Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Abigail | senior portraits (& other news)

Before we proceed, I thought I might as well tell you some exciting things that have happened recently.  Okay?  Okay.

-one of my friends gave me a ride on his motorcycle.
-my sister graduated.
-Jack Hanna was at the grad ceremony with a live uncaged cheetah that I really wanted to pet.
-I performed my final song in my vocal technique class--"On My Own" from Les Mis.
-my friend Andrew directed this amazerifying music video that I've kinda had on replay. seriously, go watch it. the song and the video are so legit.
-with all that's going on, I have been suffering from a severe lack of sleep.
-lack of sleep does great things for my humor, but not-so-great things for my grammar.

Okay, moving on.

You want to know an exciting feeling?  
When you're a photographer--when you're growing into your photography and you're really starting to consider yourself one and feel comfortable with that title--and you one day look at your images and realize...hey, you really like what you create.  
Yeah.  That's a really good feeling.  

You want to know an awkward feeling?  Quote yourself.

These are a set of images I'm proud of, and I'm proud of this girl who I've known... oh... forever-ish?  She is truly beautiful inside and out, and I'll give her full credit for half the creativity and inspiration behind this shoot--she really made it her own.  The best thing about photographing your friends?  You can honestly wonder around town wherever and just command them to freeze when you want to take a photo.  Not that I'd ever do that...

Abigail's grad party was last weekend, and it was so exciting for me to see my images printed and passed out for the first time.  It's literally thrilling.  That's my art, and people like it.  And better still, I like it.  And that just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

ps--so you know that little going to France news?  yeah.  I leave tomorrow.  so if I seem like I'm extra hard to get a hold of during all of June, ya know, that's why.  see you all in a month!


  1. love the ones of her and the books! oh, and yes, I did send you a letter...it should have gotten to you by now. (although, I do admit I was a bit late in getting it out--sorry! I've been super busy over the last few weeks.)
    love you, jenn!

  2. ohmygoshness, she is gorgeous. I'm seriously fighting off pangs of jealousy.

    great shots, dear! i love them all; i wish you could do my seniors...

    1. P.S. I absolutely LOVE the new design. Hannah is amazing, non?

  3. Great pictures! You did a fabulous job! You are getting better and better every day :D

    have fun in france! take LOTS of pictures!

  4. darling, all of these pictures are brill! I love you to pieces, and I want to take pictures of you. but I don't suppose THAT will ever happen now will it? lol. I can't believe you're leaving, like, SO soon! *squealsquealsqueal!*
    have a horrible time in France, sweetness. my gosh, did I say horrible? I meant lovely. of course. silly me. lol jk!
    don't forget to pack your camera!

  5. ooooh, love the pictures. ;) I especially like the picture frame one...have GOT to try that sometime.

    And the lighting in the B&Ws is really nice. :) Amazing job!

  6. These pictures are fabulous, I love them all! Great job on them!!

  7. The lighting is gorgeous on these pictures! And I love the original use of setting and props. These are truly fabulous, colorful, and sophisticated in a fun way. =) Fantastic job, Jenn, as always.

  8. Ok. She is just so gorgeous! And her outfits are perfect. Also, your blog design is lovely, girl!

  9. these are so gorgeous! and I reallllly like that blue dress. I want one :) bon voyage, dear!

  10. These are gorgeous! You did a lovely job!

  11. whoa! That's a lot of photos ya'll took!! Some of them are really amazing! :)

  12. My favorite photo is the black and white of her with the mug. She has such a beautiful smile! Great job. =) Have a lovely trip!

  13. basically, you take really good pictures, write wonderful words and have beautiful friends. xxx


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