Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm on board.

first two shots sooc. third taken by my brother.

Have you ever had that feeling where you just really want to be content and grateful and happy, but you keep running into a ditch?  It's hard sometimes.

My best friend moved to Texas.  Ruthie--I know you've heard me talk about her.  She got a spectacular job offer and she is going to be spectacular down there and I'm so very happy for her, but she just moved thirteen hundred miles away from me.  And wow, I'm going to miss her.

The very day after I returned from Florida for an intense and incredible spring break, a new quarter started at my college.  You see, I was really hoping that spring would be my easy quarter, because I have so, so much going on (which is mostly fabulous stuff, by the way).  But with restrictions in courses and scheduling and credits, I ended up registering for four classes--the most I've ever had.  And to top that off, I have afternoon/evening classes this quarter, which means none of my nights during the week are free. frustrating and difficult.

But a week and then two passed, and I began to realize that I am actually very blessed in what came my way this quarter.  I may have more classes, but French 101 is easy, Vocal Technique is exciting, and Computer Design has next to no homework.  Plant Biology...we won't talk about the fact that my professor is super hard to understand and I just don't care for plants.  At all.  But there even ended up being a great lady for me to work with in labs (to say my mind is not scientifically-oriented is the understatement of the century).  I only have class three times a week, whereas in the past I've had four.

No, I am not always a happy person.  That first part of the quarter I was not very pleased.  But then I realized: be grateful for what you have.  I can't tell you how many times I question this crazy college deal.  My last years of high school would be incredibly easy, laid-back, and stress-free if I wasn't going to college full-time.  But hey, I should be so thankful that I have this opportunity to save myself time and money.  And I am, truly--it's just hard to see the big picture sometimes.

This weekend has been a sit-back-and-look-at-the-big-picture time.  I've been able to think and focus and prepare.  Pro-life outreach at my own campus.  Worship/message/service for college students.  Applebees with cheese sticks--oh, and friends too.  Singing a lot, and listening to Les Mis a lot.  My first official senior shoot with my friend Olivia.  Planning information/schedules/travels/visits for a rather grand trip (I'm telling you, my spring is crazy good)--don't worry, you'll hear more about it later (do I use parantheses and dashes and slashes too much?).  Dinner with my mom and sisters.  Buying tickets to see Newsies on Broadway in New York City at the end of the month (cannot contain my excitement!).  Mentally/physically preparing for TeenPact, which I'm super excited to staff all of this week.

I have so many opportunities and ambitions and adventures stretched before me, waiting.  I know God has a path for me.  I'm not saying it's easy, and I'm not saying it's clear.  Most of the time, it's neither.  I still don't like having late classes, and I can't believe my best friend just moved halfway across the country.  But with what I have, I'm blessed.  This life is beautiful right now.  It has its potholes and detours and ditches, but the bumps in the road haven't thrown me off yet.  It's still a beautiful ride.  And I'm so very grateful to be on board.


  1. The pictures are pretty! :)
    College will get easier!

    ♥ Kari ♥

  2. sooo...about that trip. lol. wink wink and all that bally stuff.
    wow. sounds like your start of spring has been crazy-amazing. LOVE these pictures darling!

  3. Have a great TeenPact week! :) You're going to go far girl, I know it. This post really blessed me, because I've been struggling with some similar stuff. Thanks!
    p.s. Emailing you soon!

  4. I completely know what you mean about the difficulty of staying perpetually grateful and happy--because the truth is that often things happen that make it hard to be thankful! I also can sympathize with you about your friend moving to best friends moved to Texas last year too :((.
    I just know that God has an amazing plan for your life, dear! Keep trusting Him :) xx.
    simi//soul sister

  5. I totally feel you! I'm doing dual-enrollment too, and although my life is insane right now it'll be worth it in the long run. I hope you finish your semester well and that goes quick!

  6. Awesome attitude! Sometimes we all need to just do that. Sit back and really look at the bigger picture. Because every bump in the road will be well worth the trip! Great post and photos! :)

  7. I just stumbled upon your lovely blog, and am so glad that I did :) You seem like a busy lady, but it'll all be worth it in the end :)

  8. Aw, so terribly sorry that your best friend is so many miles away! It's so hard when those special people leave. Oh, and those college classes sound so crazy-busy! You're so brave, relaly. I can't wait to hear more about the Broadway musical! How exciting!
    And I will be replying to that email soon, promise. :)

  9. You're going to New York City?!?!? That's awesome. I always wanted to go there. :) You should take pictures of EVERYTHING. :D I really love those pictures! I've never been to college, but I can imagine that it's tough. :(

  10. hey chickadee (my new nickname for you), did you get my email? my emails sometimes spaz out, so I'm just double-checking.

  11. AAH! i just discovered your blog and i do love it :) i so do get this post, almost like i'm reading pieces of my own mind. and your photography, i love it.

  12. ps. love your message that comes up when we comment, haha. :D

  13. great post! made me think a lot, which is good.


  14. I LOVE that last picture(: tooooo gorgeous!!

  15. These pictures are so cool, especially the last one! :) New follower!


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