Friday, March 16, 2012

as of late

You could alternately title this post: "In which I try to join the instagram trend without having instagram."  Or even more bluntly: "I'm going to throw a bunch of random crummy cell phone pics at you."  Nonetheless, while I remain iPhone-less and thus instagram-less, this is the best you or I shall get of the random snapshots of my life.  C'est la vie.  (I've been doing a lot of French homework...that may or may not be affecting my mood.)

Guess what, folks?  I'm on spring break!  Yippee, hoorah, woohoo, and all those other celebratory phrases.  It's been a crazy few weeks leading up to the end of this quarter, which explains and hopefully excuses my longer-than-usual absence.  My life has recently consisted of studying the extensive notes I always end up taking (and doodling of course), organizing the gazillions of college emails that keep making their way to my inbox (I don't think I've read one), driving downtown again and again (and again), and talking to more people on campus than I usually do (or at least I feel that way...hmm).

With our pathetic excuse of a winter, I always foretold a blizzard in March.  We usually seem to get a bunch of awful weather this month anyway.  Well I'm more than happy to say that I think (and hope) I'm wrong.  It has been gloriously warm and sunny and breezy...I wish it would stay like this through the summer, because humidity doesn't do much for me, or my hair.  Hah.  I'm going to a wedding tomorrow though (on St. Patrick's Day!), and I'm planning on it being fantastically beautiful outdoors.

Belle's hair came off! hahhaha oh my.  she isn't nearly as attractive bald, is she? 

Like I said, I'm forever driving downtown, and not only to campus.  Last weekend, Cassie and I told Brooke and Tess that we were going to have a spontaneous photo shoot (...the the dark...without my camera...downtown...) so they had better get dressed up.  We were literally on the sidewalk of the theatre before Brooke read the sign and and started yelling, "Ballet!  It says ballet!"  (She pronounces it bal-let literally, not the "fancy French way" was so cute.)

So yes, we surprised the little sisters and took them to see the Sleeping Beauty ballet, which we all enjoyed immensely.  Seriously, every time I go to that theatre I am reminded why it is one of my favorite places in the world--my happy place.  And it's funny for me, since I've been to several ballets there--I recognize many of the dancers from the company.

me + Tess at the lovely, marvelous theatre               me + Brooke randomly in my living room

Now that I'm posting awful cell phone pictures *ahem* I think I might as well update you about my legit camera's name.  Bert beat out Courfeyrac solidly in the polls (probably because no one can pronounce it...hehe), and that's definitely what I was leaning towards anyway.  So, Bert it is!  Or as my sister would call him: Bert-bert-bert--"because there must be three syllables."  (It's really funny if you say it out loud...)

These are my adorable new shoes.  They're only rip-offs of Sperrys, but I love them a lot.  I...may or may not have gotten seven new pairs of shoes last week.  *cheesy grin*  I never do that.  In my defense, there were good sales, plus my mom had a substantial coupon, plus I really did need some new shoes.  I will show you a photo sometime, but I also got a pair of--guess what?--red heels!  That's an item off the bucket list.  They are epic.

So since I've been sporadically gone for awhile, I think I'm entitled to interrogate you all.  Yes?  Yes.
Do you like the downtown area of wherever you live?
Have you worn/bought any splendid shoes lately?
Do you have any glorious plans for spring break?
Do you have a favorite place in the world/a happy spot? (you should get one.)
Isn't spring the best season ever?

I'm sorry, but if you answer no to that last one, you and I probably can't be friends.  I was meant for spring. I mean, I have my half-birthday during this season, so that counts for something, right?  So...just don't tell me  if you disagree and thus break my little heart, okay?  Okay good.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


  1. Spring is phenomenal. College emails are annoying. Those shoes are awesome. You probably didn't need 7 new pairs of shoes. Little can be said for Downtown Centerburg. I haven't worn any new shoes lately, but I re-laced mine in a new exotic way. Yes, I have wonderful plans for Spring break. Yes, I have a happy spot. And yes, spring is wonderful.

  2. I know how you feel with the college emails - there just isn't enough time in the world to read them all, but I'm also too lazy to unsubscribe to every single one :) I love your phone pictures!
    okay, I like being interrogated:
    1. yes, I love it!
    2. hmm. my sparkly silver converse are always a favorite :)
    3. college visits. I went on my first one today! incidentally, the school has never sent me an email...
    4. the beach, always.
    5. YES YES YES! spring makes me happy.

  3. The downtown where I live is quite small and a bit disappointing, but there's one block that is simply heavenly!

    I just bought a pair of Fair Trade, handmade shoes from Osborn Designs and I am madly in love with them...really, I am!

    Spring break for me will be spent competing at a speech and debate tournament, which is perfectly fine with me; I love competing!

    My favorite place in the world is Boston. I visited last summer and I think I shall move there someday. Around here, though, it's a spot in my yard, under a couple fruit trees...beautiful.

    YES! Spring is the best season! It's wonderful because we get bits of summer, and bits of fall and even, sometimes, bits of winter, all rolled into one glorious season!

  4. My favorite shoes are flat, blue, and lacy. With round toes. Kind of a lace TOMs knockoff. I think I got them for a $1.97 at K-mart. I only splurge on cheap shoes. ;) They make me super happy.
    Spring is the best! I love it soso much. It makes me exceedingly & ecstatically happy. No other season can compete. :D
    My spring break begins . . . now! No fabulous plans, I think we're just going to fly by the seat of our pants. It should be lovely.

  5. I do enjoy the downtown area where I live. I don't go there much...but it's a neat place!

    I, unfortunately, haven't boughten any new shoes lately. And I'm such a shoe lover too. Your shoes are very cute, though.

    My spring break was actually last week. And it was lovely. My birthday was during the break, which made it even better!

    Hm hm, a favorite place... Does my hometown count? Like my bedroom? Haha! It's where I like to chill out and relax.

    Spring is a great season, I must admit. :)

    Have a lovely day!


  6. We're in the same boat since I'm iphone-less too :) Downtown is one of my favorite places at night, and spring is the BEST SEASON EVER. So we can stay friends :) xo//le soul sister (yep. I was just doing French homework too. hehe;)

  7. So glad you're enjoying your break! (no, I don't have one). And I literally said Bert three times aloud. Hah. Oh, I cannot believe you got red heels! It's awesome! Pictures, please.
    Hm, I can't say we have a legit downtown area here, but I do enjoy "going to town." Oh, and my birthday is in spring, so of course I love it!! Yay, we're still friends. :)

  8. I don't really like the downtown of the closest city (I'm a country girl), and the closest town doesn't really have a downtown... But another town closeby has a very small and sweet downtown, almost like Mayberry :)

    I didn't really get any new shoes, but I did get an amazing pair of Vera Bradley flip-flops.

    My spring break is over, and it just so happened that I wasn't feeling well that week :/

    Favorite place in the world? That would be my home. I love going outside in the springtime and taking a walk around my house, the cornfield, and through the woods :)

    Spring is amazing! Though, summer is my favorite season. But spring is my second.

  9. You were meant for spring? Har har har. ;)

    and HEY! bring me back something from Florida, okay? Liiiiiike, a beach shell or something. ;P Idk. Haha!!

  10. Yes, I do like the downtown of where I live, though I haven't been there in a while. I haven't bought any shoes very recently, but I did get a top and belt today! I don't really have many plans for the rest of this spring break, just relaxing and enjoying my time off school. I don't think I have a specific happy place, does my house count maybe? And as for spring, it's not my favourite season, but it's my second! :)

  11. The downtown area of Suzhou, China is pretty darn cool, and I enjoy heading over there quite a lot.
    New Shoes? Yes, I just bought a new pair of black (I don't know what you would call them) shoes. They're are super cute and I'm thinking about getting two more pairs :) Your new shoes are adorable.

    Spring is THE best... especially the beginning of it!
    Wonderful post :)

    xx, Annie.

  12. 1. yes.
    2. yes. my four or five inch purple heels!
    3. my spring break was two weeks ago and i worked.
    4. yes! my blue sphere chair.
    5. ahh. i want to say yes - i love it when the weather grows warmer and everything springs to life again {pun unintentional}, but my allergies get so bad! plus i love summer. and i also love fall. so i guess i don't really have an answer to this question right now, haha.


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