Friday, July 29, 2011

aloha and farewell

Why hello, lovelies.  I am here to tell you four things.  [At first there was only two, but more got added to the list.  ;P]

uno: I'm guest posting over at Sally's blog today, so be sure to check it out and leave a comment here or there.  ;)

dos: Yesterday morning, I headed off somewhere.  I know, I know...didn't I just go on a roadtrip?  Well, yeah.  But this is our big official vacation, by the end of which at least one very exciting thing will have happened--I finally, finally, FINALLY will have been out of the country.  That's right, Canada is on the hit list for us, as well as some of the northeastern states, including Maine and New York.  And Boston, here I come!

tres: I just painted my nails, and thus am having a very difficult time typing this out.  Oh, the trials of life.  ha. ha. ha.

cuatro: I have absolutely no idea why I tend to count in Spanish.  I don't know all.  Though, I had to sing a song in Spanish once.  I was helping lead worship for the kids at my church and that's what the leader decided to sing.  Let's just say I sang veerrry softly cuz otherwise my pronunciation would have been disastrous.

Well, goodbye, ya'll!  You probably won't hear much from me in the next two weeks or so, so until then.



  1. I live in Canada! Hope you enjoy your time away :)

  2. I was actually going to ask if you knew Spanish. Hehe ;) I'm taking it for school and just really don't enjoy it. Ha!

    Hope you have a wonderful trip, girl!


  3. Enjoy your trip! Sounds like a ton of fun!



    Hey, beautiful! You won an item in my giveaway! Because I already knew you were on the missions trip, I will hold your item until you return! Please email me at as soon as you can so that I know you got this message! CONGRATULATIONS, beautiful lady! <3


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