Monday, February 6, 2012

Flannel PJs

Well hello, you fine folks!
It's February!
(I'm just telling you in case you hadn't noticed.  Some people have trouble with those things.)
((Also, I know I'm nearly a week late in telling you this.))


I have this awesome older sister.
She is sweet, attractive, bossy, wonderful, motivated, talented, sassy, hilarious, driven, genuine, and pretty much awesome.

I have this awesome younger brother.
He is sweet, handsome, ornery, awesome, crazy, humorous, rough, funny, and basically one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet.

And then there's me.
Enough said.

Anyway, a couple months ago we teamed up to create our very own little web series of TV shows.  Although we originally intended to do it every week, that proved much too difficult, so for now on we're going to try for once every other week.

  There's only four so far, but I thought you may enjoy watching some of them.
C'mon, you know you would.

Okaaaay, so some of those are slightly embarrassing.

I may or may not post a link when we put new shows up, but in the meantime--what did you think?
Did you have a favorite episode?
A favorite part?
A favorite line?
...a favorite anything?
(If not, go away.)
(If so, tell me.)

Also, feel free to answer the question from our most recent episode (annoying people). could be featured.
Ooh ooh, you'd be famous!

Alrighty, do your best to enjoy your Monday!

that's all folks,
Code Name Strawberries


  1. hahaha....your videos were so funny!! I enjoyed looking at all of them : ) I would have to say my favorite would be the stars video. I liked the part with Orion (the black guy). All of them had a lot of funny parts in them!! Thanks for posting them. looking forward to the next video!!

  2. Oh my gosh, girl! I am in love right now! :)
    All three of you are hilarious! :)
    Keep making videos!

  3. these videos are so my best friend right now. you three are adorable.
    I just want to put you all in my pocket or something. ;-)

  4. This brought me little in the way of new, because I've already seen them all. However, I'll just say that you guys rock. Keep up the Flannel-ness.
    *watching you*

  5. If I liked you before, I love you now Jen...these are awesome!!! Y'all are so hilarious/gorgeous, and I pretty much laughed my head off. Gotta love that last one :)
    xoxo//simi (aka soul sisssta :)

  6. Nice videos Jennoelle! I like the annoying people episode the best! :) Thanks for sharing these!

  7. Ok, you guys are just plain and simple adorable funny and sweet. I enjoyed these; you guys look fun :)


  8. You are my favorite. :) And honestly, I think you four girls sound like the seagulls in Finding Nemo in the end of the annoying people one. I adore you all.

  9. LOOOL it was great!! Please keep making! I like all the commercials you do :-)
    "Ford. Bulit Tough." Crash!
    Kathryn :-D

  10. Lol. Wow, Those were hilarious. :D I can't wait to see more! I love your laughs. :D

    I loved it when you guys did the movie lines... like the Gollum one...yeeaaah. Me and my siblings are movie line fanatics (a.k.a. we memorize and repeat tons of movie lines to each other), so it was fun to see other siblings doing that. ;)

  11. lol! I loved them :) You guys are so funny. I couldn't pick a favorite part because I was laughing at most of it.
    ~Mary Kate

  12. these are all awesome. :) LOVED Orion. it totally makes sense that he'd be black. also, your hair is just amazing.

  13. Ahaha well you just HAD to throw in bossy, didn't you. ;) haha I rewatched all of these... you know tomorrow is MONDAY.


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