Sunday, April 10, 2011

[ten & eleven] Neverland

First things first.  I am sitting outside on the grass, writing this as I lean against a tree.  The sun is shining and the wind is blowing, and it is, in a word, gorgeous.  Yes yes, welcome warmth and growth and spring!

This lovely kind of weather could easily throw me into a thoughtful mood.  That, and listening to this song on repeat.

In all reality, if Peter Pan came to me right now and said, "Hey, want to go to Neverland with me?" I would jump up in an instant and say, "Yes sir!"  I can be an extremely nostalgic person.  I don't want to grow up; I don't want things to change.  And watching how my friendships shift as my friends and I grow in different directions is not always a desired thing for me.  I want everything to stay the same--I want to stay a simple little girl with simple little girl friends.

But life isn't like that, is it?  Life throws different people on different paths, and God has different plans.  I'll accept the change.  I'll get used to it.  But part of me just wants to hold on to that last straw of make-believe and plead for it to come back.  Part of me wants to go to Neverland, because surely things are much more simple and sweet there.  And even though things will change, I have I feeling that I'll be one of those 50-somethings still saying, "When I grow up..."

-10: a photo of you taken over ten years ago-

As you can see, this was taken well over ten years ago, when I was only 9 months old.  It makes me smile.

-11: a photo of you taken recently-
These were taken by my lovely friend Ruthie (thus her watermark/logo).  The pictures are from a fantastically fun photo shoot with my fellow thespians--all of us girls acting in Little Women.

My sister Cassie posted more of these photo shoot pictures on her blog if you want to check them out.


  1. that song makes me reaaaally happy. :) i hope my comment make you happy, even though they're from me. :P and just for the record, you were a fat baby. no wonder I hit you. and you linked me!!! that's a double double like. :D

  2. (HAPPY?!!)

    I can definitely tell that was you as a baby. I'm digging the bow on the very top of your head, you should try that look now. :) I feel like I should post baby pictures now too...hehe.

    I wasn't going to listen to the song, but since Cassie said it made her happy, I felt like I should listen to it.
    1) The beginning made me think of the coconut tree song from Veggietales. -grin-
    2) um, it's a happy song. :) I like it.

    I love Peter Pan. Have you read any of the "Peter and the Starcatchers" (trilogy..I think). They're SO good. I read them back in the day (ie...4 years ago) and I even did part of my dramatic speech from one. :)

  3. Ohh Cassie...anything to keep you happy. :P

    Ruthie, I'm thinking the bow must have been a '90s thing. ;] Noo, I haven't read those...Peter Pan makes me happy though. And thanks to you, I shall no longer be able to listen to that song without thinking of VeggieTales.

  4. nice pictures. Did Ruthie take the two recent pics?


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