Tuesday, January 17, 2012

opening night

me (Emma)/Megan (Harriet)

I give myself plenty of time.  Hair--done.  Prop-check--done.  Each bobby pin in place, excessive blush applied.

Getting into costume.  I button up, tuck the lace, make sure my hair is still intact.
We laugh in the girls' dressing room, as we help each other into our period dresses.

me and Adam (Mr. Elton)

Last minute producer notes.
Encouraging words.
Green room talk.
A quick prayer.


Megan (Harriet)/Ruthie (Mrs. Elton)

They look at me, of course.  "Are you nervous?"
I think back to how I expected this moment to feel.  It is different.
Quieter.  Calmer.

"No," I answer.

Ian (Mr. Knightley)

I have nerves, but I am not nervous.  I consider it--think that maybe I should be.
But no.  I know this.  We've got this.
One feeling prevails: excitement.

I am so pumped.

I am ready.


Harriet and her four prospective men

Minutes linger.  I know some of my friends are on their way, delayed by an untimely snowfall.
That's Friday the 13th for you.
Getting home the previous night after our last rehearsal--ever--had been rough.

Actually, the whole night had been rough.
I am glad they say that bad dress rehearsals make good performances.

unhappy lil Emma

I recall my one most troublesome line, but I know I have it now.  My little sister helped me with that.

"Don't be nervous," we whisper to each other.  "You'll be amazing."

me and Megan

Thumbs up.
I'm smiling.
I'm so excited.

The door opens.
The waiting is over.

me and Megan (Harriet) with Catherine (Miss Bates)

We tiptoe down the stars and slip backstage.
The familiar music fills the air.  The room is dark and hushed except for the occasional whisper.


I lift the curtain and duck behind it, then settle into my spot on stage.
I know how it will feel in just a matter of seconds now.
The first time the lights hit my face is the hardest for me--I want to break into a grin.

me getting a scolding from Ian (Mr. Knightley)

Silent prayer.
Moment of concentration.
This is it.

The music changes.
The curtain shifts, sways, and lifts.
The lights go up.

And suddenly, I am no longer Jenn.

I am Emma.

me (Emma)/Megan (Harriet)--quite possibly my favorite scene
(almost all photo credits go to Ruthie, our lovely, talented, and hilarious Mrs. E.)


  1. 1. Wow, you are a GORGEOUS actress, dear.
    2.I kinda sorta really wish I could act.
    3. This is amazing.
    simi// soul sister

  2. Oh my goodness Jenn! You look so much like Emma that it's ridiculous! Just plain and simple, you look lovely! Congrats on a good opening night!

  3. Encore! You look WONDERFUL.

    And isn't that moment just breathtaking--the moment when the lights come up and you are no longer you, you are the character? :) And the rush of excitement when you successfully complete your first scene. Sigh. I can't wait to get back onstage...:D

  4. Looks and sounds so beautiful. Wish I could have been there to see it! I'm not much of an actress, but I love plays.

    p.s. You make a gorgeous Emma! :)

  5. Whoa! I would have LOVE to see that!!!!!

  6. You look So pretty, girl!! I love the way you did your hair, and the blush looked amazing! I really wish I could have seen your play because it looks so real and inviting. I'm not much when it comes to acting, but it looks like you throughly enjoy it and make one fantastic actress :)

  7. YAY! It looks like it went beautifully. I want to hear more! PERFECT Emma face in the third-from-last picture. :)

  8. Looks like sooo much fun!!!! Lovely dresses, and your hair looks so pretty!

  9. It looks amazing! You look like a perfect Emma!

  10. You look soo much like Emma in the movie! I am sure you did an amazing job. This is one of my favorite Jane Austen stories. :)

  11. Oh, I wish I could've been there to watch it all! I bet you were absoutely stunning. The photos are gorgeous, and it all looks like so much fun!

  12. was it filmed?? if it was, you should so post it! I wish I could've been there...you look amazing! and some of those faces you were pulling were absolutely brilliant;-) the perfect emma. well done jenn darling!

    1. it's going to be filmed, at this Saturday's performance, I believe. if and when it finds its way to youtube, I'll try to post the link. (:

  13. 1.You look GORGEOUS. Period. 2.It looks like it was amazing! 3.I'd almost be jealous if I weren't way too happy for you. 4.This whole post just makes me happy.

  14. You are so beautiful! And I have to say, I looked at that first picture and thought, she has the PERFECT Emma face! I can't wait to hear more about it!

  15. Oh, so much fun! It looks like you all had an amazing time. :)

  16. You all look amazing!!! :) And you look JUST like Emma... :) Lovely....

  17. I'm glad it went so well! You look like the perfect Emma!

  18. Wow! You are so beautiful girl!! :) And I gotta say, you make an AWESOME Emma :D I LOVE that movie!! :) :) :)

  19. You are a gorgeous Emma!
    I absolutely love your facial expressions. ;)
    I have no doubt that you portrayed Emma very well.
    Looks so fun! *sigh* acting. Makes me want to be in another play.

    I hope it gets posted to youtube! I would be so excited to watch it.
    Loved this post!

  20. You look so much like emma its crazy. Love the 3rd to the last picture. Such an emma face!

  21. I wish I could see the play!! It looks like it would have been great. How many performances did you do/ will do??

    1. we had 6 performances, but we added another one because they were selling out so quickly. so 7 total. (: last weekend, and this coming one.

  22. Beautiful post! I'm sure you did just fantastic!


  23. You are so pretty! And your expressions are great. I'm sure you did wonderfully! If anyone videotapes this and you can get your hands on a copy, you should post it on your blog!

  24. Oh goodness, I wish I could have watched!! I love Jane Austin plays! I have a friend who did Pride and Prejudice! Everything looks so elegant and beautiful. :)

  25. Oh Jenn... This looks like it was amazing! I wish I could have seen one of the performances... I'm sure you did an wonderful job. :) All your facial expressions look perfect. Emma is probably my favorite Jane Austen story and I just know you nailed the lead part. :) <3

  26. You did a phenomenal job out there. Sorry I couldn't comment sooner, but our web blocker was categorizing your blog as adult content. Somewhat odd indeed.

  27. Wow! This looks like so much fun!

    {I love Jane Austen's Emma...it is one of my favorites of her works.}

    From the pictures, it looks as though you did a wonderful job playing the part of Emma.


  28. I love theater and it looks like Emma was a great production. My son performs in a organization called "Children's Youth Theater," which is amazing! Theater rocks...glad you enjoyed it!

  29. It looks like it was a lot of fun! I LOVE Emma!

  30. Wow...this was so well written, I feel your moment! That would have been so much fun, you look like the perfect Emma! :)


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