Thursday, June 16, 2011

a momentous occasion

I have something very, very exciting to share with you all.  It happened earlier this week, and it basically made my day.

To introduce this thrilling occurrence, I must confess that I have never, ever been able to blow a bubble with gum before.  To all of you who would mock me because you learned to do so when you were half my age [*ahem*]--I know.  Trust me, I fully realize how sad that is.  (When I was little, I was never allowed to chew gum, so it's not like I had much chance to practice!)


It was Tuesday, and I was babysitting all day.   As the day came to a close, Leah, the 7-year-old girl I watch, offered me a piece of bubble gum.  I eagerly accepted, planning on working on my bubble-blowing skills (or lack thereof).  To keep Leah entertained, I asked her if she would show me how to do it.  She agreed.

Thus began our little adventure that soon had us literally convulsing on the floor with laughter at the patheticness of my attempts.

But then, as she proudly instructed me just how to place my tongue, and just where the gum should be,
at last,

I blew a bubble!

I started shouting for joy and Leah immediately cracked up.  Granted, I wasn't successful every time after that, but--I DID IT.  And I kept practicing until my jaw was sore.

Laugh if you want.  If a little amusement is all you get out of this post, so be it.  But seriously, I was so so happy!

Another item checked off the bucket list.


Some pictures of the kiddos I babysit, Leah and Ian, during our outdoorsy walk th'other day.

Please just try to be happy for me, mmkay?


I'm off to a lovely weekend, including grad parties, sleepovers, and photo shoots (assuming the rain doesn't interfere).  What do you have planned for the weekend, my friends?


ps--I joined Pinterest (yay!).  You can find me here.  I'm just getting started but I have a feeling I could get really addicted.  And super jealous of all the lovely things too.  I'd love it if you'd follow me, and be sure to leave a comment if you have one too so I can check out your boards.  =)


  1. Yay for blowing a bubble!!! There is nothing more exciting then learning a new simple, little trick! :) Cute pictures, by the way:) <3

  2. This entire post makes me happy! =)

  3. This made me laugh a genuine laugh! Someday, I ought to finally learn to cycle~! :)

  4. you didn't know how to blow a bubble.... something that even I didn't know!

  5. LOL! Congrats on finally blowing a bubble :D
    You should be really proud of yourself. Better late than never :P
    I am happy for you :)

  6. No making fun of you! Congrats!

  7. Okay, this is eerie. We have so many of the same bucket list items! I apparently missed this post while on vacation, but as I was scrolling through your posts I finally found it. MY WORD. While on vacation, my best friend was trying desperately to teach me how to blow a bubble. I practiced over and over again and the following week, I finally blew HALF a bubble. I'm such a failure. But now I'm with her again and we're going to have some more sessions.

    Anyways. Sorry for the long comment... but I thought it was so awesome how we both had this deficiency. :P


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