Sunday, February 26, 2012

my hero & my camera

I have a confession to make.  I've never owned a camera in my life.  Well, unless you could those disposable ones I used to carry around when I was eleven.  But nope, not even a simple point-and-shoot.  The photos you've seen on my blog have been taken with my mom's Fujifilm.  It's a nice camera, and honestly, I regularly use it more than she does.

I'm not one of those people who can say in their bio that ever since a camera landed in my hands for the first time when I was eight, I knew what I wanted to do with my life blah blah blah.  When I was little, I thought I wanted to be an interior designer.  (This is why half of me still sighs when I think of decorating a future house.)  And of course, before that, my goal in life was to get married when I was seventeen and have a thousand babies.  I kid you not--my mom can testify to this fact.  Thank goodness my plans have changed.

But over the past several years, I started borrowing my mom's camera more and more.  Photo shoots with friends became normal with me, but to tell the truth, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.  I shot in auto, and I couldn't have told you what aperture was or how my shutter speed would affect my photograph. I just did it for fun, and I loved it.

Fifteen months ago, I started a blog.  I discovered photographers, and I wanted to learn to do that--to take good photographs.  I switched that camera into manual mode and began messing around with settings.  I learned from people like Ruthie, who has honestly been a huge inspiration to me.  (disclaimer: the reason you have heard about Ruthie a lot on my blog is because she is my hero.  the end.)

Well, I've been saving up for a camera for a long, long time.  And then even when I had saved up enough, it took me a long, long time to decide what I wanted.  But finally, on Tuesday, a very good day in the life of Jenn, my camera arrived.  It is a Canon Rebel T3i, and I love it.  (it still needs a name, however.  suggestions?)  Ironically, I didn't get my memory card until two days after my camera, so I was forced to stare at it longingly without taking any pictures with it.  When my card finally came as well, I was ecstatic.

Firsts are rather big with me, so I was determined to take a grand first photo with my brand spankin' new camera.  The following photo in this post is that first one.  I am satisfied.  And then Cassie and I had a wee little photo shoot in the front yard directly (all photos in this post are from that little session).

Friday I went over to Ruthie's house, and we had another wee little photo shoot.  There were two problems with this plan.  One: it was already getting dark.  Two: it was freezing.  We had been having this rather mild weather, so we figured that when we went out into an open field in our dresses and cardigans, we'd be totally fine, right?  Wrong.

The wind was whipping up a storm, and of course then it decided to snow as well.  Our fingers went numb more than once and we were forced to scurry back to the heated car more than once to thaw them.  But it was adventurous, that's for sure.  Oh, and Ruthie posted the few good photos here, if you want to see them.  In fact, please oh please go look, and please oh please comment on Ruthie's little post, because it would make her day, and consequently make my day, and then of course make your day (this it totally how life works, right?).  And I'll give extra brownie points each for doing so.  ;)

Yesterday, after spending the night with Ruthie, I went to a wedding with her.  To photograph it.  As her second shooter.  Yes, I shot my first wedding!  It was small and simple, and it went very smoothly, and I listened to whatever Ruthie dear told me to do, and kept taking pictures until I was quite hungry and begging my friend Zach (who was attending the wedding) to steal bread sticks for me.  I am so, so grateful for the experience (have I ever mentioned that Ruthie is my hero? oh, shooting with her is so much fun).

I spent the remainder of the evening at Chipotle with Ruthie and Zach, all of us being very tired and very funny, if I do say so myself.  And oh, this is getting long.  But need I say it?  I am thrilled to have my own camera at last.  Thrilled.  Already it has been put to good use, and I daresay it will continue to.  (And I really do want name suggestions.)  ;)

Monday, February 20, 2012

sun and snow and love and hope

Sunny snowy days?  Hello gorgeous.  Here in my neck o' the woods, we don't see that all too often.  It is an occasion to be celebrated.
And photographed.

entering this in lucia's black & white love challenge.

One of my favorite quotes/expressions about love is from the musical Les Miserables.  (Are you surprised?)

to love another person is to see the face of God.

It's the last line of the musical, besides a reprise.  God is love, friends.  God is love.

You know that feeling when you have so much going on in your life that you just can't write?  Or the feeling that you have so much going on but so little is happening?  It's overwhelming, and yet it's stifling at the same time.

I'm learning to love hope.  As in, love the hope that hope gives.  Hope in hope.  Cling to it.  Lean on it.  Hope in Jesus.  I have this verse on the wall above my bed:

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."  Romans 12:12

I went on a scavenger hunt through the Bible and tried to find a gazillion verses on hope.  That one stood out to me especially.

I have nothing coherent to say, except that I feel like I need an old-fashioned notebook and pen to write and write and write with abandon.  The only problem is that I'm not quite sure what I want to write about.

I want to fly away.  Or at least get away and read for a little bit.  But my reading these days is limited to college textbooks and facebook statuses, both of which get rather old after awhile.  I need me a good book.  I need me time to read a good book.  I need to read the good Book.

I must get time to think, but I must make sure not to over-think.  There's such a fine balance between the two, you know?

Life can be a strange thing sometimes.  Oh, it's beautiful, but man can it be strange.

ps--but speaking of beautiful, will somebody please obsess with me over the Downton Abbey season finale?  pleasepleaseplease?!
it was SO good.  I was waiting for a dreadful cliffhanger, but it was perfect.  bam.
Matthew = ♥.  Matthew + Mary = ♥♥♥ at last.
when Matthew went at that rat of a Sir Richard, I started cheering, loudly.  and the best line ever:
Sir Richard: "I'm leaving in the morning.  I doubt we'll meet again."
the Dowager Countess: "Do you promise?"
she's my hero.  (:  thoughts??

Friday, February 17, 2012

pin me

There once was a time when a girl browsed the internets for inspiration and beauty, and she would stumble upon a photo that she really-and-truly loved.  She didn't want to lose it for all eternity, but she couldn't bookmark dozens and dozens of pages on her browser--she'd never be able to find her way back to things like that anyway.

What was to be done?  There was only one thing she could do, so she right-clicked, and saved that picture and the many that followed to a collection of folders on her computer.

There came a time when her folders were very full, and she didn't save pictures as much anymore.  But she couldn't bring herself to delete those little treasures, because she still liked them very much.  Surely there was a better way to save and keep track of the little inspiring things on the world wide web?

Enter Pinterest.

End of story.

This girl's life has been revolutionized.  Okay, so maybe it's not all that dramatic, but it is pretty spectacular. And inspired by the idea over at Olivia's blog, I tried to basically describe my life, in pins.  (No really guys, this was just an excuse for me to post a bunch of lovely pins on my blog.)

I got my number down to 25, with the help of my friend Ruthie who was essential in being honest/breaking my heart/telling me which ones just needed to go.  So here you go.  Me, pinned.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest


So that's my life, if it's even possible to condense it like that.  What's yours?