Saturday, November 5, 2011

why hello.

mission: accomplished.

friends, I've found my life's theme song.  at least, what I would really really really love to be my life's theme song.

I know it's long (hey, classical = good studying music, for me anyway) & I know listening to music just because some girl on the other side of these words wants you to, but seriously.  it's epic. have to listen to it all the way through.  because the beginning isn't my theme song; the whole thing is.  and in truth more towards the end than the beginning (mostly starting at 5:20, which kinda sounds like Phantom of the Opera, ironically).  aghh!  it's SO GOOD.

and alright, I confess.  it's a symphony by Johan de Meij--The Lord of the Rings symphony to be exact, Movement V, Hobbits.  it just...strikes a chord in me.

pretty things.

old abandoned Coca-Cola bottles make for lovely new homes for autumn flowers.

uhm, rambling.

around here, November is kind of a big deal.  okay, so maybe just for me.  ;)  it's my birthday month, and I've never really cared for it.  however, we must admit, of course, that it ushers in the holiday season with that wonderfully delicious thing known as Thanksgiving.  and I think with photography and writing making me look more for the beauty in small things, I don't dislike such things as adamantly as I once did.

but I will point out--it's rather crummy to attempt anything party-ish in the kind of weather that we usually have around by the end of the month.  the only thing to do is...well, ice skating, which has been officially out-ruled since the last time I went ice skating with friends for my birthday, I fell and got a concussion.  okay, so that was just last year.  let's just say my skating skills could use some improvement.  big time.


speaking of the holidays (ish), I have been really excited for them to approach--since the middle of October.  no no, you don't understand.  that is super unnatural of me.  I'm the one that rolls my eyes when we start seeing Christmas decor in the stores before Halloween barely has time to scoot past.'s different.  I can't wait.  not necessarily for Christmas to be here, but for the season itself.  the atmosphere, the glow.  ooh, I'm so anticipating it.

oh those frenchies.

okay, Canadians.  I had a little French exercise this week when one of the wonderful French-speaking people from Montreal that we met on our vacation this summer started chatting with me on facebook.  which was wonderful, but my French skills aren't super amazing, so it was a challenge.  google translate à la rescousse!  (now someone who would actually know tell me if that really does mean "to the rescue.")

my favorite.

c' already know C.S. Lewis and I are basically best friends.  okay, well, I'm best friends with him--his words anyway.  this is the spectacular defining quote from Till We Have Faces.

"I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. You are yourself the answer. Before your face questions die away.  What other answer would suffice?"

brilliant.  beautiful.  oh-so-true.

loving right now.

I got new socks.  they are striped, and they make me happy.


yes, I took a picture of my cereal.  we hardly ever have good cereal around here (and by good, I mean sugary), so when we have some of this, it's a special occasion for sure.

double yum--ya know, I really love tea.  raspberry is my favorite.  couple it with my favorite mug (hand painted by yours truly) and my cozy sweater, and that's just pretty near perfect.

words words words.

plus, what think you of my nails?  granted, they don't look so good as when I first painted them, but I being the word-lover I am, I knew I had to try this.  after painting my nails white and letting them dry, I dipped them in rubbing alcohol and pressed a piece of newspaper on them, holding it there for just a couple seconds.  the ink came off, I painted on a clear top coat, and voila!

speaking of words, do you have a favorite word?  I was recently asked this question, so I gave it some thought.  I honestly don't know that I could pick a favorite.  but here's one: hello.  it's the word that I doodle all the time.  it's a start, a beginning, an initiation, an invitation.  so many good things in my life start with people, and all good people in my life start with this word.

you can't get anywhere with people without starting at hello.  simple, eh?

so...hello.  and now, goodbye.  ;)


  1. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your nice pictures. That is really a creative idea what you did with your fingernails, by putting the newspaper on them to show the words- I was wondering how you did it. Thats a shame that you got a concussion ice skating!! Hopefully that won't happen again. And by the way, Happy Birthday, whenever your birthday is in November!!

  2. I loved this!
    Hello. <so neat! I loved that description.

  3. This... is so you Jenn. And this is my stream of thoughts about this post:
    I think your theme song sounds like Phantom of the Opera--and yes, I DID listen to the whole thing, just for you.
    I remember your ice skating experience--I promise I will not make you go ice skating again without a helmet. ;)
    I'm jealous of your socks.
    Your sweater looks super comfy.
    I adore your nails. So jealous. I shall have to try.
    YOUR MOM BOUGHT SUGAR CEREAL?!?! Miracles do happen! ;)
    Raspberry is my favorite herbal tea.
    Annnnd C.S. Lewis never ceases to spit out quotes every time he talks. Most amazing man ever. <3
    And I think I DO have a favorite word! Or, at least, it's the word I always come back to when I don't know what else to say. I think you know it: INCORRIGIBLE. SO fun to say. ;) And apparently I've become known for it. So yeah. It's mine. No takey. :P
    I adore you dear. Hugs! <3

  4. Oh, I have seen nails like that, but I had forgotten about them. I would like to try them. I am ready for the holidays, but because I have a ton of school that I have procrastinated on, I don't want the holidays to come too fast!

  5. dude, best. classical. song. ever. and yes, classical is THE greatest for studying. and your nails? I think I saw something similar I while ago, but never did it. you've renewed my inspiration.

  6. This is a great, wonderful post! Love the song! I'm always on the search for the perfect classical music station on Pandora for homework!

  7. Hi there, I'm Emily! I love your blog! The nail idea is great. And happy birthday!

  8. A couple of observations, just because this is generally how I comment on your blog.
    1. You didn't finish that thought about listening to music because a girl on the other side of the world wants you to.
    2. I'm going to listen to the whole thing and then probably get it on my iPod because I love instrument/orchestral music.
    3. You appear to be eating mini-wheats, a cereal I have been indulging in for a little while now.
    4. Your nails are pretty awesome. Did you find that online, or come up with it off the top of your head. Either way, cool, since it involves fashion that involves words. And words are cool. *watching you*

  9. Oh, one more. My favorite words are numberous, but I particularly like the words ember, glow and moth for some reason. And home. Home is a nice word.

  10. love this post! the pictures, the words; everything.
    tea is delicious.
    and favorite word has to be equation. i love writing it, i guess because of the e and q being beside each other. yes, that's me. (:

  11. My birthday is end of November too! But I do think I've finally come to turns with that. Favorite word... love. It's so very powerful and beautiful.

  12. Not that you need any more comments on this...but oh YOUR NAILS ARE AMAZING! we don't have rubbing alcohol though, i don't think. hm. i must try this. soon. I don't have white nail polish either :P fail.

    I miss you. I want to do something with you for your birthday! <3

    aren't glass bottles the best? i have them all over my room, including 4 coca-cola ones ^_^

    My favorite word currently: intrepid.

  13. I am definitely going to try that with my nails sometime now! They look awesome!
    And my favorite word is Verisimilitude. It means "the appearance of being true or real." I guess it just reminds me to look for the things that really are real, not just the things that appear to be.

  14. Love this post. :) Favorite word? "Hope", definitely. I doodle it at every opportunity, without ever thinking. It's just one of the best things in the world.

  15. Your nails are awesome! I like your sweater and I think that sugary cereal is the best!

  16. just found your blog......and yes, sugary cereal was ALWAYS a big thing in our house, aka....birthday present material.

    speaking of which, "Happy Birthday!" and may the Lord bless your new year with joy and adventure.....:)

  17. Hi Jenn! Thanks for your encouraging comment. I really appreicate it. It's great to meet another curly girl. :) Also, love your nails and I appove of your theme song. :)

  18. oh how i love hellos:) one simple word, millions of possibilities.

    and happy [late] birthday! hope it was a good one!

    anna :)

    p.s. i'm stealing your nail-idea..ssh;)

  19. p.s.s. would you mind making me a blogger background in the color of my post-title font? you'd be the! (not that you aren't already.. but still! :))

  20. er - um - make that purple. sorry for all these comments! i keep finding things i need to say *cheesy grin*

  21. Really REALLY enjoyed this post!

    You're right, that music /is/ epic! And the best /does/ start at about 5:20!

    LOVE the autumn flowers and antique glass bottles, the holidays always thrill me, fun socks are my favorite, Mini Wheats are the best, coffee is SO overrated: tea is amazing, your nails are one of the best creative ideas I've seen this year (I am a 'creative idea' fanatic), and my favorite word right now is "treasure".
    Treasure each moment. Treasure Godly friends. Treasure small things.



  22. I'm back, listening to the symphony. Again. I let my sister hear it, and she said, "I wonder what the music in Heaven will be like. It sounds like a triumphant hymn."
    And really, as I listened to it, I realized she was right. The beginning is our life here on earth: waking up into existence, then happy sometimes, complicated sometimes, adventurous, and a little uncertain at times, but exciting! About 3:40 is the end of our life, or the end of time itself. Solemn. A little sad. Yet hopeful (5:10) because Christ still reigns. And He's coming again (5:20)! Look! There He is! And victory belongs to those who will remain faithful and true to Him (6:00) ! And He will take us in His arms (6:40) and He will wipe our tears away, explaining the reasons for each sorrow, or simply lovingly wiping them from our memory. Then He will stand and open the doors to His glorious land (7:15), revealing to us it's unspeakable beauty and awesome glory for the first time. And we will stand in awe and wonder (7:50), then enter, slowly, like children being shown a great surprise. And forever after will be peace, safety, new adventures just around each corner, and our King always beside us. Forever after.



  23. Hey Jenn,

    Can you tell me how to get a song embedded in a post like you did with this one? I've done YouTube videos, but sometimes I just want the sound and not the pictures. It looks like that's what you've done here, but under the Share options on a YouTube video, I can't find an option that looks like that... Could you tell me how to do it?



  24. Jenn, that's a beautiful song! I can see why you call it your life's theme song. Gorgeous. I love listening to classical/soundtrack music while reading, studying, writing, etc. Thank you so much for sharing this song with us! :)



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