Friday, June 1, 2012

let's count to twelve.

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I like to make lists
announcements & news & stuffs

heya kids!
(I have this strange adoration for calling my friends "kids." don't take it personally.)

soo, I feel like I've finally caught up on all the exciting things things that have been happening & all the photos I needed to post (hah, not really, but I'm pretending for now).  and that's a good thing.

there happen to be an abundance of exciting things going on right now, so we have not quite reached the end, you see.
so first, some basic updates.

1: new blog design not by me.
I feel slightly embarrassed--I forgot the new design was even up.  miss Hannah did it for me, and she was/is fabulous.  especially because I really needed to be done with that winterish design but had absolutely no time on my hands whatsoever.  so, thanks dear!  I love it.

2: new blog design by me.
speaking of which, I recently did up a little design for my friend Megan at her blog.  check it out & tell her you did, maybe?

3: meeting people.
recently more than ever before, I've had people tell me they read my blog.  like, people I meet, or people I know, or people I used to know...they'll ask me about it, or make references to it, or just tell me "oh yeah, I read that."  it kinda sorta makes my day.

4: I'm going to France.
it's true.

5: no really, I'm going to France.
oh.  have I not explained this yet?  oh dear me, I haven't explained this yet. okay, wow.  here goes.
so my mom has this friend who is a professor, and this year she--her name is Lori--happens to have the job that's in charge of the exchange/study abroad program in France.  so she's been living over there keeping track of the students and all that jazz.
back in the day, when both my mom and Lori were studying French in college, they went to France together.  and five years ago when Lori had the job previously, she said, "heck Holly [that's my mommy], you have a free place to stay. come visit me."
so through lots of figuring things out and such, my mom and sister Cassie did.
and now, five years later, Lori has the job again, and guess what?  it's my turn.
yeah.  it's crazy.
my brother Grant and I are going along with my mom this time.  we leave in five days.  five days.  aahhh!  my last final is on Tuesday, and I jump on a plane on Wednesday.  can you say crazy?  yeah.
we're going to be gone a full month, until the first week of July.  most of the time we'll be staying in Strasbourg, the little town on the German border where Lori lives.  but of course we'll go to Paris, and we're actually flying in and out of London.  I'm so excited.  it's still a little surreal, guys.  I feel so crazy blessed and totally cannot wait.

6: I have been freaking out a little, if you're wondering.
meanwhile, hello I'm trying to finish up my school year and pack and plan and study and do all this stuff before I have to leave in such a short amount of time and oh gosh I hope all my friends don't forget me while I'm away.

7: guest posters.
so while I'm gone that long, long time with no phone service or internet access, I've lined up a couple guest posters for ya.  you'll love them.  and who knows, I may even have time to schedule a post before I go...

8: summer.
like I said, my last final isn't until Tuesday, the day before I leave.  oh, it's June already [wow, it's June already!] and oh, summer come to me!  it's going to be a grand summer, folks.  I can feel it in my bones.

9: the Les Mis trailer came out.

10: so about my sister.
Cassie?  you've heard about her?  yeah.  she graduates tomorrow.  we had her [huge] party last weekend, and it was beyond epic.  no really.  it was sweltering hot, but all her (and thus my) friends came, and we had a blast.  plus--plus--Ruthie showed up!!  you know that redhead you've seen around here, the one that moved to Texas on me?  she flew in for the weekend & totally, totally surprised us.  it was....amazing.  I'm still in shock that it happened.
also, my sister is leaving me.  she's going to be living in Canada for nearly six months doing missions work and being immersed in French to learn the language, and she leaves while I'm in Europe.  rude, right?  I'm going to have an emotional break-down when I come home to no sister/best friend/hero.

11: tea.
referring to the photos above featuring the lovely Abigail!  ...her hands, anyway.  this is just a sneak peak into her pretty spectacular senior shoot, which I'm sure you'll be seeing around here soon.

12: life is kind of great.
it's also kind of interesting, and also kind of awkward, and also kind of weird, and also kind of crazy.
but I think overall, it's kinda great.  so don't forget it.

see ya kids soon!


  1. love the pictures! and Europe!?!? That's totally awesome, have lots of fun! oh, and love the blog design you did, it's great! have fun on your adventure in Europe!

  2. wow...france?!? girl, that's amazing!! Don't forget to tell us what it's like. Your life sounds totally crazy...I've been there too. Congrats to your sister!! My big brother is I know the feeling. ;)


    p.s. I'd love to guest post for you, if that'd work. :)

    1. awh, thanks dear! but I already have asked a couple people and have that all lined up. (:

  3. France? Seriously? You are the luckiest. :P It's too bad you're leaving now, though...I've only just started following UO and now you're going to Europe...
    Have an awesome time and take lots of pictures!

    (blog design makes me jealous, btw. Tell Hannah she did a great job.)

  4. LOVE LOVE THIS! :) the pictures are magnificent!!


  5. OHMYGOSH. You're going to France?! I'm going to pretend like I'm not crazy jealous. ;) Have a fabulous time and post LOTS of pictures!

    And yes, yes I did see that trailer. Is it not fabulous? *happy sigh*

  6. I'm gonna forget you while you're gone. So. Take me with you? ;) Just kidding, my life is absolutely as exciting of yours. Of course....ha. Love youuu :)

  7. through the whole of this post I was like, oh my gosh! squeal! eek! squeal!
    yeah. I'm petty darn excited. oh, just rubbing the whole france thing in are we? who wants to see paris anyway? ha. lol.
    btw, I love your new design. and I love the design that you did! you rock.
    5 days. you're leaving in 5 days. and then...and then...oh my gosh. so excited! I'm just freaking out right now.

  8. oh, and something else? I call every body 'kid' too! like, all the time. I call my mum, my dad and my bro "the kids". truth. so, you stole it from me. ok? ok.

  9. oh my goodness, have fun in France! I'll be in Italy through the first week of July, so I won't miss your posts too much :)
    and lovely pictures! they are making me crave tea.

  10. France? Oh my! *envious sigh* What an adventure that will be! Pretty pictures, by the way!

  11. eeep I'm so excited for you, girl! have a lovely time and send me a postcard :) xx.

  12. guest you're a preacher and need guest speakers. dats funny. i love you and am telling you this now because you're right, i'll probably forget you when you go to france. auvoir muh friend.

    1. ahahahaa oh stop it, you. it won't even matter to you since you're not going to remember me. so whatever.
      I love youuu.

  13. EUROPE? PARIS? WHAT? Man, girlie, I am so excited for you (and a wee bit jealous, too be sure).

  14. I awarded you!

  15. Uber excited for you going to France!! I mean, that is so amazing. Have a marvelous time!

    Your design is really nice, love the colors. Also, I love the way you write, it is very fun and engaging.



  16. Have a super fabulous time in France, ya hear! I'll be praying for safe travels.
    Great photos, by the way.
    And I'm also loving the new blog design. The colors are really beautiful...and so YOU.


  17. First NYC, and now France???!!! I am jealous, I have to admit. Have fun in France!
    Oh, and I *love* your new blog design. I kept meaning to mention it in a comment.

  18. Uh, Jenn, did you guys say France? As in FRANCE? How amazingly exciting! Have a fanatic time, don't forget us, and be sure to tell us every single gory detail when you return...and every other thing you're supposed to say when someone is going on a trip-of-a-lifetime ;)


  19. I think I should be a guest poster.

    Just sayin.

    I'm not sure who you have, but they probably won't be quite as hilarious.

    Speaking of posters, I have many movie posters in my basement. (nice segway, yes?)

    Also, why are you drinking mudwater from a teacup?

    Best wishes,


  20. these pictures are just so lovely! ooh how exciting you are going to France, I would love to go there one day!! loved you blog :)

  21. YOU LEFT ME!! I'm dying a little bit inside, fyi. Especially that email you just sent me. I about cried. Okay okay... I actually did cry... a little. :) Seriously sis, can't wait to see you again. It's gonna be a wonderful reunion. COME VISIT ME IN CANADA? Pretty please? That is... when you're back from Europe :P

    Did I mention I love you? Cause I do... couldn't live without you.


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