Thursday, April 28, 2011

Practically Perfect every way.

Anyone guess what I'm talking about?  ;)  I do believe I've held you in suspense long enough.  I dropped several hints last week about the exciting thing I did last Wednesday, and now it is time to be out with it.  Last week...I saw the Broadway production of Mary Poppins!!

It was, in a word, magical.  Just like it should be.  Honestly, I couldn't help but smile the whole way through.  "Step in Time" had me tapping my foot and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" had the whole audience clapping along.  It was spectacular, and honestly, so much fun.  It made you want to laugh and cry and dance and sing till your lungs burst.

Before you go on thinking I have way too much money to my name in order to go to these musicals, let me dispel that charming little myth.  My aunt took me and the rest of my siblings to this for our birthdays (which means it's either 5 months late or 7 months early for me :P).  She doesn't take us to a show every year, but she's done it quite a few times, and I love her for it, as you can imagine.  When I heard last summer that Mary Poppins was coming to my city, I was sure to plant the idea in her head right away.  It worked.  ;)

This was also my first time ever sitting on the ground floor of this wonderful, one-of-my-favorite-places-in-the-whole-world theatre for a Broadway show, and it was super exciting.  Sure, we were still towards the back, but I had always gotten the nosebleed seats in the waaay back balcony, so this was pretty awesome.  But you want to know what was even more awesome?  My wonderful, going-to-be-Mary-Poppins-on-Broadway-someday friend Morgan had seats about 10 rows from the front, and at intermission, she told us that the couple rows in front of them had empty seats.  So for the entire second act, I literally sat about 7 rows from the very front!  It was amaaazing to see their faces up-close without binoculars.

Another plus of being so close during the second act came during "Step in Time."  You know how in the movie, Bert goes "over the rooftops"??  Well, for the show, that meant walking up the side of the stage, and then going upside down on the top frame and tap-dancing on the ceiling!  Epic much?  I wouldn't have been able to see it with my seat in the back with the balcony hanging over me, but oh-so-thankfully, I did.

While we're on the topic of Bert...he was perfect.  If you think you like Bert in the movie (which I always did--I mean, c'mon, it's Dick Van Dyke!), you should have seen him here.  He was good-lookin', had a gorgeous voice, could dance like anything, and had the greatest facial expressions ever.  And our Mary Poppins was adorable and had a lovely voice.  It was all so colorful and happy and full of magic.  I didn't want it to end.

I thought they did a really good job of including most of the well-beloved songs from the Julie Andrews movie, but still adding enough to it to make it new and exciting and different and deeper and more meaningful and eccentric and colorful at the same time.  Basically, I thrilled to every minute of it.  The set was gorgeous too.  And guess what everyone?  She flew!  Mary Poppins flew over the stage! :)

Iffin you be wantin' to, these are videos of my two favorite parts, though not the cast I saw (and trust me, my cast was even better ;P).  "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"...seriously, how does anyone memorize how to spell that word and then dance to it?  And "Step in Time"...skip to 1:00 if you want to see it--there's awesome dancing and Bert on the ceiling!!


Oh, and here's "my" cast in real life.  All those pictures in this post are of the cast we had--same people--except Michael.  This was our Michael.  He was cuter.  ;P  No fair...these little kids getting to be on Broadway.

And this is my sis and Morgan and I all super excited with big huge grins before the show.  :D  (Not-so-great picture, I know.  But it's capturing an awesome moment and wonderful memory, so really--who cares?)


I have ever told ya'll how much I love Broadway musicals?  I adore them.  Seriously.  It's been added to my bucket list to see a musical actually on Broadway in New York someday.  Wouldn't that be marvelous?

If you reach for the stars
All you get are the stars,
But we've found a whole new spin...
If you reach for the heavens,
You get the stars thrown in!


  1. Ah, you're lucky! =) My mom and sisters and I were all going to see it in May, but it doesn't look like we are able.

  2. looks interesting. I'm not a big Mary Poppins fan, but some of the songs are alright. You ARE obsessed with broadway musicals. I've never seen one (that's okay with me). You've seen how many in the past two years? Four?

  3. Oh stop it, Elijah you non-Mary-Poppins-and-non-Broadway-lover. You know not of what you speak. xP And yes, I'm totally, totally obsessed. Uhmm, in the past 2 years...3, 4, 5...something like that. I've seen 8 in all. :)))

  4. Awww, I am jealous. :O I like your blog and I am totally a new follower. ^_^
    ~Elisa :)


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