Friday, May 20, 2011

pirates + passed

I have two very exciting things to tell, and unfortunately not so much time to tell it, because I have my dance rehearsal later tonight and I'm really feeling the need for a nap before then.  But without further ado:

Last night, the previous cast of Little Women got together to do something we've been planning for weeks--go see the midnight premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  It was the bomb.  We all dressed up in piratey attire, got there at about 8:30ish, and walked around the mall in our get-up.  It was awesome to have people pass us and ask, "What are you dressed up for...?"  Uhmm, Pirates 4, much???

Since most stores in the mall were closed or closing, we had a lot of time to kill, so we basically sat on the floor of the mall [telling creepy clown stories with Em and Matt] and on the floor of the movie theatre itself [smelling Lauren's shoes and wanting to fall asleep at that point].  We made sure to claim our seats, get popcorn, and situate ourselves properly so we were ready when all the previews started.  And oh my word, people, was I excited when the movie.actually.began.

Sidetrack:  for all you cynical people out there *cough*...let's just get this straight.  I love Jack Sparrow so much it's unhealthy.  <--(there should be a captain in there somewhere...)  Seriously, he makes me so ridiculously happy.  Ask Caitlin or Ben (who were both sitting next to me).  I squealed like a fangirl the whole movie, laughing and clapping and facepalming and gasping with giddy pleasure.  I wasn't even quite okay with Jack having a love interest in this movie. 

Bottom line: I can't help but be entertained by any Pirates movie because my happiness level is so high.  In all honestly, I had low expectations for the movie, so even though it wasn't the most spectacular thing in the world (on stranger tides, definitely), my expecations were met.  If that makes any sense at all.  Please oh please...aren't there any more Pirates fans out there who can relate to my blind happiness?!

To prove to you the large extent of my fandom...I have a large Jack Sparrow poster on my door, and a Jack Sparrow nightlight in the bathroom.  Oh yes.  (Excuse the horrificness of the poster photo.  I don't know what possessed me to use the flash when I took that so long ago, and I'm too lazy right now to go take a different one.)

Sooo yeah.  It was an epic evening/morning.  It was so good to see all my play peeps again [geez I love you guys], and hang out on the floor, and analyze philosophies about our attractiveness levels, and obsess over the haWt preacher dude with Caitlin, and giggle over Jack's all around awesomeness.  Why on earth can't I be as cool as him?

Of course, with a midnight premiere [which, by the way, is another check off my bucket list!], I didn't get home until after 3.  I fell into bed and had a weird dream about almost getting to fulfill another bucket list item by slapping a guy in the face...but I didn't!  I was really frustrated with myself.


Point being, I didn't have as much sleep as I'd care to.  But this morning, I got up and my dad and I drove to the BMV downtown, where I proceeded to take my driver's exam...and pass!  Hahah, I was actually rather pleasantly surprised.  Let's just say that I've improved a LOT from when I first started driving but everyone else still makes fun of me.  Or at least, my sister does.  grrrr.

Yup, so I now have my driver's license!!  Even with relatively little sleep!  ;)  I'm so happy/thankful...even though I probably won't be doing much driving on my own because I go most places with Cassie anyway.

Well, that's my exciting news for you all.  Last night was also good for me because I've been having a really crummy week, ever since last Friday.  So today, despite my tiredness, the Happy is back.  ;)

I'm off to nap.  Wish me sweet dreams of Jack.  Daaang do I love him.


  1. congratulations ........

  2. Yay! Congrats on your driver's test! I'm going to take mine soon.

    My brother still makes fun of my driving too. Especially when I (accidently) park crooked. Hehe ;) He's a stinker. But! He'll be 16 next year so I will have my refenge! Mwahaha! ;D


  3. I really should watch the movies since everybody says they're so good.
    Also, congrats on your license

  4. You will always be cooler than Jack Sparrow in my book. Even though I haven't seen the movies. Gratz on your license, drive safely.

  5. Pirates of the Caribbean are amazingly, awesomely, epic! I always loved Will Turner and was sad he wasn't on the fourth movie. :( But I still love Captain Jack Sparrow!!!! I CANNOT wait to see Pirates 4! I have to wait until it comes out of movie theaters though, or download it illegally which I don't want to do, so I have a while until I can watch it. :(

    And Friday I go to the DMV to take my permit test! I am a few months over 16 and in my state you have to be 15 1/2 so it's a little long overdue, but I finally get to drive!!! So, congratulations on getting your license!!! And for seeing PotC 4!!! :)


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