Thursday, November 10, 2011


Maybe it's just me, but the first time I saw this video (shown to me by the amazing, beautiful, funny, talented, credit-desiring Ruthie) it had me cracking up SO much.  My brother and I couldn't stop laughing.

Yesterday was a fairly good day.  Yes, I had cram-studying to do.  But with a mug of raspberry tea and my iPod playing my happy/sappy playlist, I was good.  Sitting in our sunroom, I could look out in one direction to see silver-lined clouds, and in the other to see a dark sky creeping towards me, like Mordor quickly approaching.  I stepped outside for a few minutes.  The wind was blowing, but it was calm and bold and beautiful.  It was the breath before the storm.

(Yes, I can see talking myself into a very Lord of the Rings-ish mood.)

Well, it certainly began to pour.  I sat and studied sociology to the sound of rain pounding on the roof and the wind slamming the barn door shut over and over and over again.  But it passed quickly, leaving us with the few last golden minutes of the day.

Today I was not so fortunate.  It's just been one of those lousy days.  We all get them, I suppose.  I had the sociology exam I had cram-studied for.  I got in a couple arguments, didn't get much accomplished, and forgot to laugh.  Light glared in my eyes as I tried to drive and I wasn't thankful for the sunshine.  My brother asked my advice & I was stubborn and unhelpful, and my sister asked me to attend her tae kwon do test & I didn't go.  My hair is up in a sloppy bun, I'm wearing my big comfy hoodie, and I feel like I could hibernate for a week before catching up on sleep.  I can't go to a friend's play performance because I have to work, pre-calculus is a bunch of jargon, and even blogger is not letting me situate my photos correctly.


okay, so one thing I'm happy about: this photo.  the perspective and uniqueness.

So, after such a day, what did I do?  I went and watched the above video, to cheer myself up.  It worked, a little bit anyway.  And for therapy, I took some photos and edited more.  Alright, so it wasn't therapy.  It was just an attempt to avoid the pre-calc.

Here's to hoping the weekend gets a bit better.  Do you have/do anything in particular to remedy a bad day?

I think I'll go make myself some more tea now.


  1. Aww! I hope it gets better! These pictures are gorgeously creative! Love them!

  2. How do I deal with a bad day. Good question. I'll let you know when I find out.
    Usually, as damage control, I have a large mug of tea, and retreat outside to walk and think and listen to Narnia soundtracks. Which is why rainy days can be such downers. Hope everything gets better though. *watching you*

  3. You're beautiful. More than just on the outside Jenn. Your perspective of the world is beautiful, and I am so blessed that you share it. <3
    When I'm down, I sing my heart out to loud music. Or I try. If I'm too down for that, I read. Sometimes I'm too down to focus on that though. Tea and photography are wonderful escapes and can sometimes change your mood. But not always. Sometimes I exhaust every possible diversion--facebook, reading, music, visiting my best friends blog... and I still am stuck. That's when I call someone. And that seems to ALWAYS work. :)
    Love you dear, and thanks for finding sunshine on the gray days--and making it in the night.

  4. The last photo is so unique and beautiful, Jenn! Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day. :)


  5. Yes absolutely more tea. And that picture of the sunlight through the trees just killlllled me. Beautiful. <3

  6. Oh.My.Goodness. That last photo is STUNNING!!!!

  7. WOW, way to not credit who showed you that awesomesauce video. ;)

    ALSO- WHERE do you find the time to take all these incredible pictures?

  8. Very beautiful pictures!! I enjoyed reading your post and your discriptive words (the rain falling on the barn door and last golden minutes of the day) It was really well written!! remedy for a bad day would probably be listening to music up in my room. Nice post, thanks for posting!!!

  9. I was wondering how you found my blog! :)


  10. 1, your blog is amazing. 2, your photography is stunning. Especially that last one. *gasps*
    ~simi/soul sister

  11. that last photo almost looks like a painting. i did a double take. you're so good. :))
    -jocee <3


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