Saturday, May 7, 2011

[thirteen, fourteen, fifteen] Ahem



...As in, I've fallen behind in this blog challenge and have actually gotten rather tired of it, but I've started...soooo I'll be a good girl and finish.  It will be miscellaneous, due to the fact that I'm catching up and because my mind is elsewhere listening to Love Never Dies.

Sidetrack:  Any Phantom of the Opera phans out there heard of Love Never Dies???  Oh my word, it's the dumbest idea EVER.  Andrew Lloyd Webber took it into his genius, idiotic brain to write a musical sequel to Phantom.  Gaahh.  If you knew the synopsis, you'd be mad too.  It changes the characters of the REAL story and leaves you with basically no respect whatsoever for any of them.  I mean, none of them.  It's pathetic.  So, why am I listening to it, you ask?  Because...well...the original Phantom in Love Never Dies (which is the NOW Phantom also, since it just came out in the West End last year) is none other than Ramin Karimloo.  I got hooked after hearing him sing in the 25th anniversary concert of Les Mis...he has the most amazing, powerful, passionate voice you've ever heard.

So, that being said...I very much dislike the whole idea of Love Never Dies.  Very, very, very much.  But there are one or two songs that are full of Webber's brilliance.  Like this one (with Ramin!).  But there's only a few, honestly.  It's so lame compared to the one and only real Phantom.  My little sisters came in laughing at them; some of them are that bad.

PALEEZE this song sounds like it was created by Disney!!

Moving swiftly on...

-13: a guilty pleasure-

Heheh, do I have to feel guilty??  Okay, so I'll say two things.  But I'm not feelin' too guilty about 'em.  ;)
a) swing dancing always makes me happy.
b) chocolate really does make all things better.

-14: a vacation you would like to take-

Basically anywhere in Europe would make me happy.  Yes, I'd love to go to Australia/New Zealand too, but Europe has so much beauty and history and...and...romance.  And as for where in Europe...France is a big one, since I'm learning the language and am just in love with the whole idea.  And visiting Italy, Greece, and Ireland is defintely on the list.  And though I rather put this in a different category in my mind, I do so want to go to England someday.

OH MY GOODNESS sweet intense part in this music!!!!!

There is a faint, slight, small possibility that maaaybe I'll have the chance to go to France next year.  My mommy and sister went to France when Cassie was 13.  The only reason it was a possibility is because my mom's friend Lori (who studied French with my mom in college) is now a professor and headed up the student exchange program in France four years ago.  Thus, she had room for two people, and my mom and Cass had a free place to stay.  They went for about three weeks.  Well, Lori got the exchange program job again, and she'll be there during the summer of 2012.  Aaand (eepers wouldn't it be uh-MAZ-ing?!) if it works out, money-and-schedule-and-a-dozen-other-things-wise, it just may be my turn to go!  I'm praying about it, because that would totally make my year, if not my life.

-15: a person you admire-

Hum ho, I have many people I look up to/am inspired by.  I shall tell you of non-living people, because they are easier for me to wrap my head around.  :P
a) C.S. Lewis--seriously peeps, this man was brilliant and has been for a long time number one on my inspiration list.  not to mention he's a quote machine.
b) Victor Hugo--I thought no one could match Lewis's quotey-ness, but Hugo gets close.  not to mention he wrote just about the most epic piece of literature of all time.
c) Eric Liddell--this dude had a serious conviction for God.  not to mention there's an awesome movie of him that I love, Chariots of Fire.

AGHH this song is pathetically messing up the characters!!!



  1. :D. My mom refuses to acknowledge that "Love Never Dies" exists. She believes that Andrew Lloyd Webber had no right to ruin an amazing musical with a stupid sequel. I think I agree :D

  2. 1. chocolate is just comforting. the end.

    2. many girls long to take a vacation in europe, but for some reason, i don't. 'cept london. i want to ride a double decker bus and use one of those cute little phone booths :))

    3. c.s. lewis is the bomb. and everyone knows it :D

  3. yay! we have the same ring. :) we're awesome.

  4. Hearing you respond to Love Never Dies made my day.

  5. Swing makes me happy to and chocolate is just the best. I would love to go to all those places to but I think I would add Japan, I ‘ve got an interest. Love this post :)


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