Friday, June 10, 2011

This is Home

There's a family I know who I refer to as "the gypsies."  Why, you ask?  Because they aren't afraid to go wherever God leads them.  Because they're willing to take a chance and see how God provides.  That's how I want to be, right there.  Trusting.  Following.  Roaming.  

I just can't be one of those people that stays in the same place their whole life.  I know some people don't have the same aspirations, but as for me--I was bitten by the travel bug.  It's in my blood.  Not travelling, not seeing the world...that thought fills me with horror.

My daydreams see me traipsing about the world with a suitcase and a camera, with God going before me and memories following behind.  I embrace the adventure my Savior has in store for me, living every moment for his glory and roaming wherever he leads me.

And I got my heart set on what happens next // I got my eyes wide; it's not over yet // We are miracles, and we're not alone

Believe me when I say that I am truly grateful and happy with all I have here, but I don't want to be confined to my tiny and insignificant corner of the world.  My heart dreams too big for that.  

"To live would be an awfully big adventure."  ~J.M. Barrie

I'm going to be the one that checks every closet for Narnia.

I'm going to sail even with a compass that doesn't work.

I'm going to find Neverland so I never have to grow up.

I'm going to enter Mordor to do battle with the enemy.

I'm going to be the one who finds her muchness.

I want to be a gypsy.

That's right, a gypsy--exploring and adventuring.  And it's not just this place physically that I don't want to be confined to and defined by.  I don't want to be defined by this world as a whole.  I am in the world, but not of it.

"If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world."  ~C.S. Lewis

Sure, my longing is to live adventurously here and now.  But when it comes down to it, I already am a gypsy.  Roaming until I find my way to my eternal home.

Created for a place I've never known // Yeah, this is home

So I'm going to travel the world.  I'm going to live each day to the fullest.  I'm going to bring glory to my Savior whenever the opportunity arises.  I'm going to laugh, cry, make friends and memories.  I'm going to be a gypsy.  A gypsy on my way to heaven, walking hand-in-hand with Jesus.

To live is an awfully big adventure.  And friends, I can't wait.

"All your life an unattainable ecstasy has hovered just beyond the grasp of your consciousness. The day is coming when you will wake to find, beyond all hope, that you have attained it." ~C.S. Lewis

And now, after all my searching, after all my questions // I'm gonna call it home // I got a brand new mindset // I can finally see the sunset // I'm gonna call it home

 ps--all photos in this post were taken by my mom during her trip to florida.  i edited them, however, and stuck my watermark on them to prevent the internet boogie man from stealing them.  ;P  and yes.  in case you're wondering, they do indeed make me jealous.


  1. A yes, to see the world. Two things I would like to say.
    1. Apparently the photography gifting runs in the family.
    2. That is one of my favorite songs. Ever.
    Oh yeah, one more.
    You've never yet been out of the country. :P
    *watching you*
    (should we do that here?)

  2. oh goodness me.....this post made me so happy! {haha, that rhymed. :D}

    but anyway----I totally get what you're saying! I'm always afraid that I'll never get the chance to travel the world and see everything it has to offer. But, I also know that God planted that dream in my heart.....and why would He do that, unless He planned for me to see the world?

    so yeah, wonderful post, Jennoelle! So very inspiring. :)

    love always,

  3. ps---I love the C.S. Lewis quotes, and the lyrics from Switchfoot. BIG thumbs up on those. ;)

  4. This post was breath-taking. Some of it made me cry. It really touched my heart. I think you write beautifully. May the good God bless you. :)

  5. Beautiful and inspiring, Jenn.
    That song is one of my all-time favorites. It captures the essence of all Christian hearts--longing for "a place we've never known."

    "I've got my heart set on what happens next/I've got my eyes wide, it's not over yet."

    So let us follow. Let us roam.
    "We are miracles...and we're not alone."

    Thank you for inspiring us all to keep running toward our Home. :)


  6. PS: Have you heard the other version of that song? You can find it on YouTube. It's titled, "Every Breath is Magic." It's more a of a demo/b-side, since Switchfoot ended up using the "This is Home" version of the song for the movie soundtrack, but the other version is just as good. :)


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