Florence is my piano, so-named after my great-grandmother, to whom she belonged before coming to my family.  She is old, out of tune, and may appear to be nothing more than a broken-down mess, but I love her dearly.

Let me tell you about Rupert.  I have a cloud named Rupert.  Here is where some of my philosophy comes in.  Scientists would have you believe that clouds are made of nothing more than water vapor and whatnot.  I don't believe it for a second.  Clouds are made of sheer, wonderful fluff.

I also have a philosophy that the sky exists.  You may be thinking DUH but listen: it exists as something real and tangible, something to touch and see.  Not just the abyss of up-ness fading away into an atmospheric illusional blue.  No no, the sky is, and it is blue.  That, my friends, is why mountains seem to fade into the distance, getting bluer and bluer all the while.  They look more and more blue because more and more sky is coming between you and those distant mountains, obscuring your view just a bit more.

See?  SEE?!

Well well, and that's only the beginning to some of my imaginings.  Making sense?  I didn't think so.  Moreover, I wouldn't hope so.  No doubt I have made myself sound ridiculous, but you see, that's half the fun.  ;]

<3 Jenn


  1. Really cute photos I love the little expression your sister has on her face it just screams spring!
    I voted for you (:
    The sky/lake shot is so pretty!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! (: I have to say, I love your first shot. It's gorgeous!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, SAME HERE!! With clowns, that is. :) I used to kinda like them... NO MORE!! After scary clown stories, my friends and I are officially creeped out by clowns. :D

  4. Okay I voted for your pic :)
    Also, you have creepy philosophical ideas. I mean I also have an alternate reality, but I mean clowns. C'mon! Wait til we tell you about the ninjas ;)


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