Thursday, March 8, 2012

crazy life

So.  Life has been crazy good and crazy bad, but mostly just crazy.  Especially this past week, with preparation for exams, completing final projects, the above spontaneous mini photo shoot with my friend Aubrey, and two surprise parties in one weekend.  I realize I went on an impromptu blogging leave of absence, but sometimes sacrifices must be made for my education (and, uhm, social life).

Honestly, it's been good to have a short break.  I've been sorely lacking in...I'm not going to say inspiration.  Rather, I've been lacking in time to pay attention to inspiration.  And in the meantime, I've been living life.  I've actually had a pretty fantastic week (this may or may not be because I got 8 new pairs of shoes...most of which I will sadly have to return...).  But some highlights:

+01.  My little brother turned 16.  SIXTEEN.  Gee whiz, folks, how did that happen?  I was just 16!  Of course we threw a surprise party for him.  We stuffed a bunch of boys in his room, so when he opened the door after coming home--heart attack moment.  The look on his face was priceless.

So, funny thing...Grant has commented on my blog all of three times in its existence, and only then when I force him to (though he insists he looks at it alllll the time.  ha.).  To give you an idea of his sense of humor, here are those three comments:

Yeah.  I love that kid.

+02.  Last weekend, I discovered something.  Namely, that I want a gibbon.  I want a gibbon a lot.  I was almost crying over how adorable they are (speaking of which, has anyone ever seen the video of Kristen Bell freak out over that sloth?).  I have no idea where this came from because I really don't like monkeys all that much,'s true love, guys.  I think they are officially the cutest thing on the planet.  Proof: here and here and here and here and here and here.  <squeal!>  Oh my, I'm obsessed with them.

+03.  Several of the boys at Grant's party kept asking to use my camera.  My reaction to that was something along the lines of "in your dreams."  No way a romping set of boys gets to handle my baby.

My baby, by the way, remains nameless, sadly...I just can't settle for anything less than perfection.  I'm actually trying to decide between two different ones: Bert (like Mary Poppins' Bert), and Courfeyrac (obscure-ish Les Mis character).  I know!  I shall put up a poll on the sidebar, and you all must vote.  I'm not going to tell you which way I'm leaning until you do.

+04.  I have so many plans for the spring--things I want to do, places I want to go...I hope it all falls into place.  For now, I'm just really looking forward to spring break, which comes with the conclusion of my last final next Thursday, a week from today.  can. not. wait.

Speaking of spring...I mean, forgive me for asking, but what happened to winter?  It seems wrong to be seeing and feeling and talking of spring when we hardly had a winter at all.  But hey--I'm not complaining.  Sure, it's raining now, but I've seen the first flowers sprouting up in the yard, and while that seems a bit premature, it makes me very, very happy.

+05.  Happiness = spring.  Happiness = coffee dates with friends.  Happiness = knowing the first day of shooting for the Les Mis film started.  Happiness = running into friends on campus.  Happiness = sunshine, and rain too.  Happiness = crazy, crazy life.

Alright, enough of my ramblings.  Have a lovely weekend.  :)

ps--I'm a finalist in this photo challenge if you want to click over and vote for me.  my name is incorrectly spelled "Jenoelle" on the sidebar poll...grrr.  heheh but that'd be fantastic!


  1. A few observations here.
    1. Yes, Grant nearly had a heart-attack. I should know, as I was the first one to assault him.
    2. You had better name that camera from Les Mis!!!
    3. I'm not so sure about Gibbons, and I don't know who Kristen Bell is, but I do know this.

    *watching you*

    1. that is Kristen Bell! hahah and that video is made from her actual interview, here. so hilarious. :)

  2. Your brother's crazy funny :)

  3. Happy birthday to your brother! He's hilarious!! Great post!!

  4. Haha, your brother sounds just like mine! And I totally know what you mean about your camera. My bro's friends want to play with my camera--and there's no way I'm ever letting that happen!

  5. I ♥ your scarf. I'm a huge scarf fan. :)


  6. How do you say the name from Les Mis? I'm not going to vote until I know how to say the name. :)

    1. it's like coor-fah-rack (or for me, I end up dropping the R so it sounds like coo-fah-rack). :]

  7. Bert-Bert-Bert. Three syllables. First, middle, and last name. Best idea EVER. :D

  8. whattt? I made it to your blog??? no way. no way. no way. *panic attack* millions of jennoelle fans looking at my face... ahhhh. ahhhh. ahhhh.

  9. Happy birthday to Grant! My brother just turned 16 too. Can you believe it? Driving age! Ah!


    P.S. Thanks so much for your lovely comment over on my blog. :)

  10. yeah so, I do the same thing with reading a post and then not commenting until I've read it again a few times. ;)

    love the pictures--especially the black&white one.

    the Kristen Bell video--YES. I love it. so hilarious and awesome. you should definitely get a gibbon. :)


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