Wednesday, January 4, 2012

year's beginning

Everywhere people talk about reminisces and resolutions, about parts of twenty eleven they're glad to leave behind, about what twenty twelve holds.  And...well...I thought I might as well join the crew.  Inspired by this post, I thought I'd remember the things--good and bad--that set 2011 apart (and look to the coming year too, of course).

(all photos are some of my favorites from Christmastime)

what did you do in 2011 that you've never done before?
I got my driver's license.  I performed on stage--legitimately--for the first time in Little Women.  I finally, finally made it out of the country, to Canada.  I blew a bubble with gum for the first time in my life.  I started penpalling with this girl--something I've wanted to do for ages.  Went to a midnight showing of a movie.
what do you plan to do in 2012 that you've never done before?
Go to Europe.  See a Broadway musical in NYC.

what dates in 2011 will be etched upon your memory?
March 19th--seeing Les Misérables on Broadway.  September 4th--aka, the best night of my life.

what's your biggest achievement from this past year?
Getting accepted to staff with TeenPact.  Taking a whole month off of facebook to finish the 1400+ pages of the epic novel Les Misérables.  Improving my photography.

biggest failure?
Not always loving with agape love.

what did you get really excited about?
Getting the part of Emma in Emma (read: lots and lots of screaming).

what song will remind you of 2011?
Joshua Radin's "Brand New Day" because it was the theme of my trip to Chicago, as you can see in the video I made of it.

what were the best books you read?
Les Mis, duh.  Till We Have Faces was challenging and thought-provoking.  The Help for sure.

what was your best musical discovery?
Anthem Lights [insert fangirl scream], Twenty One Pilots, getting hooked more on House of Heroes.  Les Mis (sorry, again, I know), and discovering Newsies hit Broadway.

my darling lil cousin
what movies did you see in theaters?
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesThe Lion King, The King's SpeechX-Men: First Class, Captain America, Thor, The Three Musketeers,  Real SteelThe HelpSherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows.  Just about all of them were pretty awesome.
what movies do you plan to see in theaters?
The Avengers, The Hobbit, Les Mis if it actually comes out.

how would you describe your personal fashion?
Actually, 2011 saw me actually develop a personal fashion--something I did not really have before.  It's cute and chic but classy and not too impractical.  Psh, forget it.  I don't know how to describe it.

what kept you sane?
Valuable friend time.  Talking and opening up to people more.  Adequate amounts of sleep, when they came few and far between.

what was a valuable lesson you learned?
Relationships--friendships--are hard.  They're not simple, and you have to work at them.  But it's worth it.
And God is good.  Always, always good.

What have you learned this past year?  What were some of your greatest moments, achievements, experiences?  And what are some of the special or awesome things you're hoping to do this year?  I'd love to hear.  (:


  1. I loved reading this! I like how your post was like a questionare of your year. ;)

    One thing that I learned this past year was to truly rely on God and trust in His promises to always be with me, and His promises to give me strength. God showed Himself to be continually faithful. For that I am sooooo thankful.
    I also learned that everything that happens is truly for my good, even if I don't understand it at the time. I see that I can take each circumstance and learn to grow from it.

    Once of my greatest moments, achievements etc.
    was when I performed in my first ever theater production. It was sooooo thrilling and a super great experience! I loved it!

    This year I'm hoping to be able to maybe take dancing, or music lessons. I really want to learn to play the cello.

    I hope this year brings many wonderful opportunities your way! May you have a blessed year!


  2. Anthem Lights and fangirl scream? That would be me too!! :) Loved this post! And I'd love to hear more about what you're doing with TeenPact. You're a little ahead of me, but I'm doing my second year this February.

    What did I learn this year? Hmm...I couldn't really say considering I can hardly remember what I did last month. But, most importantly, I learned to wait on God. He taught me that to endure waiting, it takes relying on Him. :)


  3. I love this so much. :) Such an awesome way to sum up 2011. Stealing it to do my own answers in just a document on my computer.

    Also: Starbucks cards. <3

  4. You did a wonderful job packing most of the events of 2011 in one post. =) I've learned that no matter how I feel, God will always be God -- and He'll always love me.

  5. I loved reading your answers! I love Europe and I think you would, too. To what countries would you like to go?

    I pray that although you have not always loved with agape love, you are giving yourself grace. Truthfully, I think that's everyone's biggest failure. But I would hope we don't follow that up with a second-biggest failure of not allowing ourselves grace. We are imperfect, but our God is not, and His strength will see us through.

  6. Ohhh we need to catch up on life soon. :)
    Sayyy tomorrow night, ok? Okay.

  7. this past year was the best of my life. married my best friend. honeymooned in the bahamas and the ozarks. bought our first house. traveled to some fun places.

    i feel like i learned a lot about unconditional love. loving my hubs just the way God made him.


  8. This post is beautiful. Oh, and I read about Sept. 4th, your best night ever. It just filled me with so much joy and excitement! It sounded like such an amazing night; it made me want to shout "Jesus loves me!" too! Haha. ;)

  9. good thoughts!!!!! That dog picture is STUNNING! You got a really nice hard effect. Wow! Sept. 4th was one of my favorite days of the year, too :D

  10. (Ok you're gonna have to deal with me commenting on super old posts cuz I love your blog so much that I'm going back and reading your old posts :)

    *suppressing huge squeal* You like Anthem Lights?!? I always love it when I find a fellow lightbulb! I was so blessed to be able to be taken backstage by the guitarist from Abandon (he's the brother-in-law of a good friend of mine) and hang out with Alan and Caleb. The were sooo nice and down to earth. They were in the middle of their workout, but they stopped to chat with us for a while.

    Ok, I'm done now :)
    -mal :)


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