Monday, January 30, 2012

you hit me like a vision

a winter photo shoot is an absolute necessity when a group of girls are together all weekend and when the sky decides to grace us with a glorious albeit short-lived snow.

cassie, ruthie, megan, and i.  our little emma troupe.  i love them so very, very much.  and it's kinda extraordinary how beautiful they all are.

who am i to tell fate where it's supposed to go?

have you a favorite, dears?  do tell!

xo, jenn

ps--most photos were taken by ruthie, excepting the ones of her, which i did.


  1. I love this. You all are so gorgeous and your new blog design made me smile! :)

  2. oh wordy. I love them all. the third one is gorgeous! you girls are so beautiful!
    lovelovelove the new design. delicious.

  3. You got snow. and had a photoshoot. I die.
    seriously though, y'all are Gorgeous with a capital G! My faves are the 3rd and the 10nth from the top.
    simi//soul sista

  4. p.s. I'm in love with the design :))

  5. What a bunch of beautiful girls you all are! Your smiles are so genuine; it's a joy to look at them. My favorite would have to be twelve, and also sixteen. Your new design is splendid; however, shouldn't "why ou" be "why uo"? Maybe I'm just dyslexic. :)


    1. oh larkin, I cannot tell you how many times I have done that. ;) thank you dear--it's all fixed now!

  6. I really like all the pictures- they are so beautiful!! You all look so pretty!! My favorite picture would be picture # 10 from the top ( the one on the left with you and Cassie) Great pictures!!

  7. Beautiful girls. Stellar photography.

  8. WOW. THESE ARE ALL SO GREAT!!<3 you all are SO GORGEOUSS :P <3

  9. sheesh, these are all gorgeous. your coat is exceptionally fantastic, by the way. I think my favorites are the first black and white one of Cassie (crazy-awesome focus on the eyes) and the first last black and white one of you. you all are so beautiful!

  10. oh--AND. your new design is absolutely scrumptious.

  11. I LOVE numbers 1-fiftygazillion. :) :)

    You are SO beautiful my dear friend, and I'm so happy that you use all your amazing talents to blog, take pictures, design websites and all that stuff! You truly are amazing, and I'm NOT just saying this. You KNOW i don't just say things. ;P Unless I feel really guilty, but even then...I just like profile pictures. ;)

    Gray is like my favorite website background ever, and in the exact shade you have it in. :) :) Well done! huzzah!!

    I LOVE YOU!! again. Like I always say. But, sometimes I need to say it better.

  12. oh my goodness love the pictures! These are so beautiful! You need to send the photographer over my way. I stumbled upon your blog after seeing the link of Janine, a wayfaring girl's, page. Love it!


    P.S. loving the design of your blog. Looks great!

  13. You girls are so cute! Lovely photos.

  14. Love your new blog design!!

    Oh and all the black and whites are my faves ;)

    Thanks for brightening up my day with you fun posts!


  15. love them all. first and second are my favorites. and i love the new blog design, so pretty!

  16. nice pictures! and your new design is wonderful :)

  17. Somewhat odd to be the only guy commenting on this. And for that reason, among others, I shan't list favorites. That would just be creepy. Looks like you had fun though.
    And, even though this sounds very stalkerish in context of this post,
    *watching you*

  18. Now Isaac isn't the ONLY guy!
    Since, we already discussed how creepy it is to "like" more than one photo I'll just say that they're all awesome! I wish I had someone who took that many pics of me LOLOLOL :P

  19. Jennoelle! I gave you a blog award. :)

  20. Gorgeous pictures! Amazing photography. Tenth from the top is my favorite. :)

  21. beautiful! love these shots. lovely job, Jennoelle! :)

  22. You girls are SO pretty! Seriously! By the way, I awarded you so hop on over to my blog and take a look! :)

  23. too beautiful. i said 'wooowwwwww' at every picture. simply amazing.

  24. Loved the post. do come over and see my giveaway!


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