Wednesday, June 29, 2011

something strange that draws me near

Those are song lyrics, my friends.  Lyrics to a song titled "Different."  Which, after I tell you what I have to say, is probably what you'll think I am--different [read: strange, unusually odd].

If you know me at all, you know I'd jump at the chance to see any musical theatre production.  It's near the top of the list of ways I'd prefer to spend an evening.  Seeing a Broadway musical for free is probably at the very top, just saying.  But despite the fact that there are numerous shows I'd love to see, there are two in particular that are close to my heart--two that I absolutely must see someday.

The first is The Phantom of the Opera.  I want NEED okay, really really want to see this on Broadway someday.  The closest I've ever come is a high school production.  I'm sure my fellow phans can understand this desire of mine.

The second one is none other than Tarzan.

I shall give you a back-story.  I was 12 when my sister and mom went to France, and for the first week of their absence, my dad was out of town for a business trip as well.  Enter Sarah, one of the craziest, most awesome, most hilarious people you'll meet (though you wouldn't think so on first sight) and one of my favorite people in the whole world.  She stayed with us during that week and singlehandedly made it spectacular.  Seriously, if anything could compensate for not going to Europe, that week did.  But the whole week we listened to nothing other than--can you guess?--the Tarzan Broadway soundtrack.

To this day I do not know why Sarah was obsessed with this music, why she loved it, why she brought it with her, why we listened to it every day.  But I'm ever so glad she did, because it was an absolute blast.  And now, it is a life dream of mine to see the show with this amazingly fun music.

I only have one problem, you see.  The show only ran for a little more than year, closing in 2007 because of low ticket sales.  -sigh-  I guarantee that's only because I hadn't discovered its epicness yet!  There's got to be someone I can stalk, haunt, and torment into running the show again, at least once so I can see it.  There is a production playing in Massachusetts for 12 days in July though!!!  Not on Broadway, but the same production.  Oh my, I can't even describe to you how much I want to be there.  And my family is planning on an East Coast vacation in late July...if only I could convince my parents to leave a week early...

Tarzan himself is just...wonderful.  His character, his journey, his voice.  Even his dreadlocks I don't mind.  If it weren't for the fact that (as gorillas) there is lack of proper clothing in the production, I'd be head-over-heels for him.  I relate to his sometimes-confused-ness.

Terk just may be my favorite.  Terk is a girl in the Disney film, but a guy in the musical.  Thank goodness, because he's the one that's Tarzan's tons-of-fun, always-there-for-ya best friend.  I love him.

Jane rather bothers me, just from listening to the music.  Maybe it's her obviously fake British accent.  But she seems kinda like a wimp.  But Tarzan loves her, so I guess we're okay.  ;)


Kala and Kerchak are Tarzan's ape parents.  I love their characters.  They have such a strong bond with each other, but Kerchak is so protective of the tribe, while Kala is protective of Tarzan.  I'm fairly sure one of the two die in the end, but since I've never seen/read anything on it (no, not even the Disney movie), I don't know.  And I don't want to look up the plotline because I want to be surprised if I ever do see it.

(I'm never surprised for musicals that I see--I always look up everything there is to know about them beforehand.  Not that they're any worse that way, but it'd be nice to go in without knowing every single twist of the story sometimes.  Like I did in Les Mis, Wicked, Lion King, etc...)

(sneak peek of awesomeness, right here.)

So now you know.  You know my strange little quirk, and my crazy desire to see this someday, even if it isn't even on Broadway anymore.  Apparently it's strangely popular in the Netherlands though...guess this means a trip to Europe?  ;P

What about you, friends?  Any unusual dreams you have for the future that most people don't understand at all?  (Yeah, most people don't get it when I tell them about's just one of those things...)


  1. Oh wow. Ohhh wow. I had no idea this ever existed. And now I want to see it really, really, realkly bad.

  2. Not a least, it's an adorable quirk that I share!

    My dream-on-Broadway show is other two were WICKED (five off-Broadway shows in Chi-town later), and Phantom (which I saw on Broadway in 2009 for my pre-wedding-post-graduation gift from my daddy!). <3

    And also, when you go see Tarzan...TAKE. ME. WITH. YOU. =)

  3. I've never been super crazy about Tarzan, but I have to admit you have intrigued me! I hope you get to see it soon!


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