Monday, October 17, 2011


Sometimes it's so easy to get in a depressed and overwhelmed mindset, focused on the wrong things.

Sometimes every little thing makes me so warm and fuzzy inside and full of joy and contentment and happiness and gratitude.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s humanly possible to do with my life everything I want to do with my life.

Sometimes I think I’ll be able to achieve great things and do and be all I want.

Sometimes I don’t even know what it is that I want.

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Sometimes I think I’m a pretty cool person.

Sometimes I look back, shake my head, and think, Man, am I deluded.

Sometimes I want to shove everyone away and sit in my room all alone.

Sometimes it hits me--how good life is--and I want to give everyone I know the biggest hug they have ever had in the history of the universe.

Sometimes hugs solve everything, you know.

Sometimes I think I will never be able to mark off every single thing on my ever-growing bucket list.

Sometimes I know I can conquer the world.

Sometimes I think certain segments of humanity are intolerably stupid.

Sometimes I smile and sigh and realize how much I love people in the end--how my friends make my life.

Sometimes I forget, but that's my own problem.

Because despite everything, when I will only remember to recognize it, Someone is always making life beautiful.


  1. I can relate.

    This is a lovely post. =D

  2. Lovely photos and lovely words, Jenn. Simply delightful to read. :)

  3. This post is one of the best I've read in a while! Wonderful comparisons. That's how life is for me all the time -- a huge list of contradictory but too-true facts.

    The pictures all stunning, too!

  4. Beautiful photography! I really love this post! It's so simply, yet deep at the same time. Interesting and real thoughts!

  5. Beautiful picture thanks for entering!

  6. I can definitely relate to this post!

    Wonderful pics, too!!!!

  7. I love this. and it's so, totally me. it's weird how all-over-the-place I can be. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :P

  8. Today was the perfect day for you to post this. It's nice knowing somebody else is out there, feeling on top of the world one day, and drowning in confusion the next. If I dare add…
    "Sometimes I couldn't be happier where I am."
    "Sometimes I want to go be a hermit in New Zealand."
    Thanks. I needed this.

  9. this is so beautiful, and exactly how I feel about things. and the photography is beautiful!
    thanks for sharing!

  10. This is beautiful; the words and the photographs.
    oh, and, sometimes I wish I knew you in real life.

  11. Such a beautiful and inspiring post.

  12. I love this post. :)
    it's so true....all of it.


  13. sometimes i wish i could be inspirational...... :)

    beautifully written, jenn.

    <3anna :)

  14. Beautiful--words straight from the heart that fill the hearts of others. All I could think throughout reading this was AMEN!

    I love you girl. <3 My life would be so dull without you...

  15. i can totally relate! such great photos too!

  16. I feel exactly as you described some days... so thanks for sharing.

  17. wow, beautiful photos!
    thank you so much for commenting on 'life is sweet'!
    you're welcome to check out my main blog, 'Roses and Bluebells' where I've got a giveaway going on.

  18. This was a wonderful post, and really hit home for me today. :) Thanks.

    Madison (

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    I love all of your pictures, they are so pretty!!!
    Thankx for ckecing out my blog!
    I love your blog, so I folowed :)
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  20. Beautiful pictures! They're so lovely! Thanks so much for linking up! :)


  21. This was such a beautiful post! And so true, too. :)


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