Friday, September 9, 2011

best night of my life.

Labor Day Family Camp.  That’s where I was last weekend, and let me tell you…I honestly had just about the best time of my life.  No exaggeration.  (<-- I can’t believe I spelled that correctly my first try!)

Last year was my first at LDFC, as it is called.  It’s a church camp for a church that a good number of my friends go to [okay.  so I know basically all the teens there.], and I was invited for that very reason.  It lasts from Friday evening until the afternoon of Monday, Labor Day itself, and it was the best weekend of my life.  Or so I thought.

Because this year, it was topped.  Which I thought would have been pretty much impossible.  But it was all because of Sunday night, dubbed prayer night.  I don’t even know how to describe it—it’s one of those things that you really have to be there for.  But it’s an incredible several hours of worship and prayer and God is just…there.

Last year I just prayed and cried, because that’s what I do.  ;P  Half of the people (and I speak for the teens…my friends…because I honestly have no idea what went on with the adults) are huddled in groups on the floor, praying, crying, laughing, worshipping, being in God’s presence.  It was similar this year, but also…different.  Amazing, but calmer, and slower.  In a good way.

It started out with a bunch of good worship before people started to break down.  I was able to talk and pray with several of my friends, all the while crying myself, because that’s what I do.  ;P  But then something happened that didn’t happen last year—a couple friends prayed for me.  Which was amazing and needed and just good.  After that, I was sitting with my friends Sara and Rebekah, and Rebekah thought out loud that we should go find someone else to pray for.  I said something that had kind of been pressed on my heart all evening—that I felt I need to pray for Philip, a friend of mine that’s a couple years younger and an awesome guy.  Rebekah immediately replied, “Me too!” so we jumped up to find him.

The three of us found him, and our prayer started out a little slow because we didn’t really know where to start.  But after Philip told us something he could use prayer for and as people started joining our little prayer circle on the floor, it was just explosive.

I’m not one of those people that just feels the Holy Spirit on a regular basis.  Sure, I know Jesus is there—and I cry, because that’s what I do.  ;P  But man, sitting there in that circle, I could FEEL it.  There was this tension like spiritual warfare was going on, and Rebekah just stated, “There’s a barrier, guys, and we’re going to break it down.”  It was just charged with energy and emotion and it was awe-ing.

It just broke loose—people kept getting encouraging words, verses (my Bible was passed around), songs (my friend Matt sang at least three for us)…it was incredible.  We just sat there and listened to God and encouraged Philip, all while being amazed ourselves by my Jesus’ LOVE.  Matt just sat there between the times singing and laughed and said, “God loves me!  God LOVES me!”  We started making people raise their hands in order to talk because so many people had things to say all at once.

Ahh, there are no words.  I was just beautiful.  And that barrier?  It was gone.  Jesus came, and it left us all feeling like we needed to go screaming through a field and yelling, “JESUS LOVES ME!”  And then the major thing that was different from last year: I was happy.  Last year was good.  But this year was good and happy.  I haven’t felt that kind of “God is good” happiness in too long a time.

And after that…after prayer night ended…we all went back to the campgrounds to hang out around the bonfires.  There are always several bonfires, but being the group-hopper I am, I of course couldn’t just stay at one.  Besides, a lot of people wanted to just sit and talk, and I was too happy for that.  =)  And yes, if you’re wondering, happy soon turned into hyper.

It was this night that something else excessively amazing happened.  My director—the one I did Little Women with—called with the casting information about Emma, the play they’re doing this year that I auditioned for last week.  It’s Jane Austen’s Emma, yeah you know, the one I adore.  And guess what?  I’M EMMA!  I got the lead role and will be playing Emma Woodhouse!!!  I am beyond excited/happy/thrilled/pumped.  Rehearsals start next week and performances are in January.

So after jumping up and down and screaming with my friends Reagan and Rebekah (this was about 1 in the morning, folks), explaining to Philip that Emma was both the name of my character and the play (me: “I’m Emma!”  Philip: “COOL!  In what play?”  me: “Emma!”  Philip: “Yeah, but what play?”  me: “EMMA!”  Philip: “YES I know who you are going to be, but in what?” …it took Rebekah to explain it), the four of us headed to a bonfire where we were both happy and slaphappy.

Plus we had Philip’s leather jacket, which made everything more legit.  And we talked about bacon and skittles.  And went skipping backwards.  It was a night well-spent.

Honestly, adding the prayer and Jesus to the hyper and happy to the friends and jokes, it was one of the best nights of my life.  If not the best.  And I’m not even kidding.

*sigh*  See, in all those words up there, I still don’t feel as if I did that epic night justice.  It was just incredible.  God is SO GOOD.


  1. Oh, yes. The prayer for Philip was awesome, especially when three of us got the same verse at the same time. :) Bacon and skittles are good topics. And LDFC is just plain, insanely, overwhelmingly awesome. The stuff of legend, if you want to put it that way. :) Glad you guys came again. G*****s ( I know you don't use last names on your blog, so I bleeped out yours. You're welcome. ) make everything more fun.
    *watching you*

  2. I loved reading this! It is so amazing when the Holy Spirit is just there and you can feel it. How awesome!

    BIG congratulations on getting the lead in your play!! I've read "Emma" and love it! I actually rented the movie for the weekend. You're gonna do fantastic! :)


  3. I loved reading this post!! It sounds like you had an amazing worship and prayer time.

    I love Emma! Congratulations on getting the role of Emma! Did you cry when you heard just because that's what you do?

  4. @Emily Ruth: Haha, no, I didn't...I was much too happy for that. =]

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  6. Wow! I got goosebumps from reading this! I loved it! It sounds like you had an amazing night of prayer and worship.

    And CONGRATS!!! You're going to be an amazing Emma! I only wish (I know I say this for a lot of things, but it's true!) that I could be there to see you do amazing! You'll have to let me know how it goes! :)

  7. That does indeed sound like an AMAZING night! I know what you mean, about not always feeling the Holy Spirit right there with you.....but when you do feel Him, 'tis awe-inspiring. :)

    and congratulations x10 about being Emma!!!! It's one of my favorite books. Totally cool. :D

    love always,

  8. Sounds like an amazing night. And YAY about Emma! I was hoping you'd get that part--sheesh, that is going to be so fun!

  9. I must admit that night is always one of the highlights of my year! God works in different ways every year and it's so life changing! Happy you could come for your second year!!!


  10. Jennoelle,

    I just awarded you the Lovely Blog Award! Go here to claim it: :)


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