Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NYC :: part i

It started with a desire to see the city, of course.  But when I heard that the newly-staged version of one of my favorite movies, Newsies, had made it to Broadway for a limited amount of time, I just had to get to New York somehow.  Cassie and I talked with a couple friends...actually quite a few friends that we knew may be interested in making a roadtrip with us.  And it ended with Chris and Caitlin.  Caitlin is a dear and nothing else, a wonderful friend of ours, and Chris is her older brother (because of course my mom was not okay with three girls gallivanting about NYC by themselves).  It took a lot of meeting and messaging and figuring out, but eventually it fell together, and the four of us found ourselves on the way to the Big Apple.

Those of you that follow me on twitter know how long this post was in coming--trust me, I had so many photos to go through.  My memory card was filled up on the first day...whoops.  (Of course, I was taking videos too.)  But here we are at last--our full and fun New York roadtrip weekend.  I'm going to bombard you with photos.  You were warned.

Chris stayed with a couple just outside of the city, and Cassie, Caitlin, and I were able to stay right in the city in the apartment of a friend that goes to school there.  Carrying all of our luggage from the bus stop through the city to the building was...probably amusing to watch, but not one of the highlights of the trip.  Let's just say I have a tendency to over-pack.

We got there earlier than we were expecting to the first day, so in the evening we were able to walk around downtown, scout out all the Starbucks around (one on every block. literally.), and get something to eat.

We set off bright and early in the morning to do the city, typical tourists that we are.

And uh, we definitely went the completely wrong way.   And Cassie, who is generally very good with directions, was wrong for once, and a random stranger passed by us as we were trying to convince her and promptly said, "She doesn't know what she's talking about.  Don't listen to her."  Funniest thing ever.

Cassie was very distraught when she realized she had been proven wrong and said random stranger was right.

So we retraced our steps, seeing exciting things like Newsies posters (!), lion statutes, and cute little girls in coats that I of course took creeper pictures of.

At last we came to Grand Central Station, which of course coincidentally we had already passed by.  Or maybe we hadn't...I don't remember.  We were kind of okay with getting lost.  Anyway, it was a lovely shade of blue inside and quite bustling and it felt like we should be in a movie.  At least I thought so.

Meet Chris's iPhone.  I cannot tell you how many times that thing saved us direction-wise during this trip.

Chris also thought that it was necessary to do something very daring and memorable while in Grand Central Station, and thus he decided to slide down a bannister in a very sophisticated way.

Then we had to head downstairs to get our metro passes for the weekend.  Figuring out how to work that out was quite the adventure.

At last, we came to the New York Public Library, which we also passed countless times during the weekend, and which was beautiful and very, very grand.

Aaand in which I took a photo in a forbidden area, and even managed to capture the sign saying so.  Cool place though, no?  I could stay there for hours.

Then out we went to figure out where we were and where to get food.  We ended up stopping for New York style pizza--and geez the slices were huge.  So, so good.  Walking makes me hungry, folks.


And we kept walking, and seeing buildings, and laughing, and feeling stylish, and trying to figure out where we were (there was a lot of that).

At one point while we were talking, I said a random French phrase to Caitlin (because I do that from time to time), and this girl walking in front of us turned around and looked at me and then started whispering with her friends.  Apparently in French.  Yeah.  I didn't speak French very loudly after that.  Though I did speak in a British accent with no shame for the better part of the weekend.


And then there was Times Square.

Times Square...I'm not sure how to describe it.  It's not at all what you expect, and yet everything it should be.  Being there made me realize just how difficult it is to get those postcard-perfect photos.  It was so big and loud and and bright and energetic.  So...full.

There were characters dressed up and walking around, street artists on display, and people going every which way while the screens flashed and buildings rose to the sky.  Edward Scissorhands made a move for my hair and I had to duck.  Oh, and there was a huge-huge-huge Avengers poster.  That never hurts.  Neither does natural sunflare.

We knew we'd be back through Times Square, so we didn't spend a whole lot of time there.  What we did do, of course, was shopping.  Mostly browsing, but in all the fancy-pants New York stores, it was still a blast.

Caitlin bought a dress.  It is adorable.  She is adorable.  The end.

 Chris found a pair of creeper-shades.  I'm not sure if adorable is the word for him.

So we passed Times Square and kept walking and walking and walking and walking like we did all weekend, really.

And sooner or later, we came to Central Park.  Caitlin and Cassie found this worth celebrating.

And of course they made me take pictures of all of them.  Chris's go-to line for the weekend whenever I would look down to change my settings was, "Just turn on the flash."  No.  No that's actually not the solution to everything.  After I yelled at him the first time, he said it just to annoy me, so by the end we all were saying as a joke.

Central Park itself was undergoing renovations of some sort, and the part we were in (which wasn't a very large part, in reality) was rather disappointingly unspectacular.  Nonetheless, this ended up being one of the greatest times of the trip.  We all took turns playing this crazy game called Kadima and looking like idiots awesome people laughing and hitting a ball around the park.  And then we just anchored ourselves to a rock and hung out and talked and sat and tweeted and rested in the sun for a bit.  It was a refreshing break from all the crazy running we did otherwise.

We kept walking.  We saw the Empire State Building--not all that pretty if you don't mind me saying so.

Also, we unknowingly crashed a wedding.  We were visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral, and there just happened to be a bridal party walking out at the moment we got in there.  Open to the public, obviously.  Bucket list item fulfilled?

Then, we went to dinner.   After we found our way, of course.  Chris works for this super nice man who decided to buy us all dinner...even though he was in LA at the time.  So with his blessing, we sought out a super fancy restaurant and ate in style.

This was also one of the highlights of the trip.  We sat in that restaurant for hours, having every kind of deep discussion about friendships and relationships and God and was wonderful.  I'm pretty sure our waiter hated us, but the cooks that served our food were hilarious and very sweet.  We stayed even longer over dessert and tea and just got to hang out and talk.  Pretty great.

By this time, my poor little camera Bert was dying slowly but surely, because apparently I have absolutely no concept of rationing my battery throughout the day.  Thus, the few nighttime Times Square pictures I was able to snap as we walked back were done very quickly.  Guys, Times Square is pretty spectacular at night.  I wish I could have captured it better.

So yes.  I shall be sure to share the rest of our trip with you soon!  And there was evening and there was morning: the first day.

(: ♥♥


  1. I am NOT happy with you, Jenn. How could you not have invited ME? your soul sister??? :) Okay, so I'm just kidding, but these photos are spectacular, dear! Looks like y'all had a ton of fun :) xx.

  2. I enjoyed this, and I want to visit NYC now.

  3. SO cool! Jealous! These are amazing pictures :D

  4. Ohmyword! NYC looks fantastic--but your adventures cracked me up (especially the little incident when you randomly said the thing in French and the French people started chattering). And British accents are the best, no?

    Sound's like you had fun!

  5. Oh my goodness HOW CRAZY?! My family and I are making plans to visit NYC this summer! We were just talking about it today, too! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun - you're making me want to visit the place even more. ;) The Newsies?!?! I loved that movie! Haha, and before I saw this post, I was looking on the Broadway musicals website and saw it was showing.

    xo, maryrachel

    ps. i pinned your photo of the empire state building, despite it's "not-so-prettiness" ;)

  6. Oh wow! Everything looks absolutely spectacular! I'm so glad you had an amazing time, Jenn. Thanks for sharing your pictures and funny stories. Looking forward to part two!


  7. BLARGH I am SO jealous! I mean, I've been to NYC before, but both times I was little and all I can remember is that my feet hurt from walking too much. Definitely need to go back there. especially with my camera! You took some amazing shots! :)
    British accents are the best... once I started speaking in a British accent on the first day of our vacation, and I literally couldn't stop all week. It was so funny!

  8. Ahh I'd LOVE to go to NYC, but these pictures will have to do for now :) They're beautiful! And I'm totally jealous you got to see Newsies. On Broadway. Not fair. Anyways, the closest I'll ever get to that is seeing Mamma Mia! at the Orpheum in Memphis. I bet it was amazing though! :)

  9. WOW that's was a lot of pictures! LOL
    I can't even tell you which were my favorites!
    I can't wait for part 2!

    (will you come visit me soon?)

  10. man, I loved looking through all of these pictures. it must have been a blast! you looked like you had way too good of a time. oh wordy! you and your sister are simply gorgeous!

  11. wow!! you got to go to new york? that's def on my places to travel. lucky!

  12. Wow I loved reading this and looking at all your amazingly awesome pictures! I've always wanted to go to NYC, and now seeing your pics makes me wanna jump on a plane and go there right now! I can't wait for part 2!!

  13. I LOVE New York. My family is from Jersey, right outside NYC, so I say it's in my blood :) Mom was saying the other day, "So, what do you want to do for your golden birthday?" and I said, "Let's go to New York." And later she said, "Well, we should probably start thinking about what we want to do for your graduation." And I said, "I know! Let's skip the ceremony and go to New York!" lol :)

    Awesome pictures...looks like a blast. Can't wait for the rest!


  14. I gasped at a couple of pictures - you are spectacular. I want to go there so badly, more than anything in the world. I love you, and this post.

  15. AMAZING photos!! Everything looks awesome. Y'all look like you had a blast! :)

  16. Wow. You look like you had a marvelous time. I love how your pictures chronicle an entire day. Visit New York City is on my bucket list... *sigh*

  17. wow. love, love, love this post. can't wait for part 2!

  18. Why oh WHY did you post the duck face picture?? HMMMM???

  19. Ooo- I have yet to visit NYC (even though I'm just in Connecticut!) We just took a day trip to Boston ( a few weeks ago... And I guess all cities are kinda the same :)

    Looks like ya'll had an awesome time! You are all so cute :) Love all the pictures! ♥


  20. Ohmygosh, so gorgeous! It makes me want to visit New York right now. Your photography is perfect and your writing makes me laugh! I will be back!

  21. After seeing your posts about Europe and NYC, I am dying to travel! Your NYC experience seems like a lot more fun than mine - when I went it was raining and cold, and my shoes and skinny jeans were drenched. It's hard to see the city from under an umbrella, but it was fun anyway :) And I must be one of the few people who can say that they walked around NYC for a day and never even laid eyes on the Empire State Building :)
    -mal :)


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