Saturday, December 24, 2011

born that man no more may die

So, it's Christmas Eve.  Can you believe how quickly it has sneaked up on us?  The past week has been packed for me; break has proven wonderful if busy.  With last minute shopping, social events (caroling and the mall), and catching up on work that needs to be done, I've been kept on my toes.

Christmas Eve itself almost holds more excitement and tradition for our family than Christmas day.  Our biggest tradition is our Christmas Eve dinner.  It's my dad's job to always make a huge, extravagant, exotic meal--we've had African meals, Mediterranean food, and this year our theme was Brazilian.  So, so good.

Another Christmas Eve tradition is opening the small gifts that are stuffed in our stockings, usually paired with dessert soon following.  Then my church has a beautiful candlelight service--one of my favorite nights of the year.

And now here we are.  Christmas day is in a matter of minutes.  My mom and sister and I have settled down with a chick flick and tomorrow I'll attempt to sleep in while my little sisters shout in excitement.  For me, getting into the Christmas spirit has been more difficult this year than others, it seems.  I was more excited for the holidays during November than during the past week or so.

It's so easy to forget that the reason for Christmas is the birth of our Savior--that fact gets lost or pushed to the back of our minds.  Jesus was born to be our Rescuer and our Friend.

hail the heaven-born prince of peace
hail the son of righteousness
light and life to all he brings
risen with healing in his wings
mild he lays in glory by
born that man no more may die
born to raise the sons of earth
born to give them second birth
hark!  the herald angels sing
"glory to the newborn king"

Goodnight, my sweet friends.  I hope your holidays are splendid, and don't ever forget the greatest gift that was ever given to us.  Merry Christmas!


  1. I love this. And you. Merry Christmas Jenn! <3

  2. Happy HolidaY (no "s"), my giant chub monster. Your face is like the Turkish sunset. And also, you better have gotten something EPIC for ME (al caps)!!!!!!!! ME=#1mr.face

  3. merry christmas darlin'!! hope you have a great day.

  4. I love this post title--that song is one of my favorite Christmas songs. So beautiful. I hope your Christmas is a wonderful one. Praise God for His gift to us!

  5. "born that man no more may die." this title is perfect Jen, and reveals the true purpose for Jesus' birth. So beautiful! Wishing you a happy day :)
    simi/soul sister <3

  6. I agree with Simi in that the title is beautiful. Merry Christmas, Jenn! Hope you have a wonderful dfay! <3

  7. Very merry Christmas to you, Jenn!


  8. Such a beautiful post! Merry Christmas, Jenn. :)

  9. Jennoelle,
    Thank you for this. I always enjoy reading what you write. You have encouraged me today. A very merry Christmas to you, I hope your day is wonderful!

    Thank you for that song. I'm going to read those beautiful, true words again.



  10. Merry Christmas!
    I had a harder time getting into the Christmas spirit this year, too. But it was still great. :)

  11. Oh my, that first photo is absolutely magical, and I have to admit that I got the inspiration for mine from it. :) Merry Christmas, dear!


  12. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  13. My dear, darling daughter,
    I praise my Jesus for your creativity, sensitivity, photography, emotionality, and expressivity! You are wonderfully talented and a HUGE JOY to me. I am happy to experience YOU via UO.
    I adore and love you, Mommy

  14. This is such a beautiful post! Hope you had a beautiful Christmas day, dear! :)

  15. I know what you mean, about being more in the Christmas 'mood' back in November. *shrugs* I guess it's all a party of growing up.
    hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)

    love always,

  16. SO SO proud to be a follower of this blog! It's awesome!!! Your SOOO beautiful!<33 follow me?

  17. I love bokeh. Especially colourful bokeh :)
    Happy New Year!
    Meghan (your latest follower!)

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