Tuesday, June 14, 2011


There are times in life where I can easily look back and say, "Wow.  I am so blessed."  Life has its rough spots--recently these seem to come up more often than usual--but it also has its moments where the sun shines and the birds sing and memories are made.  The past seven days have been like that.

friendship + photo shoot.
Last Wednesday was spent with my extra-extra-special friend Abigail.  We had kinda been through a tough time in our friendship recently, and there were things we wanted to talk about--and we wanted to just hang out again because it had been awhile.  So we went to the park by her house and talked and laughed and--can you guess?--took pictures.  All photos in this post are from that day [watermarked = mine, not-watermarked = Abigail's].  I'll post more of our actual selves later, perhaps.

little kids + disney.
Babysitting.  All day.  I have a summer job doing babysitting/nannying for two adorable kids.  Leah is seven and can be a little demanding, but she's sweet.  Ian is three or four [I can't remember...] and most of the time, an angel.  Oh yeah--and they usually have the Disney Channel on all.day.long.

plans + phantom.
My sister and I had been planning on getting together with Rebekah and Hadassah to watch The Phantom of the Opera for ages, ever since seeing Rebekah's high school's performance of it.  I own the movie, but they had never seen it before.  Thursday we finally got to see it together.  It was a blast, and after listening to all of that awesome Phantom music, we ended up looking up Glee songs once it ended.  ;P

movie + relating.
Friday evening was epic.  First of all, my mom actually trusted me to drive all by my lonesome for the first time since I got my license--at least, to somewhere more than two minutes away.  I met my friend Emily and we went to the mall to window shop, eat frozen yogurt, and see the new X-Men: First Class.  I really, really liked it.  A LOT.  You can be sure to hear more about that later.  Then Em and I spent some good quality time talking.  She's just about the only one in the world who I know can relate to a major life issue I have.  And that's good for me.

power loss + games.
After Friday's beautiful thunderstorm, our power was out all day Saturday.  What a pain.  But it gave me time to start reading Jane Austen's Mansfield Park and to play good, ol'-fashioned card/board games with my little sisters.

play + fivesome.
The fantabulous fivesome [myself, Cassie, Abigail, Hannah, and Esther] planned to go see the play The Scarlet Pimpernel on Saturday evening.  It was at an outdoor theatre in a park, performing for free.  The Scarlet Pimpernel being one of my all-time favorite books, I certainly enjoyed the play.  Afterwards we spontaneously decided to have a sleepover, so we all crashed at Abigail's house for the night.

friends + food.
Hannah goes to the same church as Cass and me, but Abigail and Esther go to a different church--a church where I know basically all the people.  So on Sunday, we went with Abigail's family to church, where I got to see a large number of my friends.  Then I headed to a friend's grad party, where there was good food, crayons to color with, and many of the same friends.  And Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day.

missions + chores.
This summer I'm volunteering in something known as Somali Summer Club at my church.  It's basically a missions/VBS program for Somali refugee kids downtown.  I had a training meeting Sunday night before falling into bed.  Only to be awoken Monday morning by knowledge that my mom is on her major "scour the whole house" kick and I had things to do.

[entering this in the flip-flop farmgirl's photo contest]

working + smiles.
Working on editing massive amounts of photos--which is fun, I might add [Photoshop, I love you].  Working on keeping two little kids entertained all day...without the Disney Channel, preferably.

And smiling because I have more friends to see, more grad parties to go to, more food to eat, more songs to sing, and more memories to make.


  1. I love you, and your photos. :) I don't think you need any photoshop help!! you're doing maaarvelously. :) I love how you have a distinct style. I don't think I have that, and it bugs me. :P So, way to be.

    (sorry, facebook distracted me from finishing this comment)

    OH!!! OHH!!! And I'm ASHAMED of you for not liking Hugh Jackman!! Only like, the most amazingest good looking man alive!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Interesting.........................................

  3. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous!! You are so talented :D

    Also, Hugh Jackman = GORGEOUS. I am sad for you.

  4. Ahh, but I DO like Hugh Jackman. He isn't, as you put it Ruthie, "the most amazingest good looking man alive" ...but he is rather handsome and very cool to boot. My sister has been telling lies about me! ;)

  5. Did something happen to your newest post? It says it's "unavailable." =(

  6. Oh yes, sorry about that. I accidentally published it before it was done and ready. All fixed now. =)

  7. Very lovely! I enjoyed looking at all your beautiful photos, you are quite talented. :)

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~kelsey


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