Friday, February 17, 2012

pin me

There once was a time when a girl browsed the internets for inspiration and beauty, and she would stumble upon a photo that she really-and-truly loved.  She didn't want to lose it for all eternity, but she couldn't bookmark dozens and dozens of pages on her browser--she'd never be able to find her way back to things like that anyway.

What was to be done?  There was only one thing she could do, so she right-clicked, and saved that picture and the many that followed to a collection of folders on her computer.

There came a time when her folders were very full, and she didn't save pictures as much anymore.  But she couldn't bring herself to delete those little treasures, because she still liked them very much.  Surely there was a better way to save and keep track of the little inspiring things on the world wide web?

Enter Pinterest.

End of story.

This girl's life has been revolutionized.  Okay, so maybe it's not all that dramatic, but it is pretty spectacular. And inspired by the idea over at Olivia's blog, I tried to basically describe my life, in pins.  (No really guys, this was just an excuse for me to post a bunch of lovely pins on my blog.)

I got my number down to 25, with the help of my friend Ruthie who was essential in being honest/breaking my heart/telling me which ones just needed to go.  So here you go.  Me, pinned.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest


So that's my life, if it's even possible to condense it like that.  What's yours?


  1. Great pictures that you have!! I liked the one with the two little girls in the water!! I also like the one right after that with the girl reading the book in a tree!! Great post- the pictures are so neat to look through!!

  2. PIN ALL THE PINS!!!! hahaha (: all of yours are quite inspirational, and i must admit i probably repin them all too much. love you, dear (:

  3. aahh i love them ALL!! :D

    im pretty sure pinterest has taken over the world. (; <3

    p.s. do you make anything?... im looking for sponsors!!

  4. YES. that was my saga, too. pinterest rocks my world. <3
    and these pins are all gorgeous.

  5. The pictures tell a story! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)


  6. I seriously don't know what I would do without inspiration like this from Pinterest...and all these are gorgeous, dear.
    xoxo//the soul sister :)

  7. Oh, how can I not adore ALL of them! The first one is quite gorgeous, though. Love the text. :) I tried this, too, and it took me forever to choose my pins. It's much harder then it sounds!

  8. that one with the train, and the one of the magical fairy dust flying out of the book? epic! I think I'm following you on Pinterest already, but I'll double check to make sure :)

  9. I would love to get a pinterest account, but sadly, I don't have a facebook or twitter... And if I'm correct, I would need one of those to get a Pinterest, right?

    1. hmm, I'm pretty sure that you can do it with just your email address. I mean, you can definitely connect it to your facebook and/or twitter, but I have both of those and don't have either connected to my pinterest account. so I'd try it! it's amazing. (:


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