Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carpe Diem

On Friday evening, everything about outside called my name.  We've been having extremely odd weather here for the past week--and by that, I mean it's beautiful.  Beautiful for October.  Sunny and warm and absolutely cloudless.

And that also indicates that golden hour has been blissful these past couple days.  I'd been itching to go out in the cornfield down our road and capture some sunlight, so I finally did.

You know how you're not really supposed to go into a cornfield in case you get lost in it?

Well, I did anyway.  Carpe diem, you know.  Seize the day.

But even though weaving my way among the stalks and beams of light was truly lovely, the amazing part was when I came to a clearing in the corn behind the first number of rows.  Yes, this lovely amazing gorgeous field catching the burning rays of sun before they slip behind the trees and out of sight.  It took my breath away.

Tramping around outside was honestly all worth it even if I had just gotten this one photograph.

I love moments like that.  When I'm not even expecting to get this kind of photo, but it takes me by surprise.  It's delightful.  I think maybe, this is why I keep on snapping away.

Carpe diem, yes.  But also, seize the moment.


ps--new blog design!  yes/no/other thoughts?
pps--entering this photo in Katie's iLove challenge and Francesca's sparkling saturday challenge.  you better believe I love me some golden hour sunshine.


  1. I very much love your new blog design... :)
    That photo is gorgeous!

  2. That photo is beautiful. Photogrpahy always surprises me. Sometimes I think a picture won't turn out, but after the click, it turns out amazing. Great post!

  3. love the photos, completely stunning.

  4. That's so incredibly lovely! You're right, tramping around outside forever is completely worth it for a photo like that. :)

    - Victoria {}

  5. Beautiful! Thanks so much for entering my photo challenge! :)

    By the way, I love the new design! And your new photo on your sidebar is gorgeous! You're so pretty!


  6. I LOVE your new blog design. When I first saw it, I was like "Is this the right blog?" Then I immediately saw it was from your beautiful picture of you. :)
    I wish I could go to that cornfield.

  7. Gorgeous photo. End of story.
    I love your new design!

  8. Your blog design is amazingly adorable! I love the raspberry pink, and your header is vintage, nostalgic, and cute all at the same time. ♥

    Also, this picture inspires me. It's my dream as a photographer to take pictures of a wheat field... someday. ;)

    This phrase is particularly inspiring: Yes, this lovely amazing gorgeous field catching the burning rays of sun before they slip behind the trees and out of sight. It took my breath away.

    And finally, Jennoelle, may I just say that I love your name? It's so unique and lovely. :)


  9. Love the picture Jenn! Simply golden and enchanting. And the new blog design is quite chic. :) Wondrous! Keep being you!

  10. Your photos are beautiful! I think I'm gonna follow :)

  11. Hi,
    I just thought I'd let you know that I really like your blog. It is lovely!
    God Bless,
    P.S Here is my blog:

  12. your new look is beautiful!!! and the name is perfect!

    in Christ,

  13. Ohhhh...Jenn, SO lovely! I found the exact same beauty the other night in a wheat field too, and my friends and I had the most lovely time photographing silhouettes amidst the golden stalks.

    How are you, darlin'? Just when I'm ready to come back to blogging (yay!), our main computer crashes and my laptop will let me write posts but not post them. So I'm rather stuck. Thus, this comment will be very long, because I'm starved for writing.

    Did I tell you that I went to Boston two weeks after you did? I saw all the same things you photographed... twas amazing. I left my heart there, in fact. Beautiful Boston.

    Comment and tell me if you'd be willing to correspond with me via email, because I miss you!

    Enjoying autumn,


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