Friday, September 16, 2011

wanderlust: Northeast USofA

Part two of what I have previously called our epic, long, exhausting, thrilling, wonderful family vacation took place in the northeastern states after we made our way out of Canada.  Even though this happened a month ago now, there are too many wonderful adventures and pictures not to share it with you.

Our first day in Maine was spent in Bar Harbor, near Acadia National Park.  My dad went hiking for the day while the rest of us went to the bar (in low tide one can walk across it from an island to the mainland) and saw the town.

It rained all. day. long. without so much of a pause, so I carried an umbrella rather than a camera for most of it. We stopped for coffee, and the town of Bar Harbor itself was adorable, full of little shops and cafés.  I bought myself a bracelet.  =)

We also went out to view the stormy but beautiful ocean--wet all the while.  There was more ocean to be seen the next day, most of which was spent driving.  But we were able to stop at various beaches and coasts, and Cassie and I had mini photo shoots., we're not vain.  Why do you ask?

Strangely enough, Maine looked just as I expected it to look.  And it's not like I had any expectations going in the first just looked very much as Maine ought to.

Even with it's beautiful coastline, Maine has pathetic little lighthouses.  They were short and squat.

During this leg of the trip, Grant and I were making our way through all three movies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, watching them on his iPod.  Just making things more epic, you know.  When we got to the house where we were staying in Portland, Maine, Grant and I both slept up in the loft and stayed up much too late watching it.  ;]

Grant and I have a very special relationship.  He's my younger brother, so that often makes for trouble, but seriously, I love this guy.  He's so much fun to be around.

Awesome reflection in his spiffy shades here:

We did a ton of wading and picture-taking, as you can see.

My little sisters are so adorable.

We didn't actually see the city of Portland until the next day, when we spent a bit off time exploring its cobblestone streets and expensive shops.

Then there were of course more beaches to be visited, more wading to be done, more photos to be taken.  And more sad, short lighthouses to laugh at.

And then the drive to Boston, with its lovely view, began.

From the first, Boston was one of the places I was most looking forward to seeing.  With its history and everything, it just appeals to me.  So I was excited.

I can't get over how hilariously awkward this picture is.

We rode the metro or subway, which is also called the T, into Boston.  In the station, we saw this sign.

Ahahahaa, it's the best ever.  See, our family has this joke where we call trolleys "Charlies" because that is how Tess pronounced it when she was little (I'm pretty sure we've confused her so much that she doesn't know the difference anymore).  I don't know what these Charlie tickets are for, but it totally made my day.

We walked part of the Freedom Trail through Boston, seeing old state halls, government buildings, libraries, and historical sites such as the place that the Boston Massacre took place.

I find old graveyards fascinating.  We got to see where John Winthrop, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, and various Boston Massacre victims were buried.  It makes history very real.

My younger siblings had a fun time eating in the park, which included throwing food on the ground until we had a whole entourage of squirrels and pigeons ready to attack us for more.

There were many beautiful old parts of town that we got to see, and we also drove through Harvard, which is like a town of its own.  That night we visited with an old friend of my mom's--one she worked with as a flight attendant back in the day.  We had dinner with her and her family, and the next day headed out into Boston again.

Following the Freedom Trail the next day, we saw the USS Constitution, the oldest warship still afloat.  We also visited Old North Church, the famous place where the lanterns were hung for Paul Revere, and Paul Revere's house itself.

There were gardens and statues and history everywhere.

The Bunker Hill monument was the high point of the day...literally.  We climbed 294 steps to the top (where there was a shaft one could look down all the way to the bottom), and man--that many steps makes you realize how out of shape you are!  I was dying at about 75.  ;P

But the view [and sense of accomplishment] was worth it.  There was an awesome aerial view of the city and the St. Charles River.

After that we walked past more old buildings, quaint shops, and statues and fountains back to Fanuiel Hall, where there were touristy shops and booths and markets.

This was my movie star day.  So-called because I was wearing my movie star color (it's the one that's the best on me =]) and what with my scarf and skirt, I felt pretty.  Always a good thing.

After dinner with my dad's cousin, falling into bed, and actually being able to sleep in a bit, we headed out for our last vacation day.  Oddly enough, for the past five or so days I had been having super long, vivid dreams.  Weird and random, I know.

Our last day was relaxing and perfect, spent at a New Hampshire beach, swimming [geez is that water cold], eating, tanning, reading, photographing.  My memory card reached its capacity that day--perfect timing.

The ocean is my friend.  And this photo makes me want to believe that we rule the world.

After that, we concentrated on packing up for the long ride home.  As good and amazing as everything was, I was so ready to sleep in my own bed and not to live out of a suitcase.

And that is all.  Our extensive and wonderful vacation, full of ups and downs.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."  -St. Augustine


  1. Beautiful photos! I absolutely love Bar Harbor and is so beautiful! I was there just a few weeks ago and going onto Bar Island is so much fun!

  2. Amazing, beautiful photographs! Love it! I live in Maine not too far away from Portland, so i enjoyed seeing your pictures of my home state. :) I love our ocean! Our lighthouses are probably pretty pathetic, but I honestly haven't seen that many other ones, so I really couldn't compare them. :)
    Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Oh, and I love your movie star outfit.

  3. Ah Maine! (aka where i live) I actually live right by Portland- don't you love all those cute little shops down in the Old Port? So cute, even if you can't actually buy anything because of the prices. And I love Bar Harbor and Acadia too. I go up there several times a year and it's just so beautiful. Awesome pics :)

  4. Another few observations.
    1. I love that picture of all of you holding hands and walking. Grant amuses me to no end.
    2. Apparently you and I share an affinity for wearing blue.
    3. That sign about thinking of someone every moment. Well, not really, because I have a life. Was very amusing. Not as amusing as Grant.

  5. :) you've made me really want to visit Boston! I haven't been yet.....Maine neither. *sighs*

    and might I say that you and your family are SO beautiful together!!


  6. I am SOO glad I came across your blog!! I am most DEFINITELY now following!! :)

    Many, many blessings on you, dear!

    ~Miss Raquel

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. This post makes me so happy! I want to jump up and squeal! For one thing, your photography is amazing. For another, I adore posts with tons of photos. And finally, I'm going to Boston next week (eep!), and your pictures make me ever so much more excited! :D

    Thanks for making this rather awful day so much better, dear.


  8. Gorgeous photos. :) Especially the ocean ones--wow. You're beautiful!

  9. Wow! It looks like y'all had a wonderful time! I loved the pictures and posts! =)

  10. nice pics! You have a great eye for unposed photos :D

  11. oh trust me, you girls have cause enough to be vain.
    you're so ridiculously beautiful!


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