Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the best week yet

I was telling one of my friends that last week was just the most incredible week ever, and she told that I have too many of those "most incredible weeks."  Well...maybe so.  But hey, I'm totally okay with replacing an amazing week with a yet more amazing week, and if that amazing week gets replaced in the future, so be it.  So last week was the best week--yet.

that photo on the left? it's going to be johnny's official photo when he's famous.

You've heard me talk about TeenPact, probably.  In a nutshell, it's a government and leadership class/hands-on crash course in government in and around your state capitol and participating in mock process of what our government actually does (elections, legislature, etc.).  But besides that, beyond that, above that, TeenPact is centered on Jesus.  Our motto is "changing lives to change the world."  It's raising up informed, impacting young people to be leaders in our country for God.

garrett literally fell out/down right after that last photo... heheh.

One of the ways TeenPact puts that into practice is through its class staff--all of which are former students and usually between 16 and 20ish.  It's young people that have caught the vision and want to return to lead and impact more students with TeenPact.  I did TeenPact as a student for two years--as a first-timer and as an alumni.  This year, I was honored to be accepted as a staffer for my state class.

It was incredible.

In my personal opinion, it's basically impossible not to have fun at TeenPact as a student.  Sure, you're pushed out of your comfort zone, and you have to do a heck of a lot of walking in heels, but it's the best experience ever by the end of it.  Working as staff was just the coolest thing because it was like being there and doing it, but seeing it all behind the scenes, and actually making it happen.

our perfect semi-awkward-looking "let's pretend we like each other" pose ;)

When it came down to it, staffing was remarkably simple.  That isn't to say that there aren't stretches that must be made and obstacles to be overcome, and it isn't to say that we don't strive for excellence in whatever we do, but you do it and then it's done.  It was full and fun, and crazy and exciting, and surprising and impacting, memory-filled and over all just good.  I got to see the students grow, and grow along with my fellow staffers too.  That's the crazy thing--that all the staffers are kinda thrown together and pretend to be friends even if we've never met before.  And yet there's this connection between all of us, like we know we're friends right away.  It's the neatest thing to work along with these people.

Baah I can't say enough.  Just get yourself to a TeenPact class pronto.  You won't regret it.

I also learned two things during the camp sessions: one, that I would not make a very good worship leader, because I would just want to keep singing forever.

And two, on a more serious note, how absolutely important absolutes are.  Like, absolute truths.  It's something that has been more or less slapping me in the face for a couple weeks now--and it basically boils down to God.  If there is no God, there are no absolute rights and wrongs.  The world likes that.  People can do what they want, believe what they want, think what they want.  Truth is relative.  If, however, there is God, we have absolute truths, absolute rights and wrongs.  The world doesn't like that very much, but one of the speakers during our state class put it this way: we as Christians are privileged to hold certain opinions.  Namely, that God tells us rights and wrongs, and we have the honor and the duty to hold true to those.  It's rather macroscopic in proportions to think about, but gee whiz is it significant.

staff dinner on our last day

Besides that, I just gained a deeper appreciation for people--not only our leaders but everyone around me.  It's crazy how the smallest thing I do has the potential to impact someone else so much.  I'm so challenged to live more purposefully.

Over the past weekend (which has been one of the weirdest of my life), I've been mentally trying to figure out things about myself.  Now I have all these crazy questions about possibly staffing with TeenPact in the future and what that would mean with regards to college and yikes I should have my life planned out...but I don't.  And that's okay.  Because it's in God's hands.

And God is good.

Just like last week was good.  Really really good.  Yeah.

♥♥, Jenn


  1. Wow, that looks like such a wonderful experience! I've never heard of a Teenpact on this island, which is really too bad because it looks like such a wonderful experience! :) Love the 6th photo. That architecture is beautiful! :)

    1. I know there is TeenPact in Hawaii, because one of my friends was lucky enough to go out there and staff it. (: if it was me, I would have visited you. (: and yes--the arch is part of an old railway station, I believe.

  2. Ooh if there is one thing I hate it's when people pull the moral-realitivism card. We need a Compass, people!

    You're trip looks like it was fantastic, and I am so glad there are young people like you and your friends who are passionate about such things. It really is inspiring to me to see other young people with zealous hearts for the Lord.


  3. Looks like so much fun! Those are some great pictures, too.(:

  4. I know a bunch of people who have attended TeenPact, but I never have had all that much interest in going... but I may have to change my mind! =)

  5. Teen-pact is Awesome if you haven't gone, I recommend it!

  6. I love your blog! I am a new follower! It is so beautiful and full of originality! Keep it up!


    Follow me

  7. please don't tempt me.

    there is no such awesomesauce club/organization/thingy on this little Bahamian island. At all.

    teenpact looks amazingly amazing thoo and I shall tame my inner beast of jealousyy for your sake. fortunately i get to secretly and vicariously experience the whole thing through these shots. :]

  8. So I'm pretty much just commenting on here because I know it will make you happy.

    As usual, I have nothing legitimate to say.
    Besides the fact that I love you. Which is totally legitimate. :) I LUFF YOU JEFFIIFFLUUEER!

  9. That sounds like so much fun! And I love all the pictures! Especially the black and white on the right under the second big photo. You guys look like you could be a part of some mystery teen drama show with your business suits and all. Great post! :)

  10. WOW! I love the pictures!! #3 and #5 are my favorites!!

  11. I couldn't agree with you more!!! Last week was SO amazing and it was so encouraging to see God work in all of our lives. It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to staff with you! I pray we'll have an opportunity to do it again! God is SO good!

  12. Wow!Looks like a great experience and it's the first time I have heard of TeenPact

  13. I love these photos, how everyone in the pictures looks so ready to accomplish great things but how they also know how to have fun. : ) sounds like a really great experience!!!

  14. wow! love these pictures. lol, I so know what you mean about the whole best week ever thing! yeah. all the time.

  15. Oh my, your posts are always so amazing and inspiring! I think your blog is one of my top two favorite blogs. Wow, keep on posting like you do. I wanna learn how. =)


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