Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Concerning Mr. Awesome

alternately titled: in which I tell you about the most underrated but brilliant actors of the century

alternately titled: X-Men: First Class was EPIC

If you had told me a month ago that I would soon be a fan of the newest X-Men movie, I would have probably said one of two things.
1) Eww, why would I ever want to watch that?
2) Uhmm, there's a new X-Men movie coming out?

Sure, I had heard of the X-Men movies, though I'd never really had a desire to see them.  After hearing that I had never watched them, a certain wonderful person dropped the trilogy off at my house.  I watched X-Men, the first movie, and actually kinda liked it, despite my expectations and the fact that Hugh Jackman has slightly creepy hair.  It wasn't the most spectacular thing ever, but I enjoyed it.

Soon afterward, I planned to go see a movie with my friend Emily, and the only thing remotely interesting to either of us was the new X-Men: First Class.  I could have cared less about seeing it at that point ("okeeey, I'll spend the money cuz Em wants to see it so I'll go out with her").  I was also afraid I'd be confused since I had only seen the first movie.  But I went, convinced solely by the fact that James McAvoy was in it.

i love him.

It was spectacular.  As it ended, Em and I looked at each other and all I could say was: "...that was a good movie."  I cannot go on without saying that it had its *cough* immoral parts, but as a whole, I loved it and thought it was fantastic.  It was awesome, well-made, and the acting was incredible.

Here is where you get to hear about Mr. Awesome.  I've seen James McAvoy in a few things (Narnia--as Mr. Tumnus, Penelope--stupid but cute, Becoming Jane--agh he's SO amazing in this), and every time I am struck by his marvelous talent.  Many people don't recognize him, I've discovered, unless I suggest they picture him as a Faun.  ;P  In X-Men, he was Charles Xavier, and he was absolutely brilliant.

He doesn't need to overdo his acting--he's human and you feel his joy and struggles and pain.  Plus, Michael Fassbender, who played opposite him as Erik who becomes Magneto, was also really good.  Watching the dynamics of their two characters together--the way they really try to understand each other, the fact that they always play chess, their relationship and love for each other even when they know they are enemies--aghh, it was thrilling.

I don't want to spoil anything for those of you who have not yet seen it, but at the end, during the deciding, on-the-edge-of-your-seat battle, as Erik is truly becoming Magneto, when Charles is paralyzed...yeah.  I was crying.

As a prequel, it was amazing to see the back stories (since I've never read the comics).  I was ever so glad that I wasn't lost even though I'd only seen the one movie, but if I hadn't seen that movie--sheesh, it all would have meant nothing to me.  As it was, I was enthralled.

So there you have it.  I think James McAvoy is brilliant and not given nearly enough credit for his talent.  He is definitely on my top favorite actors list.  Plus, he's Scottish.  And you know what that means...yeah, he has a super cool accent (even though he can flawlessly imitate both British and American accents).

I keep wanting to say that X-Men: First Class is the best movie I've seen in a looonng time--but then...I did really like Thor.  ;)

Have you seen the new X-Men movie?  What did you think?  ISN'T JAMES MCAVOY AMAZING?!  (If you don't think so, please spare me the heartbreaking knowledge.  But then, if you really don't...that's okay--he's all mine.)


  1. sounds interesting! How many movies are there? I haven't seen any of them, but there seem to be a whole lot

  2. There's now five total--the trilogy and then two prequels. =)

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  4. Ooh I really want to see this movie! I've seen the first four and have heard this is the best out of all of them. Great review! I can't wait to see it for myself. :)


  5. It amuses me how you had never seen them before and now you're in love with them.


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