Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a final farewell

It seems as if it was just yesterday that summer was in full swing, and here it is.  October.

I feel as if September was my last hold on summer--the last bit of freedom and sunshine--and now that it's gone, that hold is gone too.

But oh, how October ushers in the beauty of autumn.  I feel like I've been reunited with an old friend.

Too bad such things are always bittersweet, because meanwhile, I can't help wondering where summer went.

How did it slip through my fingers like that?  Slip through and blow away on a wind that is now musky and spicy and full of fall.

Now there is rain.  So I pull out my boots and sweaters and listen to the romance that is rain on the roof.

Each day the leaves are a richer shade, and each day the flowers slowly close and disappear.

My, time does fly.  It's astounding how fast these seasons change.

They hardly leave me time to soak in their magic before they bid me goodbye until next year.

But even if the old magic is gone, a new magic is coming to take its place, so that it won't be too terribly missed.

  Leaving behind the fast-paced swinging dance of summer that consists of blinding sunshine, splashes of water, bold colors, cool lemonade, breathing hard and long and fast, loud laughter...

Instead of these things, we look ahead.

We look to a steady waltz of autumn that is full of warm steamy apple cider, bonfires, crisp starry nights, scarves, the biggest hugs, genuine smiles, deep breaths of cold fresh air that make me glad to be alive.

A final farewell to you, summer.


  1. These are so beautiful - I'd love to hang onto every last moment.

  2. My dear, these are lovely. And I adore your descriptions of the different dances of summer and autumn. You make me smile. :)

  3. Beautiful photos and post! It feels like summer was just barely here, and now it has given way to fall.


  4. those are beautiful photographs.

    wow, you have such talent. <3

  5. I really like shot #8! The focus is really nice!

  6. Hmm...it seems to me that as each new season comes I want to hold on to the good things of each, but I do look forward to the beauty of the next!
    ~Simi (giveaway on my blog!)

  7. Nice post. Today I actually wore a scarf and coat and it was/is raining. When it get's cold, it's nice to have the fireplace going. Ahhh...

  8. Very beautiful pictures, and of course your writing is superb. Brilliant (don't worry I'm not British. Although I do like british accents. Sorry rabbit trail).

    Autumn has always intrigued me. Especially since I've never seen it. The brightly colored leaves that seem so cheerful and yet are almost morbid because of the symbol of death of those leaves. I do enjoy reading about autumn because it really sates my curiosity. And it's even nicer when the writing is beautiful.

  9. Your photography is amazing. I really like the second one.

  10. Ok, just something random...when you said "slip through my fingers" I instantly thought of the movie "Mulan." Hehe ;)

    Beautiful photos by the way!


  11. Wow!!you're pictures are so amazing. You are very talented! I love the detail and vividness you have in all your pictures. I really enjoyed looking at your blog!!


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