Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stranger Danger!! | guest post by Andrew

Most of you don't know me.

Hey, I'm Andrew.

Now you know me, so we can continue.

Jenn trusts me. A lot. This is evidenced by the email she sent to me regarding this post:

June 17th. Don't forget, or I keel you.
(Be appropriate.)

I think me posting on her blog genuinely scares her. Even though she was the one who asked me to do it. (I don't understand, I'm not that scary of a person!) In fact, the only time I have heard from her since she has been gone was when she popped in on facebook to remind me to post and to "be good". A simple reminder to post would be attributed to my already failing memory, but the second part... it could be because, to quote her, "you're a boy." (Dunno if you guys caught onto that. I'm glad we got that out in the open now. Awkward situation averted!)

Nah, I think its because apparently I'm the only "guest poster" who actually knows her in real life. (Be jealous!)  I'm sure I could say a lot of embarrassing things about her, but I feel like doing so might violate that rule of her's... something about being appropriate. It is possible, however, that an amusing story or fact might accidentally slip out over the course of this post, so bare with me.

Also, I probably meant "bear with me", because asking you to "bare with me" would be awkward. (Dangit, have I already broken the rule I was given?) :)

So, anyway, yeah, I'm Andrew Bashaw. Andy. A-Bash. Andywoo. I don't think I know any of you guys, so I guess I need to try to make a good impression. If you know me at all, it might be as the director of the music video Jenn shared here recently. I don't have a personal blog of my own, so I can't tell you to follow me anywhere, unless you want to follow me in real life, in which case... erm, yeah, no.


I met Jenn and her sister, Cassie, because we were homeschooled in high school and our friends ran in some of the same circles... it was just inevitable that we would meet. Although Jenn does rag on me sometimes because apparently I sort of ignored her a few times in person when we didn't really know each other yet. I guess she really really wanted me to talk to her, ya know, understandable, it crushed her when I didn't at first. But that's all in the past and I've tried to make it up to her. Anyway, since we actually started talking and stuff, we've become pretty dang good friends. We have a bi polar friendship where we're nice to each other a lot, but then we also enjoy a lot of deprecating humor. Sometimes Jenn says that I have a nice smile. Sometimes Jenn's mom says I have a nice smile. Sometimes Jenn's mom says I should marry Jenn so we can have children with nice smiles. Then sometimes I laugh hysterically, because, honestly, who would want to marry Jenn?

(Hey remember that one time when I said "honestly, who would want to marry Jenn?" I was kidding. Because Jenn is a wonderful person, and she will never be the old maid she so fears becoming.)

A little about me. I live in central Ohio, some thirty minutes from our host. Jesus Christ has saved my undeserving soul. Seriously, there's no way I deserve anything other than death, but instead, I'm given life. That blows my mind. I'm going to college and am close to finishing my associates degree in digital video and sound. You can tell I'm moving up in the world because I just filmed a tv commercial featuring a guy in a pig costume barbequing ribs. In addition to film and video, music is one of the biggest parts of my life. I'm not sure what I'd do without it. I attempt to write/play/sing, and regardless of how much I succeed, I enjoy it.

I'm not very much like Jenn in a lot of ways. In other ways, I'm very much like her. She hates Looney Toons (that was almost a dealbreaker in our friendship). But we both love cheesecake. I don't appreciate a good book like she does. But we both highly value a sense of humor in people.

Don't you think that's what makes a good friend? Someone that you share enough with to have common ground, but have enough differences with to fill in each others gaps? And also to make for more stimulating conversation. You don't want to hang out with someone who is EXACTLY like you or, as one of my friends put it, "you might as well just talk to yourself." You gotta have friends who bring out other sides in you, who challenge you to think, who show you different perspectives.

Using my last paragraph as a segway, I am now going to indirectly address the possible elephant in the room. Did you know it is entirely possible for guys and girls to honestly be "just friends"? In fact, I think its important. Guys and girls think about things very differently, obviously. And as I just said in the previous paragraph, I think its important to have friends who complete different sides of you. Just taking that same concept a little further, I think its wonderful to have female friends, because they bring very different things to our friendship than some of my close guy friends do, and vice versa. Its great to be able to talk with a girl about most anything and hear their perspective on it, no awkwardness attached. Really, its only awkward being friends with someone of the opposite sex if you make it awkward. Unfortunately, a lot of people think it should be awkward, and consequently, it is awkward for them. But really, its entirely possible to be perfectly normal friends with them, so long as you're honest and open like you would be in any friendship. Heck, it might even reach the point where they call you "honey" for no apparent reason. ("Andrew, are you possibly admitting this has happened in your friendship with Jenn?" Of course not, it would be absurd to- yes I am. Whoops, I guess that was one of those embarrassing Jenn facts I warned you might pop out. Its probably not the first one in this post, though. I deeply apologize. Don't tell on me. hehe.)

I think perhaps I have written enough. You know a little about who I am now, and hopefully it didn't scare you all too much. When Jenn gets back I'll have to talk with her about how much she was paying me to do this, I don't think we ever got around to that discussion. If she doesn't kill me first for any of the things I wrote. I hope she's proud of me for posting within the first minutes of June 17th. Now I will end this post with some shameless self promotion.

My music:
My videos: and

I hope this post has helped keep you all entertained until our favorite globe-hopper returns, and I also hope that you all have enough of a sense of humor to understand all the teasing/sarcasm/satire employed in it and not walk away utterly offended and revolted by myself. :) Farewell.

- Andrew


  1. This was great (and funny)! And youre absolutely right about the whole guy girl friend thing!

  2. this was great. no big surprise that you guys are such great friends, you sound a lot like each other. :)


  3. Haha this made me laugh - lots! You have a good writing style :)

    Gina x

  4. This was fabulous, interesting, and hysterical.Don't worry, I won't tell on you. ;)

  5. HA. This was really hilarious and captivating!
    you crack me up!

  6. This was really and truly one of the best posts I've read in a long while. Great job, Andrew. You should write on here more often!

  7. veeerrrrrry iinteeerestingggg, mr. andrew bashaw....hmmmmm

    1. I am perplexed now... :) Maybe you should call me and tell me what you are thinking... hehe.

  8. Well this made my day! you are super funny, and in my opinion . . . you should get a blog, and not just for your music, Just for writing and such :)
    Anywho, I enjoyed this post a lot ~:o)

  9. I actually really liked this post! It's a nice change to hear (read?) a guy on a blog, since all the blogs I follow are written by girls. :)

  10. Hahaha. This was so funny :)

  11. If you got me to read that long of a post with just text., you know it has to be interesting.
    Super witty/fun/change-of-pace-read (:

  12. Okkaaay, this was pretty epic. I can imagine Jenn cringing at those awkward (and hilarious) parts, but honestly, they were my favorite, so don't "keel" him, Jenn. He did well. ;)
    Seriously, Andrew, you're an amazing writer; and your sense of humor is killer. Annnd, yay of shameless self-promotion! :)

  13. Hahahahahaha oh, my.

  14. haha. okay this was really, truly funny. :) great job, andrew!

  15. I'm utterly offended and revolted. wow.
    I... don't... fear becoming an old maid. I'd fear marrying you, THAT'S for sure. geez scary thought.
    I'm glad you clarified that you were a boy. it's tough cuz I know a lot of girls named Andrew so sometimes I forget.
    it's Looney Tunes. at least I can spell it correctly even if I don't like it. ;]
    ahaha so I love how you said we enjoy "depricating humor" in general because in reality you have self-depricating humor and I have others-depricating humor which turns into it all being Andrew-depricating humor. I don't know why we're such good friends...
    buuut I'm glad we are, awkward and non-awkward and all!

    1. Just like you to contact me all the way from France to correct my spelling...

      haha, glad you enjoyed the post... I think I've peeled off that "all-wise" mask these good folks have thought was the real you all along. ;]

      And yeah, I make fun of me, you make fun of me, we have so much in common.

  16. I must not be most people, because I know you. ;)

    1. You don't count. You're in Texas. Go away.


  17. Hahaha so yeah... this totally made my day. JENNIFER GEIGER-- How did I not know Andrew was posting for you? Did you ask ME to guest post? HMMMMM?????
    But Andrew, that post was pretty epic, and I feel like you did a really good job of showing sides of Jenn that she can't quite show herself. Annnddd I must be most people too. lol

    1. hahah I DID TELL YOU!! ...didn't I? well I would have asked you, but you were gone and I knew you wouldn't have time. sometime you shoulllddd, yes? I MISS YOU.

    2. yup, that's what I call you, "most people." :) lol! And, well, I guess it was just a surprise for you, then. ... surprise!!!

      And for the record, Cassie, I actually told Jenn she should ask you before she asked me, but we see how that worked out. Sorry bout that. haha :) You should just make a post now, that'll show her!

    3. NO YOU DIDN'T. And I would write an epic blog post for you! PSHHHHHHH. You should have asked me if I had time! lol I shall someday for you. :) Miss you more sista!
      And yes, quite a surprise, of course I enjoyed it! haha

  18. This was absolutely HILARIOUS!! You've definitely got writing talent! Perfect mixes of humor and wisdom. Great post!



    P.S. Thank you for your thoughts on male/female friendships. I have no brothers, and my Christian brothers at church are some of the biggest blessings in my life.

  19. Best post in this whole list of guest postings, sir.

  20. That was a very great guest post...your friendship I can tell is an awesome thing! :)


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