Saturday, October 22, 2011

my best friend (aka sister)

It was cloudy and getting late, I was hard at work studying my American civ book, and it had already been a long day.
Enter Cassie: "Come take some of my senior pictures!"

...You can see for yourself who won that argument.

I was dragged out to a lovely little cove on the reservoir near us.  Cassie had scouted out this location weeks before.

Yes sir, she can be a bit silly.  Especially upon discovering dirty old glass bottles on the ground.

But oh, can she be serious.  Heheh, there's some sort of lasting joke about Cassie's "model look."  I'm not really sure what or why, but there is.

Ahh, I love fall colors.

{linking up the above photo with all things autumn}

There also happens to be a joke about her foot-popping skills.  They're not too keen to put it mildly.

Oh my dear, this girl.  I love her.  I don't even know if there are words to say how much.
Not to say that we don't have our moments (because, ahem, trust me, we do), but she's always there for me.  It's scary how she can read my mind sometimes.  It's wonderful how we can laugh about almost anything. 

how we come up with our own inside jokes...
how we choose our men (I get Chris Hemsworth and she gets Hugh Jackman)...
how she tells me to shut up at 1am when I'm rambling on and on...
how I tease her about her "perfect" nose...
how she leans over my shoulder and tells me how to edit that photo just so...
how we talk about everything and everyone...
how she's blonder at heart than I am...
how she's my only family member that actually reads my blog...
how every time she asks me how she looks I say "ehh, okay" when she looks gorgeous and when she doesn't ask me because she just woke up and is in her robe with her hair up in one of those ridiculous buns I say "you look beautiful" and we start to laugh...
how we continue our inside jokes without even remembering what they're about...

She's my best friend--always has been and always will be.

She's priceless.


  1. I adore the both of you. :) You BOTH are my best friends, and I am ever so very grateful that God brought you into my life.
    Love you to death!

  2. Loved the pictures! Awesome!

    You know what? I read your note while trying to write my comment. And then I stopped and looked at what I had just wrote. I burst out laughing and my sister beside me cracked up.
    "Loved your worst pictures."
    Uh yeah, that's how my brain works. You can't read and write at the same time or a disaster looms ahead. In my case, starting to type a piece of what you read into what your writing.
    I'm still laughing. They aren't your worst pictures.
    Oh boy. This comment made no sense. But uh yeah. Loved the pictures.

  3. Aww...this post is so sweet! and your sister is beeyewtiful ♥
    My older sister is pretty much my "bestest friend" too--we have approximately 2,454,987 inside jokes, and we can look at each other and know what the other is thinking about :) we share a room and ramble/laugh hysterically late into the night. and I love her so much :)

  4. Lovely post! I can really relate because my sister is my best friend too. We're complete opposites, yet so close. And we've got the mind reading thing down to just about perfection. We've decided that our brains must be connected in some way. Hahaha! ;)


  5. These are beautiful! My favorites are the third and fourth - stunning :)

  6. I love this! Your sister is beautiful. :) You did a great job with these photos and she picked out a lovely spot.

  7. she's so pretty. great pictures!!

  8. ...and she is also gorgeous! Great job on the pics and three cheers for wonderful sisters.

  9. These are great! I love all the stuff about the two of you. Sounds like me and my sisters! :) You did great on these!! :)

  10. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  11. Very beautiful pictures. Your sister is very beautiful. Like you ;)

    I really agree with all the things about your sister, I feel the same way with my sisters. And you put everything wonderfully. ;)

  12. Nice photos! Yes, your sister is very beautiful:) I found your blog from Rise and Fly, and I am following! You do well on photography. Come follow my blog!

  13. Hehe, I love your list. :) And I pictured you both doing those things. Especially the one about her leaning on your shoulder and specifying how to edit pictures. ;) THAT'S why I don't let her sit next to me during those times. hehe!

    And yes, her foot popping skills. ;) I used Cassie's, er "problem" with that as an example for my shoot on Saturday. ;P

  14. OH! And you should be thrilled that I ACTUALLY commented on your blog. Although gosh, already 13's not like you NEED mine.

  15. I love you both, you're both GORGEOUS, and it makes me so happy to be around the two of you:):) I love your blog Jenn, and the way you say things...and how incredibly sweet you are (when you're not being mischievous, teehee). Cassie, i love your pictures!! and the bottle one i *adore* I LOVE glass bottles, i sort of collect them ;)

    G'night, sleep tight, dream wonderful dreams <3

  16. your sister is just beautiful and so are you! loved this :))
    -jocee <3

  17. These are all beautiful photos and I'm quite envious that you have a sister! Your relationship sounds wonderfully perfect!

  18. I love you sis. You're the best. (Even if I DID have to literally drag you out to take those pictures. hehehe!!) <3 <3 <3

  19. she is stunning! such lovely pictures girl! i'm lovin the location that you chose. great job!!
    xo TJ

  20. I have been thinking about taking senior pictures a lot lately. Must get a few done soon. :) I love yours! Your sister is so beautiful!

  21. I love the vertical picture towards the end where she's standing right behind and up against the post. The vertical alighnment is striking.

  22. These pictures are fabulous. I like the different settings of the shots. She looks so pretty in these pictures. You both are very pretty!! And very photogenic!! Great pictures!!

  23. So great post!:)
    I'm very happy for both of you!!:))
    You & your friend really very beautiful & funny girls:)

  24. These are so beautiful and your post is adorable. I wish I had a sister! She's just gorgeous.


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