Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the road goes ever on and on...

My very first post on this blog told a grand number of zero readers why my blog was called such a contradictory thing as Unoriginal Originality.  I've gone back and read that post (does anyone else read their past writings when they're bored or procrastinating?) and you know what I think?  I think it's cute.  Not in a bad or belittling way, of course.  But it was a first step--a plunge into something I didn't even know the vastness of.  It was a beginning, and like many beginnings, we may not know where we're headed at first, not until we have actually walked some of the road.

So here I am, on UO's one year anniversary--365 days down that road.  It makes me ask myself, Where am I headed?

There are so many darling and wonderful blogs out there, but what do I want for mine?  When I thought about it, I realized there were three things that I could make UO's focus.

-my life
-my photos
-my thoughts

And I came to the realization that in all honesty, I want this little mode of expression to be primarily for the latter--my thoughts.  Certainly it has my life mixed in; I can't separate myself from reality.  But I don't want it to look like my journal did up until I was eleven or twelve: This is what I did today...

No, I wanted it to be my thoughts on life.  I can tell anyone about my day, but it is in writing that I most often express my emotions and dreams.  Likewise, you have seen and will continue to see much of my growing photography, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Entering this world of blogging has inspired me to progress in my photography more than any one thing has.  But I don't want photos to take the place of words.  I want them to compliment my thoughts, to illustrate my imagination.

Ever since I came to that conclusion about what I wanted the focus of my blog to be, I've tried to keep that in mind, whenever I write.  I have a journal to dump about the deep dark dealings of my brain; I have an alternate reality to relive the high and flying colors of my heart.  I want UO to be the best of both.  Not so you think I'm perfect--I'm not, and I don't like anyone who pretends to be--but because it is a place to focus on the positive, rather than needlessly reiterating the nitty gritty details that in the end aren't worth it.  It's a place to gather inspiration.

Yes, by that, I mean inspiration from each and every one of you lovely people who are reading this.  I love you.  You've made this journey worth it.

Also, you all are pretty good at age-guessing.  I think I've kept you hanging long enough, so I'll tell you.  Most of you guessed that I recently turned somewhere between 15 and 17, though the extremes were 14 and 28 (both from people I know personally, obviously--one being my sister).  Well, I'm seventeen.  So now you know.

So here I am.  On this grand adventure and loving it.  One year down this path and the road goes ever on and on (okay, Lord of the Rings reference, anyone?).

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that you all are along for the ride.



  1. You are beautiful Jenn. I love your words, your photos, and the thoughts you fill your posts with. It is truly inspiring! Congrats on one year of blogging! :) Keep doing what you do, girl!

  2. That's the most amazing thing about blogging! You can share your thoughts with the world and somehow other people, who can relate to you and your interests come along side you and encourage you. It's a blessing from God in my mind. I don't know all the people out there that have read my blog. Actually know like three of them.

    Congrats on one year of blogging! I remember you asking if Blogger was hard to use. I said "no" and the next day you had this blog :P

    ~Elijah (& Hobart II)

  3. Congrats on one year of blogging!!

  4. happy one year. : ) i think a blog is an extension of yourself, so keep on sharing and being you!

  5. UNO YEARO!!! I'm so proud of you wittle sissy! ;)

  6. Brava. You've made it to a one year mark. Time to sing happy blogday? Now, observations.
    1. Yes, of course I got the Lord of the Rings reference.
    2. I too journaled along the lines of "Today I. . ." Once.
    3. Glad to have helped make the journey better. Anytime. Anytime.
    4. I agree with your observation regarding photos. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but they can't take the place of them.

  7. 5. Blog coming soon.

    *watching you*

  8. I really don't have anything to contribute regarding this post, Jenn, except that it is really lovely, and one of my favorites of yours. The Tolkien quote absolutely rocks too. :D


  9. Yay, yay! A huge congratulations on making it to a whole year of blogging! You are such a talented and inspirational writer. I am so blessed by all of my amazing fellow-bloggers such as yourself.

    I find myself constantly re-evaluating "why I blog" and I truly understand and agree with what you wrote about it. It's a place to write about our thoughts and let others know of what Christ is planting in our hearts and what we are pondering and thankful for in life.

    Blogging is such a multi-faceted hobby. I don't believe I will ever truly understand why I love it so much. :)

    Oh, I'm so glad you're 17 because I am too. ;)

  10. I feel people keep writing my words before I get the chance. ;) I feel just the same way about why you blog, and the content of what you write. Truly that is what I want mine to be. I'm still working on it though. Pressing out those kinks.

    Your blog is exactly how it should be, I think. Congratulations on your celebration of the end of the first year.

    J.R.R. Tolkien knows my heart.

  11. actually, i happened to read that post. i think i clicked on a certain label that took me there one day, and it was sweet :)

    but yes, it has become more than you'd thought it would be, and i'm glad :]

  12. I sometimes feel like i'm the only one that reads my blog so I know what you mean. That photo is beautiful.

  13. I read old posts ALL the time. Haha! Happy one year anniversary on your blog!



    congratulations, girl!

  15. I read your bucket list-most awesome bucket list i have ever seen!


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